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Everything about living a healthier lifestyle with our weight loss protein shakes recipes included.

Protein Shake Recipes for Weight Loss and Nutrition Tips

Browse through our various articles and expand your nutritional knowledge about our nutrition and living healthier. Discover delicious protein shakes weight loss recipes to try new creations to balanced meals. Learn everything you need to know to support you on your health journey.

How to Live Beyond Your Years

5 Ways Almased Can Help You Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Jan Weight Lost Success Story with Jamie Luu

Weight Loss Smoothie - All About The Smoothie Diet

Making Sense of Diabetes and Obesity, and Navigating Around Both!

Highlights – Does obesity cause diabetes or vice versa? Insulin resistance; When our bodies rebel. Going low-GI, with help from Almased. Right up…

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Meal: Ratatouille

Meal: Salmon Steak with Vegetables

How Inflammation Could Be Messing With Your Metabolism

Most people think inflammation is a villain. Who wouldn’t think it’s bad when our ankle swells up after we sprain it, causing so much pain? But really…

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Keep the Muscle, Lose the Fat

Health is the new wealth! No guilt, no worries, and no hunger while losing fat.

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Who can use Almased?

Almased can be used by generally healthy individuals and more. Almased is gluten-free and diabetic friendly.

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About Almased

Almased is a dietary supplement for weight loss, weight management, and overall wellness, supported in over 15 years of scientific research.

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Amazing Slimming Smoothie Recipes

Kick-start your metabolism and keep it fired up for good!

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Almased Shake Off

See which shake is faster and tastier!

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I think Almased is great!

Elizabeth, it was so good to meet you and to hear about your experience with Almased when you talk to your customers in your store.

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Yo-Yo Dieting: Why Fad Diets Don't Work

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, nearly half of Americans surveyed between 2013 and 2016 said they tried to lose weight in the…

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Losing Pounds Together: A Family Approach To Weight Loss

So you’ve decided to take the plunge. You’re committed to a new diet — eating healthy and avoiding most of the “bad stuff” — but your family members…

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The Problem with Halloween: Tricks and Tips for a Healthier Holiday

According to data from, 95 percent of American households will buy candy for Halloween, spending a shocking $2.6 billion! In fact, a…

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5 Ways To Improve Your Life In 2021

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