My Generation: How We Look at Dieting and Body Image

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer

Are you a Millennial?" If so, you were born between 1982 and 2001, and it may be your generation that now influences increased concerns with body image and transforming the diet landscape for all of us.

A recent report by Mills and Hogue published in Science Direct concludes that social media engagement with attractive peers actually worsened body image in young adult women.

“We really need to educate young people on how social media use could be making them feel about themselves and how this could even be linked to stringent dieting, eating disorders, or excessive exercise. There are people who may be triggered by social media and who are especially vulnerable,” concludes Mills.

What it boils down to is some people diet because they have a poor body image, not because they want to feel better or be healthy. 

Body Image Issues

According to Dr. Joy Martina, our culture of extremes is connected to dieting and weight loss, which can set in motion a wide range of limiting beliefs, triggering an avalanche of negative emotions and sabotaging behaviors.  

Were you ever ashamed of what you’ve eaten when among friends? Or tried to justify what you were eating? If so, you’ve experienced how food-shaming can affect a negative self-image. 

Social media and body image can get jumbled together. Making mean comments about other people’s appearances on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter hurts and sends negative messages to all. 

Lots of ideas can linger in the background of our minds and influence how we see ourselves. In fact, your body image may not even be a true reflection of what you actually look like.

And, if you do choose to improve your body image through weight loss, create only loving changes aimed at making you feel good while enjoying the benefits of excellent health.

Motivate yourself with clear-headed, realistic thinking about how happy you feel when the band around your middle gets smaller by the day, how much easier you can bend over comfortably, and how light you feel as you enjoy a greater sense of well-being. 

Setting positive weight-loss goals with rewarding outcomes is a much more helpful way to influence behavior and achieve the results you want. 

Positive Body Image

How strange is the human body that people can weigh exactly the same but have a completely different shape? Male or female, everyone’s height and bone structure are genetically determined and can’t be changed. 

However, you can change the way you feel about how you look (body image). It’s a matter of acceptance merged with “be-the-best-you-can-be.”

No amount of unhealthy, processed junk foods could ever give you that feeling. 

And according to an article in “The Women’s” from Australia, having a healthy body image is important because it can affect your self-esteem, self-acceptance, and your attitude towards food and exercise.

Here are some tips to help improve your body image:

  • Look in the mirror and focus on the things you like about yourself 
  • Don’t say bad things about yourself. You can change the way you think about yourself by saying something nice.
  • Focus goals on being healthier rather than ‘fixing’ things you don’t like.
  • Avoid comparing yourself to others; everyone has a different body shape. 
  • Put away the scales. Weighing yourself every day can put too much focus on the amount you weigh rather than how healthy you are or how you feel.
  • When you read magazines or look at advertising, remind yourself that these celebrities have been digitally enhanced.
  • Don’t worry about the size of your clothes. Whether you wear a girl size small or a woman’s size plus, choose according to how they fit.

When and if you want to make changes, think about how weight loss can encourage you to take better care of your body. 

Caring for your body can help you appreciate those parts of your body that you do like, and justify your feelings of accomplishment as you reach your goals.

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