Anti-Aging: Promote Youth and Energy for Lifelong Health

Almased For Health, Youth & Performance


A natural functional shake with anti-aging health benefits

The Benefits

Provides anti-aging benefits

Almased improves cell regeneration which increases cell turnover for healthier hair, resilient skin and stronger nails.

Improve energy, focus and mood

Aging naturally slows metabolism and energy. Almased improves longevity by repairing metabolism which enhances your energy and mood.

Helps the body fight stress

Almased has anti-stress effects on the body by decreasing cortisol levels, stress markers and supporting a healthy inflammatory response.

Preserves lean muscle to reduce weight gain

As you age, muscle loss leads to low energy and unwanted weight gain. Almased helps the body burn fat while keeping muscle.

The Science

Almased has been scientifically researched in over 30 peer-reviewed studies for 30 years to be effective in improving your overall health

Almased is the best way to maintain a healthy weight as you age

Almased provides an exceptional source of protein (24g), including essential amino acids for strength and health; and 80 naturally-occuring bioactive peptides for anti-aging.

Studies show Almased boosts metabolism and helps keep muscle. In fact, Almased helps to improve metabolic blood markers which can increase energy and supports a healthy inflammatory response while combating cellular aging.

See our studies on Almased's health benefits

The Health Plan

For lifelong health, take Almased 1x day

3 Ways to Use Almased
to Stay Young, Happy, Toned and Fit


  1. Want to Prevent Weight Gain? Replace one meal a day with Almased.
    Note: As we age, we lose 1% of muscle mass a year and our metabolism slows. Most Americans gain 15-20 lbs around their 40s, so its best to consider how to prevent weight gain.
  2. Happy with Your Weight? Add Almased to one of your meals. 
  3. Want to Lose Weight Now? Head over to our Weight Loss Plan to find out how you can lose weight and burn fat.



Almased provides an exceptional source of protein and 80 naturally occurring powerful bioactive peptides that heal your body

Almased's 80 bioactive peptides provide many health benefits!

Bioactive peptides help reduce your biological age by promoting anti-aging and cell regenerating effects.

Thousands globally use Almased for its lifelong benefits: anti-aging, heart health, optimized metabolism, menopause and brain health.


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Use Almased for life to reduce biological age and improve your health

Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

My lost lbs stay off and I still have energy to get through my day!

“I love Almased. It is easy to use and it works. It is Fantastic. I will continue to use it to keep my weight in check.” - Madelyn S.Q. (Prescott Valley, AZ)

I can definitely feel a difference if I don't have my Almased drink in the morning

“This great tasting flavor is delicious by itself or pairs great with any fruit you add. This really gives a great energy boost and keeps you feeling full. I have not found any other drink mix on the market that does this.” - Donna D. (Londonderry, NH)

Excellent product! I have more energy

“If your trying to lose weight or maintain and NOT using Almased.... you're not doing it the smart way! Keeping my energy and pep in my step is all due to Almased!” - RonieSue U. (DENTON, TX)

With Almased I reach my fitness goals!

“I have tried this new flavor and I love it! It satisfies my hunger and helped me reaching my fitness goals. I have been using Almased for many years.” - Kristi H. (Bothell, WA)

Frequently Asked Questions

Personalized Support from Our Nutritionists

More than 30 studies have substantiated the effectiveness of Almased. These studies have been conducted at prestigious academic institutions and research centers worldwide, including the University of Freiburg, the West German Diabetes and Health Centre, London Metropolitan University, and the University of Alberta in Canada. The outcomes of these studies have been published in esteemed international journals like the International Journal of Obesity, The Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, and Diabetes Care.

Numerous studies show that Almased can reduce biological age by helping create a healthy inflammatory response and by regenerating cells in your body. Cell regeneration gives you stronger hair, skin and nails. Thousands of people around the world have noted improvements in their hair, skin and nails after adding Almased to their everyday lifestyle. Almased has also been shown to reduce stress levels and the body's ability to handle stress. Almased helps keep your blood sugar and cholesterol levels healthy which promotes a healtly cardiovascular system. Studies show Almased is superior for weight reduction and cardiovascular health compared to lifestyle intervention alone.

Almased has over 80 bioactive peptides which have anti-aging and cell regenerating effects like strengthening hair and nails, and also helps the skin look younger. This is important because as you age, hair naturally thins and falls out and your skin becomes more dry and dull. All of these positive effects are due to Almased’s cell regenerating effects. With regular use of Almased, your cells will renew and you can help prevent some signs of aging.

Almased naturally helps to balance various health markers: blood sugar, cholesterol, leptin and in return lowers inflammation. 

Studies show that even if you ate the same amount of calories as before, you will burn more fat by adding Almased to your diet. Almased gives the body a metabolic advantage.

Almased has been proven to boost your energy expenditure in four gold standard publications. Studies show Almased led to higher calorie expenditure, increased fat burning, and a reduced intake of carbohydrates and fats. Almased’s high quality protein and amino acids will increase stamina and endurance during your workout. Furthermore, exercise provides a signal for your body to build lean muscle mass and breakdown fat. Almased is ideal as a pre-workout snack. Exercise also depletes your body. Almased with its complete protein is a great post-workout meal for anyone needing to replenish proper nutrients for muscular health. When used during exercise, Almased increases fat burning and reduces post-exercise hunger.

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