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The ideal ratio of nutrients in just one shake

Almased as a nutrient booster

Our everyday life is often very hectic and busy. We usually have little time for balanced meals but need sufficient nutrients to remain productive. We want a nutritious and healthy meal that avoids the midday slump yet still fits flexibly into our lives. In fact, our body needs essential micronutrients, especially when stressed, to sufficiently fill energy stores, strengthen the nerves and improve mental performance. Almased helps us with this.

You want to live a healthier lifestyle, but you just don't have the time?

Sometimes we need more time for a balanced breakfast, and occasionally the stress of everyday life contributes to unhealthy behaviors. As a result, our performance drops when the midday slump hits. This usually happens when we simply need a healthy, tasty, and quick alternative but do not have one. Luckily, Almased is the ideal pick-me-up solution in these cases. Almased helps us get over the midday slump and sugar crashes while nourishing our body with high-quality nutrition so that we never have to worry about forgoing a healthy meal. It's the perfect quick and healthy meal when we're in a rush — full of amino acids and micronutrients that give us the energy needed to power our day.

A unique amino acid profile

These effects of Almased are not surprising considering each serving of Almased fuels the body with the right mix of nutritious ingredients, especially high-quality plant-based protein, which provides a unique amino acid profile including all 9 indispensable amino acids, such as leucine, isoleucine, valine, lysine, and phenylalanine in each serving.

Almased, with its superior amino acid source, speeds up metabolism and burns fat more effectively while achieving good metabolic health


Leucine prevents muscle loss and improves muscle gain, which can have lasting impacts on your metabolism. At any given weight, the more muscle on your body, and the less fat, the higher your metabolism.


Isoleucine helps regulate blood glucose levels. More controlled blood sugar levels reduce the body’s demand for insulin, which encourages fat breakdown and weight loss


Serves as a precursor for serotonin and vitamin B6; anti-inflammatory; antioxidant.

Bioactive peptides

Short chains of amino acids form bioactive peptides. Bioactive peptides, like lunasin, are naturally present in Almased due to fermentation. They possess health-promoting properties, such as antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects, and are associated with a multitude of beneficial metabolic effects.

Important nutrients for a stressful everyday life

The special combination of nutrients contained in Almased is not only the best support for our nervous system in a stressful everyday life, but also for your immune system. Because the contained vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, folic acid and the trace elements iron, selenium, copper and zinc ensure a normal function of the immune system.

In addition, a good supply of high-quality amino acids is of great importance in stressful situations. Almased's amino acid profile fits perfectly with the biological system of the human body and provides all the important components that we need every day to regenerate damaged cells.

More power in everyday life with Almased

Healthy, balanced meal: As a nutrient boost, simply drink a shake in the morning, at noon, or in the evening.
Quick preparation with few ingredients
Reduction of tiredness and fatigue*
Supporting the normal functioning of the nervous system and muscles*
Meal replacement dosage based on body size.

*Folic acid, vitamin B2, niacin, pantothenic acid and vitamin B12 help reduce tiredness and fatigue.
*Magnesium contributes to normal muscle and nervous system function.

Whether at home, in the office, at the gym, or on the road

This is how Almased works every day

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A quick, high-quality, low-glycemic meal replacement:

  • Rich in essential nutrients and free of empty calories
  • Unique amino acid profile that helps boost metabolism, accelerating weight loss and powering your day
  • Achieve the Almased effect from the unique combination of proteins, active honey enzymes and bioactive peptides
  • No artificial sweeteners, fillers, preservatives or stimulants

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