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We are happy to answer your questions about Almased and how to use it. 

Thanks to our scientific nutrition knowledge, professional training, and many years of experience with Almased, our team of nutritionists and Almased experts can guide and support you in your journey to achieving your goals.


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Your Almased Nutritionist

Jamie Luu, RDN, LDN is a Registered Dietitian with a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition. She has been part of the Almased family since 2010 and has worked extensively with customers nationwide to achieve their weight loss, health, and wellness goals to help them live their best lives. Believing in the proverb "where there's a will, there's a way," Jamie helps people recognize their barriers to change and develop strategies to overcome them. For those looking to use Almased but are unsure, she can help determine the best way to fit Almased into your diet and lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 10 to 12 oz water, skim milk or unsweetened almond, soy or oat milk
  2. 1/2 cup of Almased or Almased Vanilla (8 tbsp.) 
  3. Your favorite ingredients (optional) 
    • cold (brew) coffee
    • berries
    • cocoa powder
    • cinnamon  

You can either shake with our Almased Shaker or use a blender. 

The general serving size for Almased is 1/2 cup (8 tbsp.) based on 5'2". If you are taller, you must increase the number of tablespoons by body height in order for Almased to work optimally and cut cravings. 

Recommended Amount per Shake
Height For Weight Loss For Supplement Use
up to 5'2" 8 Tbsp + 10-12 oz liquid 6 Tbsp + 8-10 oz liquid
5'3" - 5'5" 10 Tbsp + 13-15 oz liquid 8 Tbsp + 10-12 oz liquid
5'6" - 5'8" 11 Tbsp + 14-17 oz liquid 10 Tbsp + 13-15 oz liquid
5'9" - 6'1" 13 Tbsp + 16-20 oz liquid 11 Tbsp + 14-17 oz liquid
6'2" - 6'4" 14 Tbsp + 18-21 oz liquid 13 Tbsp + 16-20 oz liquid
6'5" or taller 16 Tbsp + 20-24 oz liquid 14 Tbsp + 18-21 oz liquid

Yes, more than 30 studies have substantiated the effectiveness of Almased. These studies have been conducted at prestigious academic institutions and research centers worldwide, including the University of Freiburg, the West German Diabetes and Health Centre, London Metropolitan University, and the University of Alberta in Canada. The outcomes of these studies have been published in esteemed international journals like the International Journal of Obesity, The Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, and Diabetes Care.

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