Protein Shake Diet Plans Adapted to Your Lifestyle

As individuals we all live different types of lifestyles, which is why Almased's diet plans are individualized to match you and your goals. Whether you want to lose a little bit of weight or a lot of it, our weight loss plans help you achieve just that, but with little effort. Our plans are designed to nourish your body without going hungry or missing out on important nutrients. All of our plans can be customized to your experience. Read on to find out which plan best suits your lifestyle and your goals.

4-Phase Figure Plan

Our classic plan yet the most popular among all our diet plans. With the figure plan, you use Almased in four phases to lose weight in 4 weeks and maintain it long term. It's a great way to jump start your diet or feel lighter before a vacation. In just four phases, you will get closer to your overall goal and learn new healthy habits that can last a lifestime.

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Bikini Plan Emergency

You have an important event around the corner and would like to lose a few pounds in short time. With the bikini emergency plan, you can lose pounds quickly, so can rock your favorite outfits at the next getaway or gathering with confidence.

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Fasting Plan

Would you like to clean up your diet and do something good for yourself and your body? Fasting with Almased creates an intensive period of reflection. This conscious renunction of food has remarkable effects: sharpened perception and mental well-being, creating deep peace and inner balance. In fact, many has associated fasting with the healing waters from the fountain of youth. Don't we all want to age gracefully and healthfully?

Try Almased's liquid fast — it pushes the reset button on your diet and metabolism. Unlike true fasting which starves the body of essential nutrients and leads to muscle breakdown, Almased's way of fasting is nourishing and protects lean muscle mass. Plus, it helps you start your diet on a clean slate without feeling overwhelmed with counting calories.

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Diabetic Friendly Plan

Managing a diet when you have diabetes can feel overwhelming. Carb counting and meal planning every day, although important tasks, are tedious. The good news is that Almased makes living life with diabetes more manageable. Our Diabetes Diet Plan is simple, it’s a great sidekick to the Almased product, to help support healthy blood sugar levels and all things health-related.

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More Ways to Use Our Protein Shake Diet Plan

Almased goes beyond weight loss. The beauty of Almased is its versatility. If none of the plans fit your lifestyle, there are still other ways to use Almased. Remember, Almased is a flexible solution that can fit into your life seamlessly. 

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How to Mix an Almased Shake in Your Diet Plan

1.To an Almased Shaker Bottle, add 10-12 fl oz of water, low-fat milk or unsweetened plant-based milk.
2. Add 1/2 cup (8 Tbsp) of Almased or Almased Vanilla. This serving size is based on a body height of 5'2". If you are taller, you must increase the number of tablespoons by body height in order for Almased to work optimally and cut cravings.
3. Add your favorite ingredients (optional) 

  • cold (brew) coffee
  • berries
  • cocoa powder
  • cinnamon  
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