The Natural Health & Weight Loss Shake

Lose Weight & Keep Muscle

Lose up to 10 lbs in 14 days and cut cravings

Support Healthy Blood Sugar & Cholesterol

Diabetic-friendly and keeps cholesterol & blood sugar in check

Repair Slow Metabolism

Detox your liver so you can burn fat naturally

Reduce Biological Age

Works at a cellular level to regenerate youth.

More than just weight loss

Low-glycemic formula brimming with amino acids that is sure to support healthy blood sugar levels. Almased is diabetic-friendly and safe for people with diabetes.

The positive impacts of Almasd on diabetes blood markers, such as fasting blood sugar, insulin, and hbA1c, have been shown in several diabetes studies conducted by leading diabetologists and published in renowned publications worldwide for more than two decades.

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"Almased has made a tremendous difference in my weight and how I feel overall."

Gloria B.

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A family business with a global mission

A familiy-owned business since the 1980s, we have a deep commitment to our employees and customers who are considered part of our family, which is why we do everything with quality, care, and passion. 


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Questions about your diet?

Our Almased Diet Plan experts and Registered Dietitian are available to answer your questions and help guide you. Contact us at toll-free 1 (877) 256-2733 or e-mail us at You can also reach us via chat or direct message us on Facebook or Instagram.

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