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The Benefits

Helps you lose weight for good and keep it off

Almased has been proven to double your weight loss compared to other diets. After one year, studies show Almased keeps weight off 62% better than lifestyle changes.

Cuts hunger and balances hormones

Almased facilitates weight loss by regulating appetite, staving off hunger, and reducing cravings. Plus, it helps you overcome leptin resistance.

Repairs your metabolism naturally

The hidden secret behind weight loss is that diets slow your metabolism because you lose muscle mass. Almased fixes your metabolism so you can burn fat while keeping muscle.

Detoxifies and unclogs liver from fat

Almased detoxifies your liver by unclogging fat thereby allowing your liver to better support your metabolism, so you can burn fat naturally.

The Science

The effectiveness of Almased for weight loss has been extensivley examined in 18 peer-reviewed scientific studies

Almased doubles the weight loss over lifestyle changes alone

A scientific study (Halle et al. 2021), showed that individuals who used Almased as a meal replacement more than doubled their weight loss after 12 weeks, losing 12.8 lbs compared to only 6 lbs with the group of participants who lost weight by making lifestyle changes. Even after a year, the Almased users kept weight off 62% better, losing 9.7 lbs, compared to the control group which only kept off 6 lbs. That is pretty amazing!

See our studies on weight loss with Almased

The Weight Loss Plan

Weight Loss in 3 Simple Steps

Replace 1-3 meals daily with an Almased shake according to each phase.

  1. Start by replacing 3 meals with Almased to detoxify your body. 
    Note: To lose weight quickly, extend phase up to 14 days.

  2. Replace 2 meals with Almased and have a lean lunch. Continue until you achieve your desired weight.

  3. Replace 1 meal with Almased. Eat a lean meal for the other two meals. This prevents regaining weight. 

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Start Your Diet with 6 Cans of Almased

Kick-start your diet with 6 cans of Almased!

To lose 10 lbs in 4 weeks, you’ll need at least 6 cans of Almased. Each can replaces up to 10 meals. The 3-Day Detox Phase takes 1 can. The Reduce Weight Phase takes 5 cans. Save money on every meal, Almased is less than $4 a meal!

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Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

Almased is the number 1 Product for weightloss

“This is the only product that works for me. I have tried pills, powders, drinks, diets, from low carb to keto. All were temporary weight loss. But Almased gives me more energy, easy weightloss. Never had any hunger pangs or reached for junk food. Now my maintenance is a shake a day. - Jean R. (Butte, MT)

I feel better when I use it and the weight comes off easily!

“I have been using Almased for years. It is the only weight loss drink that works for me! I feel better when I use it and the weight comes off easily! The individual packets are great to bring to work. The new flavor is delicious. I also add cinnamon and cocoa sprinkled on top” - Debra D. (Vineyard haven, MA)

We have lost a total of 65 lbs!

“My wife and I have been using this for over a year and we really love this product. Together we have lost a total of 65lbs. As we continue to work towards our health goal this product will definitely remain an important part of our plan.” - Barry B. (Raleigh, NC)

It is the only weight loss program I have tried that actually works

“I love everything about Almased! The taste is delicious. It keeps me full to the next meal. It is the only weight loss program I have tried that actually works. Thank you Almased for a perfect product!” - Cheryl G. (Lawrence, IL)

Frequently Asked Questions

Personalized Support from Our Nutritionists

Weight loss is a personal journey and can differ for each individual. Based on our studies and customer experiences, many people have seen impressive results, shedding up to 1 lbs a day. This means you can lose up to 7 lbs a week. Though we generally, we see that almost everyone can lose 10 lbs in 4 weeks. Note: it’s important to follow the Almased diet plan in order to achieve these results. It’s important to have a healthy weight loss journey, so consider what options are right for you. For example, if you have health conditions, you may wish to consult with your doctor.

On this diet, you are using Almased as a meal replacement which creates a calorie deficit. Since these calories are suddenly not available, the body takes them out of its fat reserves. At the same time, the body continues to be supported by Almased’s high quality protein and ingredients, so muscle mass is protected during the program. Please keep in mind that everyone loses weight in a different manner, so weight loss results may vary.

No, you should not. In conducted studies, people who used Almased kept their weight off even after 6 months of not consuming Almased. However, it all depends on each individual and how you proceed with your lifestyle. Almased is the beginning of a lifestyle change and it was this change that helped you achieve the weight loss. If you go back to the same lifestyle and poor eating habits that made you gain weight to begin with, inevitably, the weight will return. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine, along with healthy eating habits. The secret to sustained weight loss is now yours. Adopt these new habits and continue to be the healthier and thinner you!

Questions on the Weight Loss Plan?

Our Almased Diet Plan experts and Registered Dietitian are available to answer your questions and help guide you. Contact us at toll-free 1 (877) 256-2733 or e-mail us at info@almased.com. You can also reach us via chat or direct message us on Facebook or Instagram.

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