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Traditional fasting is one of the oldest methods of conscious renunciation of food. By not eating solid food, the body's self-healing powers are activated, which are responsible for the increased breakdown of endogenous cell waste. The energy required by the body is drawn from its own reserves during fasting. However, before it goes to the fat stores, the glucose stores are first emptied, and muscle protein is broken down from the muscles. Muscles are essential for an active metabolism and ensure a higher energy requirement in the long term.

Modified liquid fasting with Almased is an excellent alternative to other types of fasting and provides you with all the essential nutrients, including valuable multi-component protein. As a result, you are supplied with all the vital nutrients even during fasting and effectively counteract muscle breakdown. In addition, the quick and easy preparation of the Almased shake gives you more time for relaxation exercises and yoga so that you can also do something good for your mind. With our fasting plan and Almased, you can experience all the benefits of fasting without the risk of starvation.


Liquid Fasting for Week 1 and Week 2

For a 14-day fasting meal plan, drink an Almased shake in place of your morning, midday, and evening meal, with each meal about 4-6 hours apart.
In between meals, drink plenty of fluids (about 64 fl oz of calorie-free, unsweetened) daily to help your body stay hydrated. Include low-sodium veggie broth or veggie juice (preferably homemade) as part of your liquid intake, which can be consumed anytime.

Next Steps on Liquid Fasting For Weight Loss

After the 2-week fasting meal plan, you can switch to the 2nd phase of the 4-phase plan if you wish and continue your dieting success, reducing your weight further by drinking two Almased shakes a day.

While returning to a regular diet of solid meals may be exciting, we suggest gently transitioning your body back to regular meals. As a gentle approach, we recommend drinking an Almased on the morning of day 1 and the evening of day 2. Then, choose easy-to-digest foods (non-greasy and non-starchy) when preparing your two other meals. Then, from day 3 and on, continue eating balanced meals within good proportions and choosing easily digestible foods as long as needed to adjust to a regular healthy diet again.

Sandra's success story

"After using Almased, I noticed more energy and felt more satisfied throughout the day. I lost weight in a short amount of time. Almased just fits my lifestyle very well. It has truly helped changed the way I eat, helped me establish a healthier daily routine, and improved my lifestyle"

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More Ways to Use Almased

Almased goes beyond weight loss. The beauty of Almased is its versatility. If none of the plans fit your needs, there are still other ways to use Almased so that it fits into your life seamlessly. Remember, Almased is a flexible solution that can help balance your lifestyle.

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