How do I get through the Fasting Phase?

Fasting, removing certain foods and drinks from our diet (for the betterment of our health), can be challenging. More so than the body, the brain gets used to eating a certain way, and that’s what it craves. We understand how difficult the Fasting Phase is from that standpoint. But we want to assure you of this: Almased is not your everyday diet program.

With Almased, including the Phase 1 fasting, you prime your body for optimum weight loss without depriving yourself of nutrients, vitamins, energy, or joy.

Here’s why:

Almased Phase 1 fasting is safe; it’s not a starve-yourself weight loss myth. Phase 1 is a scientifically-researched detox that prepares your body for the health journey ahead.

  • Because Almased is protein-rich, when you start your Almased Weight Loss Diet Plan with a fast, you will feel full for at least four hours (though some people say more) and retain your muscle mass as you lose weight. The majority of people lose the most weight at the start of the plan and maintain weight loss throughout the proceeding phases.
  • Although hunger is rare with Almased, if you feel hungry, we encourage you to review the directions on your Almased package to ensure you are having the right amount. Additionally, the plan asks that you drink filtered water and homemade vegetable broth throughout the fasting phase. Pick high-quality and exciting vegetables to make your broth.

You’re not alone in your worry about hunger; a lot of people ask that question because traditional fasts often leave us feeling hungry. We encourage you to join our support group to hear how others got through the Fasting Phase and receive a morale boost. We also urge you to journal your feelings. 

  • Why are you so concerned about hunger?
  • What do a higher quality of life and weight loss mean to you? Get excited about your health journey and begin to envision your new reality.
  • If you do feel hungry in the first couple of days, stay the course and settle into place. Take a few deep breaths and acknowledge what you’re feeling. But know this: Almased is here to work for you, and we’re on this journey with you.

Almased is a high-protein diet designed to help suppress appetite (and retain muscle). When you follow our four-step plan, including recipe suggestions for proceeding phases, you will lose weight, and hunger will not be a pressing issue.

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