How to Cheat Death with Almased

Written by Jamie, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Sure, talking about death is an awkward and morbid topic, but what we don’t realize is that every day, we are engaging in unhealthy habits that increase our chances of being closer to death. Still, we choose to ignore our consequential actions until one day we find ourselves suffering from illnesses that we could have prevented a long time ago.

Another dilemma is that with the advancement of modern technology and medicine, Americans are now capable of living longer. So, we start to believe that we are “invincible.” 

However, in many cases, the science for many breakthrough therapies, such as cryotherapy, stem cellgene therapies remains unproven, or there is not enough scientific evidence to support the notion that they could extend lives. The answer to living longer always falls back to what our grandmothers did generations ago, and that was: eat healthily, exercise regularly, and sleep well every day.

If over the years, you have taken a detour from a healthy lifestyle, Almased has a diet hack that can help you cheat death by putting you back on the right path to living longer and healthier.

Wake Up Rusty Gears

After years of beating up your metabolism, it’s become sluggish slowing down the body’s ability to convert food to energy, making it difficult to lose weight. In a recent metabolism study from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, scientists are finding that after drinking an Almased shake, the basal metabolic rate increases and continues to stay increased when Almased is consumed regularly.

Pump Goodness in Your System

One of the unique aspects about Almased is that it provides highly bioavailable bioactive peptides - short chains of amino acids, such as Lunasin that does the body good. According to a 2005 study, Lunasin is a novel peptide that works against chemical carcinogens. In other words, it exhibits anti-cancer activity. With our daily exposure to environmental chemicals and toxic foods, it is ideal to consume foods containing toxin-fighting components.

Reduce Damage to Your Body

Chronic high blood sugar levels caused by a poorly controlled diet can cause damage to the body and other problems over time. Reeling back on high carb and sugar intake is a dire strategy necessary for long-term health. Almased’s low-glycemic high-protein formula has been shown in scientific studies to support healthy blood sugar levels, helping individuals regain control of blood sugar levels. Plus, anecdotal feedback from frequent Almased users say that Almased helps reduce sugar cravings. Strictly speaking, overcoming sugar addiction is possible with Almased.

Restore Your Body's Natural Rhythm

Our bodies like to be in “homeostasis,” a state of stable internal conditions. Any wrench in our system can cause our hunger hormones, sleep pattern, and energy level to go haywire. Luckily, it’s not an expensive fix, but it does take effort. Using Almased, along with an active lifestyle, can result in many positive changes.

First, Almased can help with hunger signals due to its positive effects on hunger hormones, ghrelin, and leptin. Second, when consumed closer to bedtime, Almased keeps the body satisfied enough to help you sleep throughout the night (that is if you are not already a sensitive sleeper).

Third, Almased revs up your energy and can keep it up throughout the whole day. The more energy you have, the more motivated you are with exercise and other daily activities.

Clean Out the Filth From Your Diet

We unconsciously have trained ourselves to become accustomed to eating certain foods that slowly poison our bodies in the long run. Following Almased’s Figure Plan guide for effective weight loss, you can easily reset your diet, start on a clean slate, and not look back. In the first phase of the Figure Plan, you drink Almased three shakes a day for 3 to 14 days; as you progress through the steps, you slowly add foods (this time healthy foods) back into your diet.

Sometimes despite how simple it sounds to live how our grandmothers lived, changing habits can feel utterly overwhelming due to our busy lifestyles. Almased is a diet hack that helps make the change happen not only easier, but also quicker, so you can find it possible to cheat death.

What changes would you make to improve your quality of life and to prolong the life your living?

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