Almased Can Speed Up Your Metabolism

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer


  • Speeding up your metabolism - when is it faulty - provides protective benefits to the body’s health status and can even resolve many health issues.
  • A slowed metabolism leads to metabolic disorders, such as insulin resistance and diabetes, which can cause more serious long-term health issues.
  • Almased has an immediate impact on metabolism after consuming the first serving that is unlike other diets.
  • The Almased Diet supports and speeds up metabolism, as well as, promotes a healthier lifestyle.
  • The high-protein Almased diet exhibit a significantly higher sleeping metabolic rate, postprandial energy expenditure, and 24-hour energy expenditure compared to the regular diet.

The Claim

Can Almased help speed metabolism?

What is Almased?

Almased is a dietary weight loss supplement comprised of three ingredients: non-GMO soy, skim-milk cultured yogurt, and enzyme-rich honey, fermented together using a unique production process. Almased was created by a German holistic therapist Hubertus Trouille in the kitchen of his own home in a small village in Germany. He originally formulated the weight loss powdered high-protein solution to help his patients suffering from a slowed metabolism leading to weight gain and other poor health conditions. What he soon discovered was his patients who consistently used the product as a mainstay of their diet, were able to not only lose weight but also experienced significant fat burning, while maintaining essential muscle as a result of an increased metabolism.

Why Was It Important to Increase Metabolism?

First of all, to better understand how the human body benefits from a faster metabolism, it is important to know exactly what the metabolism does. The metabolism is the aggregate of ALL chemical reactions that occur in the body to keep the body in balance. The chemical reactions occur simultaneously and involve the breaking down of food into usable energy and utilizing the energy to build compounds needed by cells that are parts of tissues and organs. In addition, the chemical reactions help slough off old badly programmed or damaged cells and replace them with new healthy ones.

Exercise, age, genetics, stress, sleep, and especially diet and nutrition affect metabolism. Nutrients and vitamins and minerals from the diet are metabolic inputs that provide not only energy to complete biochemical processes, but also helps regulate metabolism. An imbalance in nutrition throws a wrench in the system and can cause metabolism to work less optimally or slowly.

A slowed metabolism leads to metabolic disorders, such as insulin resistance and diabetes, which can cause more serious long-term health issues. This is why speeding up metabolism - when is it faulty - provides protective benefits to the body’s health status and can even resolve many health issues. Although we may not be able to control our genetics that affect our metabolism, we can control how we live and eat. The Almased Diet supports and speeds up metabolism, as well as, promotes a healthier lifestyle.

The Facts

It is a known fact that the metabolism slows down a considerable amount each decade that we age. But what many people do not know is that a slow metabolism can be improved. One of the key ways to boost metabolism is through a healthy protein-rich diet, especially one that includes dietary nutritional supplement Almased.

According to new research happening at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, it is possible to improve metabolism through diet, not just with exercise. Scientists at the University are studying how high protein diets may provide a metabolic advantage by positively impacting energy metabolism. The result of an increased metabolism, the researchers argue, is a beneficial effect for overall weight maintenance.

To determine whether metabolism can be raised, researchers analyzed the diets of healthy, normal-weight women and comparing those on a regular Northern American diet versus those on a high protein diet using Almased. So far, the results look promising.

The preliminary results reveal that those on the high protein Almased diet exhibit a significantly higher sleeping metabolic rate, postprandial energy expenditure, and 24-hour energy expenditure compared to the regular diet, all great factors that boost metabolism and attribute to overall weight loss. The preliminary results thus far already explain why several adult individuals (no matter what age), who have followed the Almased weight loss program in the past and reported their success, are able to lose weight and burn fat effectively in an ideal amount of time. Researchers will continue to collect and analyze data to clearly understand the physiological effects Almased has on the body.

It is believed that only exercise can increase metabolism; however, it is now understood that the main focus must be on the diet to boost metabolism and that a high-protein Almased diet has a substantial impact on several metabolic factors as well as appetite control.

What’s more, researchers have commented from observations that Almased has an immediate impact on metabolism after consuming the first serving that is unlike other diets. Future research will examine this phenomenon further.

Before and After Weight Loss: The Experience

Everyone experiences weight loss at different rates, but the overall results for many individuals have been satisfying.

Jan's Experience

“I began drinking the Almased weight loss shakes in January 2018. After the three days passed, I never looked back. I continued on the Almased and went from 189 lbs to 135 lbs, losing 54 pounds in just six months! I am down 5 sizes from a 16/18 to an 8/10! On the Almased Program, I don’t feel hungry in between meals, as long as I drink enough water; my energy is great, and I sleep more deeply and consistently.”

– Jan R. (69 years old, 54 pounds lost in 6 months)

The increase of energy that Jan experienced is related to a higher metabolism. She also experienced other beneficial effects, such as hunger control and better sleep.

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Omer's Experience

“I started using the Almased weight loss program less than 5 months ago, and I have lost 74 pounds by now! For the first 3 weeks, I had three Almased diet shakes. After that, I did a shake for breakfast and dinner, sometimes even a third shake before my lunch meal so I feel good and don’t eat so much. I am still doing this today. Before I started Almased, I was 235 pounds, and now I weigh 161! The Almased diet program has helped me love my body again and be healthier!”

– Omer A. (Age: Mid-thirties, 74 pounds lost in 5 months)

Just like Jan, Almased “felt good” for Omer because of the higher increase of metabolism from the use of Almased. Additionally, Almased helped Omer slake his appetite, leading to more efficient weight loss.

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Joan's Experience

“Before starting with Almased, I was 185 lbs. I had no energy, my health was declining, and I wasn’t feeling great about myself. I started using Almased in January 2016, and the results are nothing short of amazing! Currently, I’m between 140-142 lbs and I’m down to a size 8. Let me tell you, I’ve never been a size 8 in my life. I’m so happy! At 74 years old, I can honestly say that using Almased has changed my life. I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time and I feel great!”

– Joan S. (74 years old, 35 pounds lost in 10-12 months)

Joan’s experience of feeling more energetic is a sign of an improved metabolism through high-quality nutrition stemming from Almased.

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Almased the Weight Loss Supplement - Should You Take it?

Like any weight loss supplement, it is normal to feel skeptical. What sounds too good to be true could very much be so; however, Almased stands by its claims through scientific proof of over 15 years and the experience of many individuals worldwide. “Almased gave me my life back” is the most common phrase stated by those who used Almased.

Honestly, you have nothing to lose - give it a try! Chances are you’ll benefit in some way or another. With Almased, you experience weight loss through an improved metabolism, satisfied hunger levels, and supported blood sugar levels.

Aside from weight loss, Almased users commonly report the following: higher energy levels throughout the whole day; reduced food and sugar cravings; supported blood sugar levels; better quality sleep; hair, skin, and nail growth; and improved quality of life.  

How to Use the Almased Weight Loss Shake

Almased is especially effective for weight loss when used as a meal replacement shake. You can follow the Almased Figure Plan for best results.

The Figure Plan consists of 4 phases: The starting phase (a 3-14 day fast), reduction phase (until desired body weight is achieved), stability phase and life phase (for weight maintenance).

Here are quick-start instructions for the first two phases of the Figure Plan:

Starting phase: Drink the Almased weight loss shake three times daily for three days or up to 14 days. This phase is highly recommended to achieve a definite metabolic boost. Most people fast for three days and feel confident to continue up to 14 days. The average serving size is 8 Tbsp of Almased mixed in 10-12 oz of liquid (water, skim milk or unsweetened almond milk) and 1 tsp of olive, flaxseed, or walnut oil. You can add flavors to the shake, such as ground cinnamon and/or 1 tsp of vanilla extract. Between meals, drink up to four eight oz cups of homemade vegetable broth or low-sodium veggie juice between meals. Also, drink plenty of water (64 oz per day) - this is absolutely required to help speed up metabolism and weight loss.

Reduction phase: Drink the Almased weight loss shake twice daily and eat one regular healthy meal until desired body weight is achieved - depending on your starting weight and your goal weight, that could be a few weeks or a few months. Notice during this phase, you add back one regular healthy meal into your weight loss diet. Continue to mix Almased as instructed. For the one regular meal, eat plenty of veggies with a side of lean protein (such as fish or chicken) and allow yourself a small portion of whole grains (brown rice, or whole wheat bread or pasta). Continue to drink vegetable broth or low-sodium veggie juice as desired, and of course, plenty of water daily.

Questions about the diet are answered on the FAQ page on, where you can also download the Figure Plan (PDF). For specific nutritional questions, you can contact or 1-877-256-2733.

The Almased Weight Loss Program: Who Can Use It?

Almased can be used by any adult individuals looking to lose weight, strengthen metabolism or improve overall health. People with diabetes can also use Almased since the product is diabetic friendly. Additionally, Almased is gluten-free. Even those who are sensitive or allergic to gluten can also use Almased safely.

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