Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight: Improving Health with Almased

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer

There are hundreds of trendy diet programs and weight-loss scams offering hope of easy weight loss. But the bedrock of successful weight loss will always be a health-conscious, calorie-smart diet partnered with an active lifestyle.

Tips for Lifestyle Change

Almased’s 4-Phase Figure Plan may well be the best diet to lose weight because it is a nutritionally sound, lifestyle-changing diet and can be adapted to any weight loss goal.

If you choose to use the liquid fasting in phase 1, you’ll see safe but rapid weight loss which is very inspiring for making big changes. To lose just a few pounds or a lifetime of belly fat, you’ll continue forward through all the phases as you slowly add healthy foods back into your diet.

How to change your lifestyle to lose weight? Follow these time-tested strategies to reduce weight, boost health, simplify life and succeed with permanent lifestyle changes:

1. Plug into Your Passion.

Incentivize your dreams into reality by using your inner drive to stay focused and motivated. Why do you want to make changes? How far are you willing to go?

Think about it, make a list, and keep it real. Are you concerned about your health? Do you want an improved body image for career or social reasons? Do you wish to avoid the pitfalls of premature aging from a sedentary lifestyle?

Look up the Almased success stories and learn what stimulated them to keep going. They are totally inspiring!

2. The Art of Goal Setting

Don't let the simplicity of this step pass you by. If you can't be clear enough to specify your goals with a pen to paper, you weaken your chances of achievement. Decide on your desired weight goal and figure how much weight needs to be lost to achieve it. Be honest and realistic.

Weight maintenance and permanent lifestyle changes put you in for the long haul. Think it over, imagine what life would be like. Keep it real and set a firm start date when you’re truly ready to launch.

Almased nutritional meal replacements help you achieve your goals much easier. Even during the first phase of fasting, the shakes fill you up, so you don't go hungry. You burn fat faster with Almased than without it, and it protects you from muscle loss as well. Its natural nutrition is a big benefit for an improved lifestyle, and it’s likely you’ll notice an energy bump, too.

Stay loyal to your goals but remain flexible.

As you advance through the Almased phases, be willing to re-set goals as you go. Each person is different so if you find you’re losing too much weight too fast, adjust accordingly.

3. Long Term Commitment

Change begins at the end of your comfort zone. Drop the dread and welcome the change. Regardless of all obstacles, stay on track. Should you waver, don’t beat yourself up about it, just keep going.

Need encouragement? Call Almased Diet Specialists (who are definitely not robots) at 800-256-2733. They can answer any questions from the basics of an Almased smoothie to navigating the Almased website – and they’ll even help with how to make lifestyle changes.

You can also tap-in for support and share experiences with us on Facebook.

4. Enjoy Healthier Foods

Food should be fun. With a positive and welcoming attitude, healthier foods quickly become your new normal.

For best results, let go of processed foods, fried foods, sugary drinks, and heavy carbs like pastry-type foods combining sugar, flour, and oils… and don’t bounce them back into your new healthy lifestyle.

Almased offers plenty of healthy meal recipes for any appetite. 

5.  Love Your Inner Drill Sergeant

You don’t have to train like a Marine to succeed at weight loss. You may even be surprised to know that exercise isn’t as important for weight loss as is diet.

However, healthy lifestyle changes should include a plan for general fitness. Take your age, health, and preferences into consideration and choose what you like to do.

If you love a tough gym workout or training for marathons, go for it. Others would do well with a brisk walk and leisurely gardening. The idea is just to stay active - and be at peace with your inner drill sergeant.

6. Pure and Simple

Diet and lifestyle changes are best when minimalized, and life is best when absent from complications.

If dealing with time pressure, keep meal prep simple. If eating out is your lifestyle, learn how to choose healthier menu items. All the newness will soon become routine.

Empty all junk foods out of your pantry. Exchange the fat fryer for an air fryer. With a crockpot or pressure cooker, you can prepare dinner conveniently. And you can’t get much quicker than an Almased shake for a meal.

Lifestyle Change Quotes

“Change your mind, change your life.” - Dr. J. Dispenza

Motivation inspires change by focusing on what makes you joyful. Many consumers have been delighted with the Almased weight loss program. Who wouldn’t want to drink a delicious smoothie every day?

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  - Leonardo da Vinci

What a huge blessing that the foods which keep you healthy also keep you slim! Simply, eat and be merry! Almased is your treasure map to rapid weight loss and permanent lifestyle change.

“Quality is not an act, but a habit.” - Aristotle

Almased believes theirs is the best diet because the science backs it up and our consumers confirm it.

Make Almased your prime choice habit. Only the best quality of healthy ingredients goes into the Almased canister so you can feel good about using it!

The Almased weight loss program is health-oriented, and the results can be truly extraordinary. The net reward is a lasting change.

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