How to Accept Your Body and Still Be OK Losing Weight

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer

Is it even possible to accept the need for making positive body changes when you truly love and accept yourself just as you are?

At first, it may seem conflicting to set your mind toward losing weight if you have also accepted yourself “as-is”. But, transformation is a life-long event so it’s best to recognize your beauty and worth at every stage of your journey.

Of course, we’d all like to look better and be confident in all we do, but that is the inevitable outcome when you focus on health and wellness. 

Learning to love yourself before and during weight loss efforts makes your whole diet plan an exciting event to anticipate. 

You can have fun adding new foods to your menu and a happier routine to your life. Enjoy feeling slim and energized as dreary fatigue fades away.

How to Get in the Mindset to Lose Weight

1. Eat Well

Getting the right attitude to lose weight starts with eating well. Begin by eating whole, healthy foods and pass on the refined carbs, and all highly processed, too salty, too sweet, no-no foods. Then, feel proud about it. 

By far, this is not the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Once accomplished, your emotions reflect something like this:

I feel happy! I feel proud! 

I’m so grateful I made this change!

I feel good about myself!

This is you, training your brain to have a totally different filter. Apply this habit to your daily food choices and remind yourself that you’re worth it. Live it, and success is yours.

2. Mindful Thinking

Pay attention not only to your food intake, but also your brain output. When thinking negatively about weight loss, or any goal, self-sabotage creeps in.  

So, if you notice an idea sprouting that is anything less than loving about how you’re treating yourself, mentally re-write the phrase into a new and positive direction. Repeat X 3 out loud!

3. Mindful Eating

When you eat mindfully, you’re fully aware when choosing, preparing, serving, and eating your food. It’s quite the opposite of chomping down on whatever is at hand (potato chips?) and eating mindlessly.

Yes, there is an art to conscious eating with a full appreciation of the aroma, taste, and textures of our food, without the distraction of multi-tasking. 

Paying attention to hunger and satiety cues is also an essential part of mindful eating. Learn more about how it affects weight loss here.

4. Attitude of Gratitude

You’ve all heard this before. But has it become your new normal? Can you look in the mirror and see something awesome about yourself – every day?

When you take a moment aside to feel appreciation, your focus expands and begins to attract more of what you think. What would life be like if you established gratitude throughout your day? And, at every meal?

Learn to love your food and enjoy it thoroughly. What a remarkable pleasure that we can eat every day!  

5. Focus on Health and Wellness

Read motivating articles and books to nourish your interest in wellness. Join your friends or meet-up with new friends of like mind. Share socially by joining in health-friendly pot-lucks, eating out nights, or fitness jogs.

As your actions center more on feeling good, you will!

Optimize Your Body’s Natural Weight Loss Power with Almased

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Almased has become a lifestyle change for me.  I will continue to use it to keep feeling and looking healthy.  Stick to the system...simply because it works!!! Thank you Almased, I will be your forever customer! – Bridgette, Almased Success Story 

There is always science and research involved in everything Almased does. Scientists at Edmonton University in Alberta confirmed that Almased optimizes metabolism by speeding up the basal metabolic rate when taken regularly. 

Almased’s unique fermentation method produces their formula from enzyme-rich raw honey and multi-sourced protein with a multitude of bioactive peptides, like lunasin, which activates fat-burning metabolism.

It’s true – when you transform your weight, you transform your life, and it’s OK to accept your body before, during and after. 

Love your body and love your weight loss. Love Almased. 

It’s all OK!

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