4 Tips to Fix a Slow Metabolism

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer


If you feel like you’re not running on all cylinders, look over these symptoms of slow metabolism.

If it’s hard to lose weight, your body may have lost its flexibility to burn fat as fuel. However, this can be corrected.

The Almased product has an immediate impact on metabolism after the very first serving.

How Fast Does Your Engine Run?

It depends precisely on how fast or slow your metabolism works, in other words, how well your body converts calories into usable energy.

 If you’re on a high-octane diet and doing all the right things yet still seem to pack on the pounds, check out these signs of a less than basal metabolic rate (BMR).

  • Unexplained weight gain Difficulty in losing weight
  • Always feeling tired Hair loss or thinning hair
  • Brittle nails, dry-scaly skin Depression
  • Joint and muscle pains Feeling cold
  • Sugar cravings Frequent headaches

When it comes to metabolism, Almased knows a thing or two. Thirty years ago, the original formula was created in Germany by a holistic therapist with the mission of helping certain patients with slow metabolism.

The Almased nutritional product soon proved extra successful as patients also experienced a significant fat burning effect as a direct result of increased metabolism. Almased has an immediate impact on metabolism after consuming the very first serving! If you are experiencing signs of slow metabolism, read on.

How to Fix a Slow Metabolism

Slow metabolism causes the body to burn sugar as its primary fuel. If it’s a struggle to lose weight, perhaps your body has lost the flexibility to burn fat for fuel. Check out these tips.

TIP #1 – Increase calorie burn with activity

The Mayo Clinic states that because muscle burns more calories than fat, work to increase your muscle mass with strength exercises. Aim to work on all major muscle groups at least 2 days a week. They include 30 minutes of aerobic activity, 5 days a week for good health.

Generally, it is good to be more active for basic fitness, but also understand that diet has a stronger effect on metabolism and weight loss than exercise. The high-protein in the Almased diet effectively delivers a high impact on metabolic aspects along with appetite control.

TIP #2 – Healthy foods that boost your metabolism

Although the speed of your metabolism is genetically pre-set, certain foods can gently steer the body’s fat-burning ability in the right direction. The Chopra Center lists these foods as helpful for boosting metabolism in diet:

  • Green tea – Intensifies fat burning
  • Coffee – Increases BMR
  • Milk - Especially almond milk as it contains twice the calcium of cow’s milk
  • Water - Even mild dehydration may slow BMR
  • Eggs - Contains proteins, vitamin D, and helps in the absorption of calcium
  • Lean meats – Protein plus iron, a need associated with a slow metabolism
  • Whole grains – As you eat them, you burn more calories vs. refined grains
  • Lentils – Protein and iron, again to bolster metabolism
  • Chili peppers – Produces a transient increase in BMR

TIP #3 – Enjoy a good night’s sleep

Those who are sleep deprived show an increase in the hunger hormone ghrelin and a decrease in the fullness hormone leptin. It’s no wonder that lack of quality sleep is linked to a rise of obesity and lower energy levels.

Don’t take sleep time lightly. Honor circadian rhythms, aim for a disciplined schedule, slow down after dinner and create pre-bedtime rituals to stay on track for improved, uninterrupted sleep.

Almased success stories often mention an improved quality of their sleep experience, one of many positive side effects from the Almased shake.

"I was able to sleep better at night, I would fall asleep faster and sleep longer. During the day I had tons of energy…" - Anthony K.

"On the Almased Program I don't feel hungry in between meals... my energy is great, and I sleep more deeply and consistently. I’ve tried numerous diet plans and shakes, but none worked like Almased." - Jan R.

TIP #4 – Diet and the Almased difference

If you’re convinced that to weigh less you must eat less, you’d be only half right. When you take in too few calories, your metabolism slumps down to conserve fuel.

Instead of cutting calories like crazy, try Almased meal replacement shakes – it may be your best food to boost metabolism naturally.

Boost Metabolism Naturally

Focus on that word – ‘Naturally’ – because that is what Almased is all about and why it is so effective. Almased is a work of art, cultured and fermented by nature herself.

The Almased product combines only the best of non-GMO soy, cultured skim yogurt, and nature’s own gold - pure raw honey. It contains essential amino acids and vital nutrients, such as enzymes and prebiotics, needed by the body for healthy digestion.

Because of the unique fermentation process, Almased causes bioactive peptides to be released into the body which in turn speeds up metabolism, increasing energy levels.

Net result: You feel full, and cravings are minimized.

These are not empty words as years of global research back this up. The latest study from the University of Alberta finds the Almased Diet optimizes metabolism to select fat as fuel leading to greater fat loss.

On the Almased Figure Plan, you eat healthy foods along with the Almased shake. There are 4 phases of the Figure Plan and each step of the way you can keep your energy levels high.

To lose the most amount of weight in the least amount of time, Almased recommends beginning with the fasting phase. You would replace all 3 daily meals with an Almased shake plus veggie juice or broth, coffee or tea, and plenty of water.

Although you’re not eating solid food, you are not without nourishment, so the body doesn’t drop your BMR, fat-burning mechanisms take a radical U-turn and your metabolism soars!

That's when you'll regain the physique of your dreams and have the energy to enjoy it!

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