"I never imagined that I would weigh less than the number of pounds on my driver’s license."

Antony K.

Success story of Antony K.

I am really proud of myself for how far I have come.



Two years ago, I weighed 217 pounds and was taking multiple heart medications. I would try to lose a pound here and there, but then return to old habits. While in the waiting room of a doctor’s office one day, I opened up a magazine and saw an article about Almased. Intrigued by the benefits of the product and the recipes in the advertisement, I decided to research the product. From there, I learned that it is something that could work and give me positive results. So I headed out to the drug store to buy Almased.

At 5’ 9”, my goal with the Almased Diet was to weigh the number of pounds stated on my driver’s license, 190 pounds. I hoped that Almased would get me there. I started the diet by drinking Almased four times a day. I would drink three shakes to replace my meals and one shake after my workout. To mix Almased, I used Almased’s Caramel Latte recipe (see here) with a little bit of Sweet ‘n Low. After a week of following the Almased Diet regimen, I had lost five pounds. I was surprised. So I kept on going with the goal of losing another five pounds then another five.

Eventually, I added food back into my diet, but I didn’t need to eat a lot of food because the shakes kept me full. I would eat chicken breast with lima beans or turkey sandwiches. I would eat whole grain bread, but kept my carb intake to a minimal. I never ate junk food. I kept myself hydrated every day and made sure that my water had electrolytes in it.

After a year of using Almased, I was down 33 pounds. I was not only happy, but I felt good. A part of it was due to Almased and a part of it was because I knew I was doing something that was good for my health. I was able to sleep better at night, I would fall asleep faster and sleep longer. During the day I had tons of energy which was necessary to help me exercise more.

At this stage, I started to cut back on using Almased and increase my physical activity. I would walk at least 10,000 steps a day. Walking has been the best exercise because the longer I walked, the better shape I got into. Pretty soon, I was using the elliptical for 80 to 100 minutes every other day. Nothing lifts me out of a bad mood than a hard workout.

I now weigh 179 pounds and have been able to maintain. That is the best part: maintaining my new weight. I can now fit back into the shirt I wore in the ’80s to go dancing. Other than losing weight, my new lifestyle has helped me in other ways. My doctor tells me I am much more heart-healthy and do not need to rely as much on medications.

If you’re thinking about using Almased, give it everything you got because when you do, you will lose weight and achieve your goals. Understand that the hardest thing is getting started – that is where everyone fails, they don’t start – so force yourself to get started and once you do, it gets easier and it becomes fun! Conjure up your willpower to do so. Remember, this is your life! Once you start on Almased, the key is to immerse yourself in the program and your health and talk to people about it all the time. That is what will make you successful. I would share what I was doing and my results with my friends on Facebook, who gave me a lot of support.

I am really proud of myself for how far I have come. I never imagined that I would weigh less than the number of pounds on my driver’s license. As for Almased, I will be a lifetime user and will continue to incorporate it into my new lifestyle.

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