Best Diet Tips: How to Entertain While on a Weight Loss Program

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer

Whether dieting or maintaining successful weight loss, most of us want to continue with our traditional entertaining. And, if you’ve chosen a healthy weight loss program to achieve your goals, you’ve adopted new eating habits that you don’t want to lose when the diet is over.

Since you're the chef in charge of the menu, there are many covert ways to execute your best diet tips while not allowing your guests to feel deprived.

You can modify your recipes, avoid certain foods altogether, and choose healthy, high-quality, whole foods that are weight-loss friendly and wisely prepared.

Entertaining: Best Weight Loss Program for Women

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The Almased nutritional supplement is easy to use and adaptable for your personal weight loss goals. For instance, do you want to lose a little or a lot? Do you want to lose weight fast and furiously or merely maintain your ideal weight?

Drink Almased once a day for overall wellness or up to three times a day for weight loss.

How to entertain at a dinner party (while dieting!)

For casual backyard barbecues or a formal epicurean spread, keep the menu healthy – or at least healthier. You want to deliver a lot of satisfaction for as few calories as possible.

Think about how full you feel eating oatmeal or potatoes compared to white bread or croissants. A study to determine the satiety factor of different foods showed potatoes (boiled, not fried) to be more satisfying than other starchy carbs, such as rice or pasta, which may help weight maintenance. High fiber foods like beans can fill you to your toes!

Eating foods with a higher satiety factor enables you to eat fewer calories overall.

The Almased nutritional supplement, as well as meals made from their healthy foods list, are those that naturally tend to satisfy your hunger the most:

  • High fiber foods slow the digestion, helping you feel full longer.
  • High protein is filling and changes satiety hormones, such as ghrelin.
  • Low energy density foods are filling but low in calories relative to its weight.

Other dinner party entertainment ideas (for healthy eating):

Meats, potatoes, and veggie stir-fry can be browned using small amounts of liquids like water or broths rather than sautéed in fats and oils - which have the highest calorie density of all food groups.

Choose liberally from proteins and vegetables for your dinner menu. Stick with whole foods and remember the satiety factor. Baked beans may be a good fit for a casual venue, legumes and dal recipes add a cultural flair, and an edamame appetizer would go well as a trendier appetizer.

Begin meal courses with appetizers and veggie salads using diet-friendly dips and dressings – hummus made from chickpeas can be oil-free. Also, consumed before a meal have been found to reduce caloric intake, boost satiety levels and encourage weight loss over time.

Allow for some splurging on special occasions by adjusting with Almased. Replace a meal or two with an Almased shake to make up the difference. Almased may be the most comfortable weight management tool by far!

Dinner party entertainment ideas for dieters would also include extra attention to eye appeal by garnishing dishes and salad plates with unique designs made from low-calorie veggies and fruits.

Emphasis: Presentation matters. Who would think diet food when stunned by such a spectacular display?

Time matters and some may prefer to entertain without the laborious fuss. Trends show great interest in healthy meal kits and health-conscious meals that come fully prepared - to finish by cooking at home.

Add interest with color-contrasting plates and serving bowls to favorably highlight the tones and texture of the foods you serve. Candles and music can only add to the atmosphere!

Recipes for Entertaining Dinner Parties

Don’t experiment a trial run with your guests. Prep the recipe at least once to see what snags you might encounter and any changes you need to make.

Much of a meal can be prepared a day ahead. Read recipe directions before starting and have all ingredients measured and ready to go.

Plan the menu and serving method so that host and hostess can mingle before and participate during the meal.

Many healthy diet meals are on the Almased website. All the recipes meet Almased’s nutritional standards

Meals shown include vegetarian dishes as well as chicken, beef, pork, and seafood. And, of course, over 50 Almased smoothie ideas!

Recipes here are designed in small quantities, for two people and do not allow much room for leftovers. Try them out to find your favorites and increase the ingredient amounts for larger gatherings.

Some recipes are less expensive than others, but you would never think of them as "cheap” when using all-healthy, quality ingredients. Entertaining casually or for a more formal gathering, everyone loves Italian – right? Start with this one:

Planning and experience will create memorable dinner parties for you and your guests. You never know what to expect, so don’t aim for perfection.

Go with the flow and enjoy whatever comes, knowing that Almased has your back - and their low glycemic Irish Créme Coffee dessert in a glass!

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