Weight Loss Detox: 5 Fast Facts We Need to Know Before Losing Weight

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer

What is “weight loss detox”? It can be a valuable step toward a healthier and more fit life, and right after the holidays is a perfect time to start.

Here’s the skinny...

Routine detoxing can support the body’s natural efforts to cleanse itself of accumulated toxins, help organs function better, promote health, and assist in weight loss.

Detox diets are popular and there’s plenty to choose from. Some involve herbs, pills, and colon cleansers. Others call for liquids only or eating limited to “clean” foods.

Before diving into your detox program, check out these words to the wise and be armed with a full dose of reality.


1. Detox diets are strict.

Typically, a detox diet is strict with few food choices; it’s not something to stick with long term. However, Dr. Mark Hyman says, "Don’t let the thought of detoxification turn you off. It’s the body’s way of breaking down and eliminating anything that doesn’t belong.”

For the most part, detoxification safety depends on the nutrition of your diet plan and how long you stay on it.

It’s normal to feel icky initially; that’s just a sign that we’re getting rid of the toxins that have built up in our body over time.

In fact, research studies show that intermittent fasting can lead to weight loss, improvements in age-related diseases, and the reduction of several cardiovascular risk factors.


2. Diet is far more important than exercise for weight loss.


Overeating is what causes overweight. Without dieting to lose weight, you cannot exercise your way out of overeating.

That is not to say that exercise doesn’t matter. Routine physical activity can benefit anyone and is superb for overall well being. At least 30 minutes of strenuous daily activity (as tolerated) is a good goal.


3. Triggering starvation mode can stall weight loss.

Starving yourself is not the best way to lose weight. Eventually, the famine reaction kicks in, metabolism slows down to compensate, and weight loss becomes all the more difficult. 

Discipline is admirable, but “over-motivating” can have a boomerang effect. Remember that a well-planned detoxification program may be strict, but it’s a short-term project.

Fortunately, the Almased Figure Plan is one of the best tools to help you maintain the vital nutrition needed to avoid a lagging metabolism, hunger pangs, and lethargy associated with detox.



4. Detox and clean eating.

Eating “clean” is a diet of whole foods without much processing. This includes eliminating processed, fatty, overly salty, and sugary foods. Best choices are higher fiber, nutrient-dense whole foods like vegetables and fruits.

When detoxing with Almased shakes as a nutritional meal replacement, it’s good to know their clean ingredients come from non-GMO soy, cultured yogurt, and enzyme-rich raw honey. 

In fact, their unique fermentation process yields more metabolism-supporting bioactive peptides than were present in the raw materials alone.

Fortunately, the Almased Figure Plan is one of the best tools to help you maintain the vital nutrition needed to avoid a lagging metabolism, hunger pangs, and lethargy associated with detox.



5. Detoxing for weight loss is part of an ongoing process.

Accept that this isn’t just a “get-skinny-quick” scheme. A good cleanse may be of immediate benefit to the body. 

But a detox diet is also about transitioning into healthy eating as part of a permanent lifestyle. 

It’s often easier to transition to new diet norms after a detox. Keeping the weight off with a reduced appetite and well-functioning metabolism is the real goal for lasting success.


Mind Detox: How to Start Losing Weight

Just as important as a detox diet that flushes out toxins from the body, it’s also essential to remove toxic clutter from your mind. Diet detox may seem like a mental challenge, but it's much more comfortable with a positive mind-set.

Almased shake recipes are a golden opportunity for safe and comfortable weight loss detox. 


They’re so nutritious; they can healthfully replace a full meal – which makes Almased the best meal replacement for detox weight loss, improved mood, mental clarity, and overall well being.

Almased’s weight loss Success Story, Lisa C., wrote,

“I have a much more positive attitude overall since starting Almased. I feel happier on an everyday basis. People comment on my energy levels and how I am smiling much more these days.” - Lisa C. 

Specific goal-setting is the usual starting point for any weight loss journey, whether it’s for a quick detox or lasting changes over the long haul.

However, we can obsess over the importance of numbers when aiming for weight loss. In fact, you may prefer to put a stop to the numbers game and target behavioral changes instead.

Behavior goals are clear-cut and within your control, such as packing a healthy lunch to work instead of eating out; or not allowing junk food to sit in your pantry - just waiting for a weak moment!

It’s OK to seek expert help. If you need help with your diet, the Almased support team and registered dietitian Jamie Luu are here to support your weight loss goals. Contact nutritionist@almased.com or call 877-256-2733.


How Long Does It Take to Start Losing Weight?

The time frame for losing weight will always vary from person to person. Much depends on how much you are overweight and which eating plan you choose.

You might feel a difference as early as the first day or two. If you stick to the plan, you may see a difference in the first week or two. 

Detoxing with Almased kick-starts metabolism for quick weight loss. But losing weight the healthy way takes time. The key is consistency and the willingness to stick to a healthy eating pattern. 

 The 4-Phases of the Almased Figure Plan allows for individual flexibility regardless of your goals and may be the best way to lose weight both quickly and safely.

It’s common for most of the most rapid weight loss to occur during the first phase, but thanks to the nutrition in Almased, you won’t have to worry about muscle loss, excessive hunger, or the “famine” reaction.


The first phase of the Figure Plan acts as a cleansing detox for the body, helping to support healthy blood sugar levels and pump up our metabolism to help us burn fat. During fat-burning mode, toxins release into the body. 

And while you do want to burn off excess body fat, it's still very important to consume a healthy amount of good fats. For that reason, Almased recommends adding a teaspoon of olive, flaxseed, or walnut oil to each shake.

Also, while on a mostly liquid diet, the fiber in Almased recipes work to keep you regular and feeling satisfied. Ground flax seeds, hemp seeds, and chia seeds work well and add a nutty flavor to the shakes.

Almased recommends drinking at least 4 cups of vegetable broth or vegetable juice between meals daily. The broth is low in calories and helps keep you hydrated and satisfied between shakes. It also contains antioxidants to help combat free radicals and reduce stress on the body.

As your detox advances to phases 2 and 3, solid foods are gradually added back to the diet. Phase 4 works to maintain your weight by snacking with your favorite shake once a day or as needed.

To see personal experiences, read some of our Rave Reviews. Almased consumers like to share why they love Almased!

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