Crash Diet: What You Need to Know

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer

When it comes to weight loss and dieting, progressing too slowly feels like running on ice, and we all want more traction to reach our goals quickly.

What exactly, is a crash diet?

Any crash diet definition would have to convey the goal of extremely rapid weight loss. It could be low carb, low-glycemic, low calorie, or no calorie, but it is undoubtedly stringent.

The real question is, do crash diets work?

Yes, and no. Many diets can achieve weight loss in the short term, and people are attracted to them with the idea of temporary sacrifice to reach their goal quickly. However, when the struggle is over, old habits creep in, and the weight seems to come back with a vengeance.

Studies from two Universities in Australia challenged the widely held view that more gradual weight loss results in better long-term weight reduction with less weight regain.

Researchers found that the rate of weight loss does not affect the rate of weight regain. Moreover, rapid weight loss was more likely to lead to target weight loss with greater motivation to persist with diet and achieve better results.

Whatever the chosen type of diet, maintaining weight loss in the long term is the real challenge.

Are crash diets safe?

Most of us can go short periods without all essential nutrients, but not for long. Nutrient deficiencies can cause both short- and long-term health issues, and some can be serious.

Up to 25 percent of individuals who use very-low-calorie diets may develop gallstones. Also, when losing much weight quickly, some of it is bound to be lean body mass rather than fat.

Crash diets with little nutrition can weaken your immune system and increase the risk of heart muscle loss, palpitations, and cardiac stress. Consider the risks and talk to your doctor if you have any health conditions.

How to Fix Metabolism After a Crash Diet

Crash diets can fail miserably when you become too uncomfortable, too hungry, and perhaps even too dizzy, due to crashing sugar levels. Also, weight loss that comes on too fast can slow down your metabolism, which slows down your weight loss.

This stalling of weight loss is a result of the famine reaction. However, this can be corrected.

The Almased Weight Loss Phenomenon™ is low-glycemic, high-protein, (LGHP) and delivers an immediate impact on the metabolism along with appetite control after the very first serving; This is known as the “Second-meal Effect.”

The “Second-Meal Effect” refers to the fact that consuming LGHP foods in the first meal, minimizes blood sugar levels after eating the next meal. It is a natural slow-down of the digestion and absorption processes. As blood sugars stabilize, your body will thank you.

Even with extra-fast weight loss, by using the Almased supplement, you will burn fat, not muscle, and your energy levels can soar – without any stimulants.

Also, keep in mind that most any low-nutritional crash diet should not last for more than a week or two.

Best Diet Program to Lose Weight

You are likely to find the safest and most effective crash diet is the LGHP meal replacement plan from Almased. It encourages the body to burn fat easily while supporting healthy energy and blood sugar levels.

The Bikini-Emergency-Plan is Almased’s most rapid weight loss plan as it safely allows from 3 to 14 days for you to replace three meals daily with your favorite shake recipes. Because of its superior nutrition, there are no worries about a deficiency — no cravings to cope with, too.

When the liquid fasting phase is over, slowly add healthy, LGHP foods back into the diet. You’ll keep losing weight, but more slowly. Choosing the right foods will continue boosting your metabolism, as you establish better lifestyle habits and avoid weight regain.

The big reward is how Almased keeps weight off after a crash diet.

Once ideal weight goal is achieved, continue onto the Life Phase, eating three healthy meals daily plus an Almased shake or smoothie to keep you at your metabolic best.

Who wouldn’t love to stay slim, while drinking your favorite smoothie every day?

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