Why Does My Brain Feel Foggy?

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer


  • The condition known as brain fog is never normal – at any age.
  • Changes in lifestyle can reverse symptoms of brain fog. 
  • Nutrition plays a role in cloudy brain fog, and the Almased meal replacement has been scientifically shown to improve clarity. 


How to Clear Foggy Brain

After a night out with good food and drink, do you wake up feeling foggy? Or, have you noticed that your thinking gets fuzzy well past lunchtime?


Stop and ponder on that for a moment – because brain fatigue can creep in unnoticed and morph into a new normal without even knowing.

Symptoms like muddled thinking are frustrating as it grows more challenging to remember things and harder still to learn new things. Anxiety develops when memory is involved, and it’s a big concern when aging.


In optimal health, we should age with our cognition intact.

There could be many reasons – not age related – that your thinking drops to zero-zero. So, if you’re wondering, “Why does my brain feel foggy?” read on.


Causes of Foggy Brain Feeling

Low energy and fuzzy thoughts can engulf your whole life. Lacking clear, incisive thinking makes everything difficult, tiredness can dominate your mood and sleep becomes your idea of a good time.

When these symptoms persist, it’s probably a sign that something is affecting your brain. The fogginess of the mind can manifest for a slew of reasons:


  • Sleep and lack of quality, undisturbed sleep
  • Medical conditions - thyroid issues, diabetes, anemia
  • Medications 
  • Hormonal Changes 
  • Diet, nutrition, environment, and activity level – look to these first.
  • Diets high in sugar, poor nutrition, and a moldy environment can increase the risk of brain fog.


On the plus side, your body is telling you something. Stay aware!

It becomes evident that change is needed. Connect the dots. It’s your self-care and your cooperation that is required to determine the root cause of your brain-drain.


Brain fog can also signal an underlying element, so check with your doctor. Tests may be needed to detect some issues such as out of range glucose levels, inflammation, and infections.

Also, check out the product Almased – an all-natural nutritional supplement from Germany that helps put you on a cleaner diet, which can support cognitive function and restore clear-mindedness.


How to Clear Foggy Brain

Symptoms can be reversed and should be to prevent chronic conditions. The simple foggy brain solutions are often best to start with as they can be safely self-controlled, such as diet, nutrition, exercise, environment, and stress.  


Using essential oils for foggy brain adds more than sweetness to life. Oils derived from natural aromatic plant compounds have surprising effects on our mental state. 

TIP: Check out Almased’s use of aromatherapy in their praise for five healthy ways to get your chocolate fix without gaining a pound.



How to help foggy brain by cleaning up your room may sound like a joke but, the principles of feng shui in the art of placement teach that a messy environment creates an untidy mind.

Learn how to manage stress, exercise regularly, allow for enough quality sleep every night and avoid excess caffeine and alcohol.


Those with allergies might notice brain fog developing after eating particular foods. Some common food sensitivities are gluten, peanuts, eggs, wheat, fish and shellfish; watch out for MSG and artificial sweeteners, too.

A clean diet that eliminates toxic foods is a significant step out of the swamp as far as your body is concerned. Replenishing essential vitamins and minerals from a less than perfect diet can significantly impact mental health.


Need Inspiration for Better Eating?

The people from Almased believe their all-natural nutritional supplement and diet plan could be the best first step toward clearing out a foggy brain – and with good reason.

Almased contains only 3 main ingredients: non-GMO soy, raw honey, and cultured yogurt, which are fermented to improve the absorption of its nutrients.




Hubertus Trouillé of Germany created the product to help activate the slow metabolism of his patients. When unhealthy body fat seemed to melt away as a beneficial effect, a star product was born. As time went on, increased well-being and overall health improvements came to share the spotlight with their success in weight loss.

In addition to losing weight, Almased has other positive effects on your well-being. Almased curbs hunger and supports mental clarity, healthy energy levels, and overall well-being.


Why Would Anyone Not Value These Experiences?

Following a traditional meal, the body demands higher insulin levels to convert sugar intake to energy, leaving a sugar-foggy brain behind. This doesn’t occur with Almased. It’s quite the reverse as many Almased users feel more alert and energized.

For three generations now the Trouille family has seen first-hand accounts from their Almased users and it’s all backed up with scientific studies, too.

Need some motivation? Read the stories of Almased users. It works!


This product rocks… I wake up with so much energy; it is fantastic. Great for weight loss. Also, I’d never travel without it, keeps me from getting tired and jet lagged. – Melinda S.

"I’ve started the 14-day Figure Plan and love it!!! The Almased keeps me full throughout the day, and the 3-day liquid diet really made me feel like a whole new person. I had a ton more energy." – Theresa B.

"It really does keep you full and is a great way to detox while jump-starting your metabolism." – Paige F.


The Positive Side Effects of Almased is a Story Worth Telling.

Almased may be your best ally for weight loss, but it's also a common sense approach to sound nutrition and the cornerstone of a clear mind, good health, and weight management for life.

What if you could lace-up and fly over the rainbow where your dream body shines in optimal health and well-being?






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