5 Healthy Ways to Get Your Chocolate Fix

For those chocolate lovers out there looking for a way to get a healthy chocolate fix and not gain a pound, here are five tips to help you satisfy your chocolate cravings.

1. Chocolate tea

Chocolate teas are low-calorie teas that have a blend of different herbs with an addition of real cocoa. They are guilt-free, delicious and satisfying to anyone with an unbeatable chocolate craving.

2. Chocolate aromatherapy

Sometimes, the smell of chocolate is just enough to help ease our minds from desiring chocolate. Try using chocolate flavored lotions or cosmetics, such as blush or lip balm with a hint of cocoa, or light your room with chocolate scented candles. It will not only help keep chocolate cravings at bay but will also help you de-stress from a long day.

3. Healthy chocolate milk

In the supplement aisle of many grocery and health food stores, you can find chocolate flavored powdered supplements that contain a blend of superfood extracts and vitamins and minerals. Nourish your body with essential nutrients and antioxidants by making a healthy version of chocolate milk. Mix a scoop of the powder in a cup of skim, almond, soy or lactaid milk and enjoy.

4. Chocolate snacks with 150 calories or less

While it is recommended to avoid snacking on a diet plan (since snacking often turns into a meal), snacking may be necessary for some people who require more calories to maintain the metabolism. To get your chocolate snack fix and not gain a pound, choose low-calorie snacks of 150 calories or less that contain a hint of chocolate. Some examples of snacks that may contain chocolate or chocolate flavor include peanut butter, granola bars, yogurts, fruits or dried fruits, soy or almond milk. Try choosing dark chocolate alternatives for additional health benefits.

5. Almased chocolate shake

Support your overall wellness efforts by incorporating one shake of Almased into your daily diet. To satisfy your chocolate tooth, add 1 Tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder and a dash of cinnamon to your Almased shake. An Almased chocolate shake can help diminish your chocolate desires, help keep your energy levels up and support your metabolism for weight loss during the day. To see how you can make the Almased chocolate shake, check it out here.

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