Different labels, still the same effective weight loss formula

Our Almased USA Support Group on Facebook is a thriving community for Almased users looking to lose weight with our products for the first time and those who have shed the pounds successfully and want to inspire others. 

We care about the experience you have on Almased because it teaches us what works, so we monitor the Facebook Support Group and answer your questions. If you are already a member, you have likely seen someone from our team respond to queries about oil, whether you can drink diet soda in Phase 1 (sorry, no), and what is the difference between UK and USA Almased. While most questions asked only require a couple of sentences and a link, we have decided to use this blog to address something that comes up quite a lot: Almased’s label has changed, does that mean the formula is different? 

30 Years of the Same Nutritional Formula

When Hubertus Trouillé developed our low-glycemic, high-protein formula in the 1980s, he did so to cure metabolic syndrome; weight loss and higher calorie burn were beneficial side effects. Trouillé was a revolutionary because research still proves that a high-protein, low-glycemic diet, exercise, quality sleep, and strength training are vital for a healthy metabolism. 

As such, our Almased formula has not changed for 30 years; it has not had to. However, we have changed a few things since we started three decades ago. 

Almased Labels Look Different

We are proud of what is inside of your Almased can (and tea box), and we have had creative spurts throughout the years, so our labels have received makeovers, including changes in how we discuss our ingredients. 

  • If you completed the Almased Figure Plan a couple of years ago and are starting it again today, you may be surprised because the label will look slightly different. You will also notice that we now have the Figure Plan Plus, which includes more ways to use Almased according to your goal-specific plans. We even have a progress log to track your improvements. But you know what has stayed the same? Our formula! 
  • You may have once used an “anti-stress” formula and now can only find the “dietary supplement” formula. We assure you, the ingredients are the same. When you improve your metabolism with Almased, your overall health improves, including how you respond to stress. 
  • If you notice any differences in color, taste, and texture, you are not seeing anything unusual. We are using the same formula, but there can be slight differences from batch to batch because of the natural ingredients used in Almased. If the bees feed on different flowers one season, that may impact the end product in your Almased can. One thing is for sure: whether it’s summer, spring, fall, or winter, our recipe stays the same. 
  • No, people in the UK do not use less Almased powder than Americans because they are healthier. The UK and GER can promote different sizes than the US because of EU laws. No matter a person’s weight, EU law says we have to declare 50 grams. However, the amounts recommended for Americans are calculated to on average meet nutritional needs of individuals at varying sizes
  • In addition to the creative freedoms we take, we have also added some ingredients, such as Vitamin D and Niacin, to the “Supplement Facts” section of the can label so you know the amount you receive per serving. Some of our old labels mentioned these ingredients on the ingredient list. Again, same formula, but just some rearranging. To view our nutrition list, visit Almased effect

Same Quality, Same Formula

Almased is still manufactured under the same quality standards and patented processes as it was originally developed. We are a family-owned company, and we value Hubertus Trouillé’s original mission, so we will only make decisions that are best for you, your quality of life, and your family.


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