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Avoid the yo-yo effect - how it works!

Written by Lena, M.Sc. Medical Nutrition

Many of us fear rapid weight gain following a period of strict dieting. But does this have to be inevitable? Are there ways to combat weight on the scales skyrocketing once again?

Throughout this article, we will present our most important tips and tricks to ensure you don't have to worry about the dreaded yo-yo effect in the future!

What is the yo-yo effect?

The yo-yo effect is a completely natural reaction within the body to a restricted supply of food from dieting. When we eat less, we provide our body with less energy in the form of calories, the goal of which is the utilise our fat deposits to provide energy and as a result lose weight. This is not a problem at the beginning of a diet.

With prolonged dieting, our metabolism adapts to the changed energy intake and our body adapts to less calorific intake. This makes it difficult to lose additional weight – with many dieters reaching a so-called "plateau" phase. This altered metabolic state can also be the reason why we regain weight faster following a diet.

Is a low carb diet the solution?

Even though low-carbohydrate diets are often promoted as quick weight loss solutions, many fail to live up to the hype in the long term. Initial dieting results may prove positive, as the body breaks down fat as its primary energy supply however, this often leads to detrimental carbohydrate cravings and adverse consequences as a result of poor nutrition.

Foods with a high carbohydrate content contain many valuable micronutrients that the body lacks during a low carb diet. Cereals, for example, contain important B vitamins, and oats are a real superfood due to the calcium, magnesium, and iron they contain.

Weight loss success with carbohydrates?

Fibre from legumes and grains plays a central role in our gut health. They strengthen our microbiome and have an impact on inflammatory processes and our immune system. But a healthy intestinal flora is also important for losing weight! It influences how efficiently we can convert our food into energy and how actively our metabolism works.

So: Carbohydrates are important for us and should not be eliminated from our diet, whereas the quality of these carbohydrates is much more important. White flour products have limited nutritional value, yet wholegrain products in moderate quantities provide us with important plant-based phytochemicals and also keep us fuller for longer.

How do I avoid the yo-yo effect? These 5 tips will really help.

To avoid the dreaded yo-yo trap, you just need to follow a few simple rules. Take the opportunity to change your diet and maintain your body weight in a sustainable way:

1. Change your diet:

The most important component of a sustainable diet without the yo-yo effect is a long-term change in diet. During the different phases of the Almased diet, a new eating habit can be gradually learned and maintained. Take this time to build new routines that will help you make your daily routine healthier.
Diets work better with an adequate supply of essential nutrients. After all, absorbing all essential macro and micronutrients in the optimal ratio is of paramount importance in maintaining a healthy metabolism and losing weight. A varied diet with lots of fruit and vegetables is therefore extremely important. Almased provides you with all essential vitamins and minerals so that your body is optimally supplied and supported throughout the diet.

2. Make sure you eat a high-protein diet:

Protein contributes to muscle maintenance and growth. It is of special importance during a diet because of the reduced intake of calories through food. Instead of fatty tissue, muscle mass is usually broken down first. It is therefore important to support the maintenance of muscles during the diet through physical activity and a good supply of protein. This is where Almased excels.
Calorie consumption can also be increased by building muscle. The more metabolically active muscle mass there is, the higher the body's energy needs. Muscles therefore have a very important function in maintaining a healthy body weight, because they act like small fuel cells.

3. Choose the right fats:

Saturated fatty acids should be reduced in a healthy diet. After all, a diet rich in saturated fat not only provides a lot of calories, but also increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
High-quality vegetable oils, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, belong on your plate instead. Our suggestions include: linseed oil, walnut oil or rapeseed oil, and also oily fish high in omega-3’s. Meat and products made from it, as well as milk, dairy products and cheese, contain a lot of saturated fats. Therefore, you should choose a low fat option and reduce the quantities where possible.

4. Avoid processed foods:

An inadequate and unhealthy diet of convenience foods, processed foods, fast food, unhealthy fat and plenty of quickly available carbohydrates promote the development of obesity.
Foods that are highly processed and contain a lot of salt, sugar and artificial additives harm our body. Information about the degree of processing of a food can often be provided by looking at the list of ingredients. If it contains a lot of additives, this is a bad sign.

5. It's all in the glycemic index:

Give preference to foods with a low glycaemic index (GI). These cause the blood sugar level to rise much more slowly than those with a high GI. As a result of the slow rise in blood sugar, our bodies remain fuller for longer and thus avoid sudden cravings.
Vegetables, legumes, and whole grains are good choices because of their complex carbohydrates. Meat, fish and low-fat dairy products also have a low glycaemic index. White flour products, sweets and ready-made products with hidden sugars should be treated with caution. They result in a sharp rise in blood sugar and thus trigger cravings.

Reaching your goal at the right pace

For sustainable weight loss, it is important to approach your own desired weight step by step. Crash diets, which promise quick success in a short time, all too often fail to provide a permanent solution. Instead, they often lead to even greater weight gain when you return to your normal eating habits. It is these types of diets that are more likely to lead to frustration than increased well-being.

If you really want to change something about your weight, you need to find a holistic solution that aims to change your diet but also your lifestyle. Particular to weight management, the shortest route is usually not the most effective.

Stay active!

Exercise and fitness support a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. But the goal doesn't have to be a daily intensive workout in the gym. Even small changes in everyday life can bring a lot of joy and help you lose a few pounds.

Our tips: How about, for example, switching to a bike for travelling to the office or small training sessions before going to bed?

If you are physically active on a regular basis, you will also keep your energy consumption high in the long term. This makes it much easier to maintain your desired weight. Even small slips in the diet can be compensated for by an effective sports session and Almased.

Is it all in my head?

When losing weight, you are not always aware of how deeply old habits are anchored into our brain. Patterns of action we have played out for years without thinking are difficult to discard overnight. In fact, there is also a psychological component to successful weight loss.

Take the time to look for the causes of your weight gain before embarking on a healthier lifestyle. Be clear about what your goals are and why you want to change something about your weight. In this way, you’ll evoke your innermost motivation in difficult situations and increase the likelihood of maintaining your focused goal in the long term.

Lose weight with a nutrient boost

Due to the special combination of nutrients, Almased makes it super easy to limit your daily calorie intake and still get all the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

If you want to fundamentally change your diet, it is best to start with the 4-phase plan. The beginning of this new lifestyle starts with 3 Almased shakes per day. This is the best way to prepare your body for weight loss.

Almased can be prepared in a variety of ways - with delicious almond milk, for example, it becomes a great-tasting power drink in no time at all. A delicious Almased chocolate shake with cocoa powder, cinnamon and vanilla stops any cravings. Our tip: cold coffee in a shake for the perfect start to the morning!

The easy way to your desired weight

Many who users who have reached their desired weight, have a secret: Almased.
The light Almased Shakes can be easily integrated into your daily routine: for example, a shake for breakfast, lunch or even better as an evening meal.

If you use a calorie or fitness app, it quickly becomes apparent how difficult it is to eat optimally - and how easy it becomes if you replace only one meal a day with Almased. In this way, the daily calorie intake can be easily reduced and with this, so to your weight.

Our motto: Everyone can lose weight without the yo-yo effect.

This is achieved through a balanced diet that contains all nutrients and ensures an adequate supply of protein, healthy fats, but also complex carbohydrates. Exercise as an integral part of everyday life is an important support. As is the right mindset and a dusting of patience!

For those who want to make losing weight a little easier, the Almased 4-phase plan is the ideal introduction to a balanced lifestyle. Following the diet, you can flexibly replace individual meals with an Almased shake at any time of the day. In this way, you’ll keep your energy levels optimised, and the dreaded yo-yo effect a distance memory.

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