June is National Men’s Health Month, and although the month is ending, we encourage all men (including the men in your life) to care for their bodies by eating right and exercising. 

Many health problems can be prevented simply by tweaking our diets and engaging in healthy activities.

We can achieve better metabolic health by simply switching from an unhealthy diet to a healthy diet with Almased.  

Almased is a nourishing formula with a superior amino acid profile, abundant peptides, and honey-derived enzymes. Containing absolutely no artificial fillers, preservatives, or stimulants, Almased naturally boosts metabolism, burns fat, and promotes healthy metabolic changes. Here’s how according to evidence-based research: 

For many of us, the concept of “good nutrition for men” sounds like some sort of weird contradiction — men love eating like cavemen, so how can that be healthy?

We’ll get to paleo eating in a minute, but one of the big reasons why men are often missing certain nutrients is because so-called diet experts have made them obsessed with what they can’t eat, rather than focusing on all of the good things that they can eat.

A focus on a “you can’t eat this” diet is not only very frustrating for men (and women) but it also sets us up for nutritional deficiencies.

It’s hard to avoid all those radio commercials about “low T” — or low testosterone. 

Kind of reminds us of those vintage Charles Atlas ads about a “98-pound weakling” who got sand kicked in his face at the beach because he wasn’t strong enough, yet, to defend himself.


  • Men have a weight-loss advantage compared to women.
  • Heart disease remains the #1 cause of death for men, even though in most cases it is preventable.
  • Here are five of the best-known weight loss tips to help men improve weight and longevity.
  • The right weight loss program helps you feel better today, keeps energy levels higher, improves long-term health predictions, and may even help you enjoy life more.

If you're wondering whether men can use Almased, you've found the right place! In this blog, we'll talk about how men can use Almased and answer one of the main concerns: whether Almased has any effect on male hormone, testosterone.