Shake Recipes for “My Generation” - Who Says Weight Loss Has to be Hard?

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer

Did you know the first shake recipe was “born” in 1922 at a Chicago soda fountain when Ivar “Pop” Coulson added ice cream to their malted milk drink?

With the advent of the electric blender that same year, it probably wasn’t long before chocolate and strawberry were added to the list. 

Shake recipes began to grow up, too, through the 1950s era of hula hoops, poodle skirts and the first-ever high-protein muscle drinks for body-builders, up through the modern age of high-protein diet shakes.

You might have heard The Who’s famous rock anthem, “My Generation.” While the song may have initially helped define one generation, it has something to say to everyone.

Health shakes have evolved over the years, too, but, if formulated in the right ways, they can offer something of value to people of all ages!

In fact, there was another big hit over 30 years ago in Germany when the Trouillé family forever joined the words weight-loss and shake into one name called “Almased." 

And that changed things forever.

Protein Shake Recipes: Best Way to Lose Weight

If you’d like to lose weight right now, chances are you’ve experimented with diets in the past. 

You might have tried counting calories and carbs, faithful portion control, a high-fat or no-fat diet, the eat-rabbit-food-only diet, and perhaps a bit of starvation.

Consider changing how you address weight loss.

Protein-shake recipes may be the best way to reach your dream weight, and there are plenty of reasons why. Here are a few. 

  • First of all, shakes can taste fantastic today, so why wouldn’t you enjoy drinking them every day? The right shake recipe is all you need. And it’s nothing at all like rabbit food
  • When used as a meal replacement, you’ll save yourself a lot of cooking time. A blender or blender bottle makes a quick meal that’s also easy to grab-and-go anywhere. Convenience is very motivating!
  • Going too hungry for too long works against you by slowing down metabolism into starvation mode. Weight loss shuts down big time as energy levels dwindle. Your body won’t like you, either. Instead, drink a healthy protein shake.
  • You won't dread "Diet Day." You can keep a positive mindset and look forward to your new regimen – because you know that it works, and it's fun to feel slim, energized and healthy. 
  • Veer off course from the gaping sink-hole of obesity. Whether you need to lose a little or a lot, start now. Why wait for a medical issue to pop up before moving toward good health and feeling your very best?

Struggle is not a requirement to win at fat loss and body shrinkage. In fact, in some ways, the less resistance the more progress you can make.

Shake It Up with A Healthy Meal Replacement!

Not all diet shakes can give you the taste you want or the health benefits you need. And, to achieve high-quality results, high-quality ingredients are a must.

Reach for Almased first because it is made according to the highest standards using a pure, natural formula that features the very finest ingredients, such as non-GMO soy, raw honey, and cultured yogurt. 

Almased’s proprietary fermentation technique is the “secret” behind Almased’s powder. The resulting taste is so mild that it adapts perfectly to whatever spices or flavorings you like the most. Check out dozens of recipes here.

Plus you can feel good knowing that Almased is a low-glycemic and high-protein (LGHP) formula specially formulated to boost metabolism, burn fat and support energy levels without any stimulants.

This makes the Almased Weight Loss Phenomenon™ the best healthy diet for weight loss. 

The formula is crucial, but so is the plan.

Healthy meal replacement is at the center of Almased’s Figure Plan, and that takes the “ugh” out of losing weight.
Replace 1, 2 or 3 meals a day with an LGHP Almased shake for weight loss. 

As you get closer to your goal weight, you’ll add in more solid meals into your diet as you cut back on the shakes.

That’s it in a nutshell. Check out details here - but it really is that simple.

You can also use the Bikini-Emergency-Plan to shed pounds extra quickly for a sudden trip to the beach or a special event. 

And men, you can use the plan, too, to get into those favorite swim trunks or that killer suit!

To reach your ideal weight and never let it go, keep your metabolism at its peak by continuing to drink an Almased shake every day or as needed.

Almased is a game-changer, with one easy recipe and endless variations.

Feast your eyes on the parade of scrumptious shakes on the recipe pages. 

Anyone of them is a delicious taste sensation, but palates vary, so start with what appeals to you the most. Hint: the PB&J smoothie shake is a special treat!

Put on the green for St. Patrick’s Day with a Green Energy Smoothie or an old-fashioned Irish Crème Coffee with a new twist.

Head for the Cherry Blossom recipe and you’ll be spot on for what is also a historic springtime event in Washington, D.C.

Keep the variety going all year long. 

Slide into Springtime Detox, and summertime recipes such as the Tropical Smoothie. 

Before long, you’ll be ready for an autumn Pumpkin Spice smoothie and holiday treats like the Gingerbread Shake.

Sipped from a mug or spooned from a dessert glass, there’s a celebration recipe for every occasion, season, holiday, sporting event and every generation, too, whether you’re a Baby Boomer, a Gen X-er or a Millennial! 

Thanks to Almased shakes, there are more ways than ever to have less of what you don’t need!

It’s all about good taste, safe fat loss, and long-term success. 

There’s also plenty of scientific research that confirms the powerful results that make for so many satisfied Almased customers.

For example, a breakthrough 2018 study from the University of Alberta (the Edmonton Study) demonstrated that Almased improved metabolism and helped people burn fat instead of carbohydrates earlier than with a standard diet.

Two other studies support these findings and show that the LGHP diet naturally boosts the fat-burning hormone, adiponectin, along with supporting healthy levels of the appetite hormones, ghrelin, and leptin.

It’s why so many people say Almased is the very best low-glycemic high-protein diet.


Many who use Almased become our reviewers

Our Almased Success Stories love to share their inspirational experiences about how Almased helped them reach their goals and improve their quality of life.

“I was 120 pounds my entire adult life. After menopause, I went to 180 pounds and couldn’t lose an ounce! It [Almased] changed my life. I’ve lost 30 pounds effortlessly and feel GREAT!!! 

Almased has rebooted my metabolism! Anytime I had a question, whoever answered the phone was so helpful.”  Robin Raskin, Almased Reviewer

“Weighing 184 pounds, I knew the weight needed to come off for me to live a longer, healthier life, and Almased would be a product that could help. Almost a year later, I am 45 pounds lighter and have kept it off.”

“The clothes in my closet are now too big for me!”

“After a period of using Almased, I noticed that my sweet cravings went down, and I no longer could eat as much as I used to – simply because now it does not take much to help me feel full and satisfied. Almased helped reduce my appetite.

Plus my hair has gotten thicker, and my nails have gotten stronger. Looking in the mirror today, I notice that I look younger than I did a year ago – all because of good nutrition… I highly recommend Almased!"  Sondra W. – Almased Success Story

No matter what our age or weight-loss goals are,  Almased can help you get there.

And the opposite of what Pete Townshend wrote in “My Generation,” it looks like Almased has already caused a very “big s-s-sensation”!

Some shakes may get polite applause. But Almased shakes get a standing ovation!

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