Sabotage-Free Ways To Celebrate Your Weight-Loss Milestones

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer

If you’ve recently succeeded at weight loss, you may want more than a simple pat on the back. After all, it took considerable determination to achieve your goal, even if you still have a way to go.

Landmark achievements should be honored and celebrated – it’s positive proof that you can achieve your goals and it helps you to stay motivated going forward.

But do you want to applaud your diet success with a hot fudge sundae? Sure, you “deserve” it. But how would you really feel? 

If you've ever lost and gained back the same 10–20 pounds over and over, you know exactly how you would feel. The first bite is exhilarating – until you revert to old habits and feel bummed out again.

Consider these mileposts on your weight loss journey and the calorie-free rewards that may be the best way to mark your ongoing success and keep you loyal to your diet goals:

1. The decision – Commitment

In fact, there were many steps getting to the point of commitment. You’ve probably thought a lot about diet, changes, and wondering “what if” for some time. You’re now ready and committed to the journey.


  • Invest in a new blender or blender bottle for making healthy smoothies.
  • Envision a new you with a professional makeover.
  • Keep hands busy by getting creative! Paint your nails, draw, paint, or craft!

2. The first weekly weigh-in - Bravery

It’s OK if you prefer not to weigh in, but your first notable weight loss marks a new and fearless reality check, and you’re worthy of a healthy reward.


  • Start a new weight loss journal and pencil in your number to make it official.
  • Save calories and budget with a new lunchbox for healthier to-go meals.
  • Join a healthy cooking class, learn to fry without oil, and feast without guilt.

3. Your clothes grew too big! – Amazing!

Saggy pants and off the shoulder blouses are not the new style, but you couldn't be happier. You've been waiting for this moment – enjoy it!


  • Go past “Go” and collect a new set of workout clothes. You’ll feel so good!
  • Boost your happy place with fresh flowers to spruce up your surroundings.

4. You’re a star! - Stunning!

Someone noticed your weight loss and mentioned how awesome you look. This is more than motivating; this is being high on life! 


  • A bubble bath with aromatherapy, natural oils, and scented candles. So special.
  • Hire a personal training session to learn new moves and inspire your routine.

5. You just crushed a weight loss plateau – Super-power!

This is big. You're in for the long haul, and it shows. Your patience and staying power win out, and you should be really good to yourself.


  • Splurge (but not binge) on a healthy meal delivery service. Yum.
  • Wear something you wouldn’t have worn before, like a slinky black dress or a skimpy bikini. Men, try jeans and a well-fit tee.

6. You just executed a move that you couldn’t do before. Invincible!

Can you walk longer, run faster, or complete an advanced yoga posture? Maybe you’re up for white-water rafting or paragliding? Expand your new horizons and be inspired just being you.


  • A new bike or paddleboard can make you feel like a kid again.
  • Love yourself with a full body massage. Foot reflexology wouldn’t hurt either!

7. You just hit your ideal goal weight!

Reward - What once seemed an impossible dream is here. Think as big as your budget and time allow. A vacation, staycation, or a weekend getaway. Perhaps a big night on the town with supportive friends who can appreciate and support your continued success. Still, eat and drink healthy!

Best Diet for Weight Loss

Consider that your best diet for weight loss would include good foods that you love, fits easily into your lifestyle, supports ideal weight maintenance, clearly contributes to your overall wellness, and is so rewarding you can stick with it over the long term.

The low-glycemic high-protein (LGHP) eating strategy fills all the above requirements, and Almased’s LGHP meal replacement program can help you achieve rapid and long-lasting weight loss. And if you’re currently overweight, eating LGHP is a superb start to a healthier life.

Drinking Almased shakes and eating meals with a lower glycemic index cause a reduction in blood sugar spikes, which triggers the release of insulin, leading to fat storage and weight gain.

The importance of eating high protein foods is well known. The high-protein Almased formula provides all the amino acids needed for optimal health.

A study from the University of Alberta showed that Almased improved metabolism and helped people burn fat instead of carbohydrates earlier than with a standard diet.

Other studies support these findings and show that the LGHP diet naturally boosts the fat-burning hormone, adiponectin, along with promoting healthy levels of the appetite hormones, ghrelin, and leptin.

Weight Loss Tips To Prevent Self-Sabotage

Weight loss can get complicated, and so many factors play into our potential success. Notice some of the hidden ways we can work against our weight-loss goals – and ourselves:

  • Too much stress adds to the body’s cortisol (the stress hormone) levels, increasing insulin production, cravings, and hunger. The lack of sleep is linked to stress and obesity. Allow more time for a healthy sleep cycle, and all the cell repair your body needs.
  • We may underestimate how many calories we eat in a day and overestimate how many calories we burn.
  • Sugary drinks make it way too easy to overload on empty calories. Ditto for calorie-dense foods, like fried “anything.”
  • Inconsistent eating times or skipped meals can slow metabolism and put the body into fat-storing mode.
  • Stretching diet limits too far can sabotage the best of intentions. You may allow larger portions when eating out, or potato chips on game weekends only. But from such small exceptions, old habits form.

If you’ve ever sabotaged your weight-loss efforts, know you are not alone! Becoming aware of it enables you to overcome it.

Almased reviewer, Joanne Blanchette, wrote of how Almased rescued her from holiday indulgences by resetting her habits. 

“Almased is a game changer – I loved the natural ingredients and neutral taste and quickly incorporated Almased into my morning “go-to" shake. After some holiday or vacation indulgences, I use the Figure Plan to reset my habits and quickly drop a couple of pounds. I can take it anywhere - and it gives me steady energy.” 

Almased Success Story Dana N. used Almased to her free insecurities.

“Before I started on Almased, I was 170 lbs. I am a dancer, so being that heavy made me very insecure. I tried different diets to lose weight, but nothing worked. Once I started on the Almased Diet Program, I lost 30 lbs. Now I feel free to study dance because I feel healthy and good about the way I look.”                                                        

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or improve wellness, the Figure Plan Plus is the ideal diet guide to usher you through every phase of the Almased Figure Plan and recommend where to start! 

If you have a hunch that something may be sabotaging you, stay true to yourself - with help from Almased.

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