Why You Gain Weight as You Age: The Complete Guide to Losing Weight at Any Age

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer

It’s true that we gain weight as we age, and it isn’t the least bit fair! Even if you’re one of those lucky people who could always indulge in second helpings while saying “yes” to every dessert that walked by, extra pounds may eventually find you.

It could be that you were always careful to monitor your dinner plate and negotiate a skimpy breakfast tomorrow for a Crème Brulee tonight – only to hit that magic birthday number when you suddenly morph into a plump little butterball.

Science has an answer and though we may not like it, understanding it gives us some tips to help figure out how to work around it.


Everyone is Different, But Research Suggests That Women May Lose Weight Differently Than Men.

Men seem to lose weight more quickly than women because men, on average, are larger than women and usually have more muscle, while women may have more fat. As muscle burns more calories than fat, men may burn more calories at rest than do women. So comparatively, men usually can eat more calories while still losing weight.


Portion Control May Be Especially Crucial for Women.

In one study, women who ate smaller portions of food (and less food overall) had a lower body mass index (BMI) than women who limited or avoided a particular type of food. This approach seems to work better for women than men.


Is There a Best Weight Loss Diet for Women?

Check out this source for many first-hand accounts of Almased's weight loss meal plan for women. Read how these women lost 20 pounds or more by drinking the all-natural Almased diet shakes to support their health in conjunction with an incredibly easy-to-follow diet plan.


Your Muscles Can Gain Tone While You Lose Belly Fat Around The Middle - Without Going Hungry!

Almased success story Tammy C. states:

My weight loss is something I have never seen before with other diet programs, the fat that melts off your frame is incredible! It's very noticeable as opposed to most diets where you lose water and muscle weight. This diet keeps your muscles intact and the protein helps you to burn those fat stores and gives you energy! Thank you for giving me back my body that I had when I was years younger!  - Tammy C .


Why Do You Start to Put More Weight on in Your 30’s?

It’s natural for the body’s muscle mass to begin shrinking about the age of 30, leading to weight gain. Muscles burn more calories keeping your body lean. Weight loss for women over 30 should include strength training to counter that effect.

The older you get, lifting weights may be one of the more critical parts of your exercise program. You’ll build muscle and strength while also working on important areas like balance, stability, and flexibility.


Of all weight loss tips for women, a good one is not trying to lose too much weight too fast. Of course, there are exceptions to this such as immediate health issues or when those special occasions pop up and quickly motivate you to look your very best.

Often, the best weight loss diet for women is to improve your eating or lifestyle habits one step at a time. Select just one not-so-healthy habit in exchange for a better one, such as cutting out sugary sodas in exchange for herbal iced teas or water. You’ll see that in just one month you’ve established a new healthy habit. If you continue this way every month, it adds up to significant changes – one step at a time!



Why is it Difficult to Lose Weight After a Certain Age?

When delving into the issue of weight loss for women over 40 or 50 years of age, a routine diet program should consider asking what is the best way to lose weight after menopause?

According to Dr. Sonali Ganguly at the Department of Endocrinology, Singapore General Hospital, “Many women experience weight gain during perimenopause, the period leading to menopause, which is due to declining progesterone levels and relative preservation of estrogen levels.”

During the last couple of years of perimenopause, the lowering of estrogen levels speeds up. Many women may begin to experience symptoms of menopause at this stage. Menopause starts about the age of 40 for most women.

The body responds by retaining fat so it can draw estrogen from fat cells. The result? More belly fat! For men, it is the fall in testosterone levels that cause weight gain around the midriff.

That’s a double-whammy for both men and women as many tend toward a more sedentary lifestyle in mid-life, which further slows down the already declining metabolic rate. No doubt about it, burning fewer calories means gaining more pounds.

Despite everything that seems to work against us, getting older and gaining weight doesn’t have to go together.


The Reason We Gain Weight is Not Just Because We're Older, But It’s Also About How Our Habits Change.

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to boost your metabolism with regular exercise. Flexibility and strength training is awesome. Read on for some great tips for a diet made easy.


Take Time for Your Workout and Eat as Healthy as Possible.

Have you noticed how many senior citizens are looking younger than ever? Physical "maintenance" comes in many forms these days, and we do seem to be caring for ourselves better with exercise.

Yet time will go on, our bodies will change and some things remain out of our control as we get older. Managing our body’s weight, however, is something we can do and if willing, we can be active, strong, and fit no matter how old we become.


The Most Important Aspect of Managing Your Weight is Your Diet.

The best foods for healthy weight loss at 60 is much the same as healthy foods at any age. Favor nutrient-rich, naturally high fiber whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes, lean poultry and fish. A typical cardiac diet is excellent and can help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

The Almased Figure Plan is phenomenal at any stage and may be the best weight loss meal plan for women over 50. The program is easy to implement into your life because it’s so convenient to use. There are no worries about getting enough nutrition because Almased is a nutrient-dense shake, smartly packed with vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, antioxidants, and trace elements.

Almased May well be The Best Protein Powder for Women’s Weight Loss.

The Almased shake comes with 27 grams of protein to keep you free from cravings and is made with all-natural, non-GMO fermented soy and yogurt and naturally sweetened with honey, yet low in calories.








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