Cellular Health and Aging — Why Protein Is Our Pro-Living Powerhouse

Every single movement, in fact every single thing we do — from running to catch a frisbee or walking the dog — demands energy, energy from our cells to be precise.  

But the number of aging cells in the body goes up with age. As the aging immune system becomes less efficient, aging, or senescent cells, build up and can drag down healthy cells.  


This can impact our ability to tackle stress or illness, recuperate from injuries, and even learn new things, since senescent cells in the brain can degrade cognitive function.

But we can combat a good deal of this premature aging with the help of tiny cellular factories called mitochondria. 



Boost Metabolism With Mitochondria: The Anti-Aging Fire Inside 

In truth, metabolism is the sum of all chemical reactions that happen inside each and every cell that provide energy for vital processes and for making things that the body needs to survive, grow and thrive.  

Deep inside cells are mitochondria, membrane-bound cell structures that generate almost all of the chemical energy required to fuel each cell’s biochemical reactions.   

Mitochondria generate large quantities of energy in the form of ATP — adenosine triphosphate — which captures chemical energy from the metabolic breakdown of food molecules.

Small But Powerful 

Mitochondria are really tiny. In fact, a mitochondrion is anywhere from 50 to 100 times narrower than a human hair, but don’t let their size throw you off. 

Since mitochondria are the energy producers in cells, they are linked to our overall health and wellness. 

While they decline, and decrease in numbers, due to the natural process of aging, there are other things that can harm them or help them, such as diet and physical activity — producing energy through exercise helps produce more energy in our cells. 


Protein Is Not Optional 

Fats, carbohydrates and, especially, protein and amino acids taken up by cells provide the energy they need for growth and metabolism. 

Does protein boost metabolism? Absolutely. In fact, protein is the best metabolism booster that’s critical for cellular health. In fact, for growth and maintenance of tissues, protein (working as enzymes) supports thousands upon thousands of biochemical reactions that take place inside and outside your cells.   

These enzyme proteins also combine with other molecules inside of the cell, called substrates, which accelerate reactions that fuel metabolism.  

Some enzymes, like digestive enzymes, help digest sugar. In some cases, enzymes need nutrients, such as vitamins or minerals, to do their work.  

The smallest components of protein are amino acids. Nine of 21 aminos are considered essential. They can’t be produced by the body and so must come from diet.  

Almased is the high-protein, and amino-acid-rich nutrition that our cells need to help us thrive. 


An Amino Acid Trio 

As mentioned, the amino acids from protein are a big part of what mitochondria need to fuel us and all of the things we love to do. 

Leucine, isoleucine and valine are critical sources of cellular energy. Not only that, these three aminos are also specifically metabolized by the body to produce energy for our muscles. 

As mentioned, Almased is a champ here too, with each serving supplying 2,300 mg of leucine, 1,400 mg of isoleucine and 1,400 mg of valine, in addition to nine other vital powerful amino acids. 


Enter: Bioactive Peptides 

In addition to individual amino acids, Almased is crafted in a special fermentation process that releases bioactive peptides. 

Peptides, which are groups of amino acids, have unique abilities of their own, including skin health, gut health and healing, reduced inflammation, and more. 

With Almased, for each serving you get 27 grams of high-quality protein bursting with amino acids and bioactive peptides.


Almased — Your Anti-Aging, Pro-Living Superstar! 

Eating good clean food, and avoiding processed foods, is one way to help protect and support our mitochondria. 

And so making sure that we’re giving our bodies with “mitochondria food” — including Almased — may be the most important anti-aging dietary addition we can make for the benefit of our cells! 

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