How to Live Beyond Your Years

Written by Jamie, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

The International Space Station first started orbiting the globe in 1998. But 22 years later, NASA is carrying out anti-aging experiments over 10 manned space missions.

Now, $2 billion into the Space Station’s two-decade-long run, NASA is zero-ing in on one of the most amazing anti-aging discoveries of the last 100 years — telomeres, those tiny pieces of genetic material that wrap around the tips of chromosomes.

Telomeres are there to protect the coding areas of our DNA from damage, and they provide a “countdown clock” that determines the age of each and every one of our cells. 

We want them to be long, not short. But a lot of things increase telomere shortening. Poor diet. Inactivity. Exposure to toxins in our environment. Even age itself. 

Telomeres shorten each time a cell divides to make another cell. And how long these telomeres are depends on our biological age, not our chronological age.

NASA’s Human Research Program has been studying how stress, radiation, diet and exercise can speed up telomere shortening, or aging, during space travel.

Their NASA Twins Study — the foundation of NASA’s telomere research — is proving the promise of telomeres and aging.

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[NASA Astronauts Mark Kelly (at left) and twin brother Scott Kelly]

The Space Station telomere study looked at identical-twin astronauts, Scott Kelly and Mark Kelly. Mark Kelly stayed back on Earth, while his brother, Scott, was on the Space Station for one year.

Interestingly, Scott’s telomeres unexpectedly became longer in space, although 93 percent of them returned to normal after returning to Earth.

What was the difference? Scott ate a healthier diet and exercised more. Mark, here on Earth, did not eat as well, plus he exercised less.

But it proves that we can build and grow strong, powerful, longer telomeres — no matter what we’re up against.

And let’s face it. Our 37 trillion cells can use some help. And so can our telomeres.

But the good news is that our eating habits, how active we are, and what supplements we take can help us maintain longer, healthier — and younger — telomeres.

Here are some diet hacks that, together with Almased, can help you defy aging:

1. Wake Up Rusty Gears 

After years of beating up on our metabolism, it’s become a little sluggish, slowing down the body’s ability to convert food to energy and making it difficult to lose weight.

But good news: In a breakthrough 2020 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers confirmed that people who took Almased experienced:

  • higher thermogenesis, which means more energy expenditure due to increased metabolic activity;
  • better fat oxidation, which means the body burns fat instead of carbs, moving fat out of storage to be used as energy; 
  • lower resistance to weight loss; 
  • fewer cravings between meals; and a
  • decreased tendency to gain fat.

2. Pump Goodness in Your System

One of the unique aspects about Almased is that it also provides bioactive peptides - short chains of amino acids. According to published research, these peptides can help the body tackle environmental chemicals and toxic foods.

3. Reduce Damage to Your Body

Chronic high blood sugar levels brought on by the wrong diet can cause damage to the body and other problems over time. So, without a doubt, moving away from high carb and sugar intake is absolutely necessary for long-term health. 

Almased’s low-glycemic high-protein formula has been shown in scientific studies to support healthy blood sugar levels, helping people regain control of blood sugar.

Plus, anecdotal feedback from frequent Almased users is that Almased helps reduce sugar cravings. Strictly speaking, overcoming sugar obsession is possible with Almased. 

4. Restore Your Body’s Natural Rhythms

Our bodies like to be in “homeostasis,” a state of stable internal conditions. Any monkey wrench in our system can cause our hunger hormones, sleep patterns, and energy levels to go haywire. Luckily, it’s not an expensive fix, but it does take effort.
Using Almased along with an active lifestyle can result in many positive changes. 

First, Almased can help with hunger signals, due to its positive effects on hunger hormones, ghrelin and leptin. 

Second, when consumed closer to bedtime, Almased keeps the body satisfied enough to help you sleep throughout the night (that is if you are not already a sensitive sleeper).
Third, Almased revs up your energy and can keep it safely primed throughout the whole day. The more energy you have, the more motivated you are with exercise and other daily activities. 

5. Clean Out Icky Stuff From Your Diet

We unconsciously have trained ourselves to become accustomed to eating certain foods that harm our bodies, bit by bit, over time.

However, following Almased’s Figure Plan for effective weight loss, you can easily reset your diet, start on a clean slate and not look back.
In the first phase of the Figure Plan, you drink three shakes a day of Almased for 3 to 14 days; as you progress through the phases, you slowly add foods (this time healthy foods) back into your diet. 

Almased is a diet hack that helps us make our health makeover not only easier, but also quicker, so we can find it possible to make our telomeres and our bodies happier as we age gracefully, and gratefully.

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