Blood Glucose: How Diet Affects Blood Sugar Levels

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer


  • Many people with diabetes are not diagnosed until after the damage has been done.
  • The slow metabolism and weight gain that can accompany high blood sugar may seem inevitable, but Almased can help in resolving weight and other health issues.
  • Every bite of food you eat affects your blood sugar levels. So, bite the right foods!
  • You can regain your metabolic flexibility with Almased and burn fat as your primary fuel once again. Also, you may radically decrease your risk of diabetes and its side effects.

This could be the most important wake-up call of your life. Many have no idea what their blood glucose levels are until it’s too late. This is because many are never diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes until they reach a crisis point. By then, a lot of damage may already have been done.

Consistently maintaining above-average blood sugar levels is a major cause of kidney failure, blindness, heart attacks, stroke, and lower limb amputation. Even mild elevation of blood sugar is associated with an elevated risk for dementia. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 2.2 million deaths were attributed to high blood glucose in 2012. About 1.6 million deaths were directly caused by diabetes in 2015. 

We can readily agree that diabetes is a serious disease with high consequences when left untreated. Yet, a healthy diet, regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy body weight are successful methods to prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes.

An imbalance in nutrition can be a nightmare for the body and can cause one’s metabolism to perform slowly or less optimally.

At this point, weight gain seems inevitable.

A slowed metabolism leads to metabolic disorders, such as insulin resistance and diabetes. Therefore, speeding up a faulty metabolism can resolve many health issues. Though we may not be able to control our genetics, we can control how we live and eat.

The Almased Diet Supports and Speeds Up The Metabolism and Promotes a Healthier Life.

Almased also supports healthy blood sugar levels and the breakdown of fat in the body while inhibiting the storage of new fat - and while retaining muscle mass. Almased supports healthy levels of satiety hormones leptin and ghrelin, so hunger and cravings are kept at bay.

But first, what are the symptoms of high blood sugar and how do we determine our current or long-term average glucose level?

Blood Sugar Levels

Let’s start with understanding blood sugar symptoms and precisely what is determined from a blood sugar test.

Common high blood sugar symptoms include excessive urination (polyuria), thirst (polydipsia), constant hunger, weight change, and fatigue. These symptoms may occur suddenly or may be so mild the disease goes unnoticed and not diagnosed until several years after onset - when complications have already arisen.

The average blood sugar level is revealed by a laboratory test measured with a fasting blood specimen. It is called an “A1C” and is the gold standard for judging long-term control with medication. It is not a test for diagnosing diabetes.

A normal A1C level is considered below 6.0%. These laboratory results are accurate but reflect only a person’s overall success; the average over the past 2 to 3 months.

You can also measure your blood sugar at home with test strips and a glucometer. A single drop of blood gives results measured as mg/dL or milligrams per deciliter. This blood sugar measurement accurately represents the amount of sugar being transported in the bloodstream at that moment.

The ideal times for testing are first thing in the morning (fasting) and two hours after eating. As you consume food, blood glucose levels rise within an hour or two. To capture the blood sugar spike - the peak blood glucose level - the American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends testing two hours after a meal and sets a target level of under 180 mg/dL. Your doctor should determine what target is best for you.

Monitoring your blood glucose after meals is helpful because it clearly shows how your body is responding to carbohydrates and particular foods.


Normal Blood Sugar After Meals (or Post-Prandial Blood Sugar)

For a person without diabetes, blood sugars tend to stay between 70 and 100 mg/dL.After a meal, blood sugars can rise to 120 mg/dL and will typically fall back into the normal range within two hours.


Low Blood Sugar: Less than 70 mg/dL

This is hypoglycemia, and when your blood sugars drop below this level, you may begin to feel hunger, shakiness, or racing of the heart. Your body is starved for sugar. The short-term complications are immediate and can lead to coma and even death.


Normal Blood Sugar: 70 mg/dL to 140 mg/dL

In this range, the body is functioning normally. In someone without diabetes, most of the time is spent in the lower half of this range.


Elevated Blood Sugars 140 mg/dL to 180 mg/dL

The body can function relatively normally in this range. However, extended periods of time in this zone put you at risk for long-term complications.


High Blood Sugar: Above 180 mg/dL

At this range, the kidneys are unable to reabsorb all the glucose in your blood, and you begin to spill glucose in your urine. Your body may start to turn to fat for energy and release ketones in your urine.

Best Diet for Diabetics

The long and short of it is that to supply the body with the energy necessary to function, the bloodstream carries glucose (sugar) to all the cells in the body. Since all of the sugar we need comes from the food we eat, the body consistently strives to regulate blood sugar levels so they remain in a useful range; neither too low nor too high.

The more weight you gain, the less sensitive, or more resistant, your body becomes to insulin. So, weight management is crucial for a long and healthy life.

Every Bite of Food You Eat Affects Your Blood Sugar Levels. So, Bite The Right Foods!

Diet should be the first place to look for the prevention and control of high blood sugar. The diabetic-friendly formula of the Almased dietary supplement supports healthy blood sugar levels and helps you lose weight without cravings or hunger.

With the basic diabetic diet, it is recommended to avoid or minimize sweetened beverages and foods that are highly processed, high in carbohydrates, unhealthy fat and low in nutrients. Especially limit foods like cakes or pastries that contain all these three food bombs combined: Flour - Fat - Sugar.

An effective diet to support your blood sugar, insulin levels and end the struggle with those unwanted pounds, is to consume foods that are high in lean protein and fiber, low in carbs and favoring carbs with a low glycemic index; include healthy fats, beans, lentils and legumes, plenty of fresh vegetables and some fruits.

According to the ADA, people with diabetes need to use the same guidelines as those without diabetes if they choose to drink: No more than one to two drinks per day.

However, alcohol does block the production of glucose in the liver so drinking can cause a sudden drop in blood glucose. This is why drinking too much alcohol while having diabetes can be dangerous. “The liver contains ‘emergency stores’ of glucose to raise your blood sugar if it drops too low. Once the liver's stores of glucose are used up, a person who drank a lot of alcohol can't make more glucose right away, and that can lead to dangerously low blood glucose or even death.”

The higher your insulin levels over time, the higher will be your weight gain. Look for ways to manage insulin and blood sugar levels for more effective weight loss. This is where Almased could be your best friend.


Exactly What is Almased and What is The Almased Diet?

Almased began more than 30 years ago in the village of Bienenbüttel, Germany. At the kitchen table of his home, Holistic Therapist Hubertus Trouillé developed a product to reset and biologically improve the metabolism of his patients.

The development of Touillé’s product directly led to faster cell regeneration, increased vitality and many further enhancements all due to improved and more balanced metabolism. Today, this time-tested formula has become Germany’s most popular weight loss product and is still owned and operated by the Trouillé family today.

The Almased Weight Loss Phenomenon™ has brought many weight loss benefits to people worldwide.

Almased is made from non-GMO soy, skim milk cultured yogurt and enzyme-rich honey fermented in a unique proprietary formula. This natural formula is diabetic-friendly with an ideal 2:1 protein and carb ratio with a low glycemic index. Almased helps even those who have had difficulties in the past to finally reach the weight they’ve always wanted.

Dr. Charles Shively of states that ghrelin and leptin are the major players in appetite and diabetes suppression. “Almased has been shown in scientific studies (University of Freiburg, Germany) in a unique Breakfast Study, comparing the use of Almased with traditional food ingestion, to reduced levels of insulin after 4 hours.”

“This was attributed to the reduced release of hormones, ghrelin, and leptin. Hunger pangs were reduced along with the ‘snacking’ desire. Almased was shown to keep one full longer and to optimize the fat-burning process - the primary reason for meal replacement and dieting.”

So, if your first strategy is to regain your metabolic flexibility and be able to burn fat as a primary fuel once again, Almased helps to reduce your insulin resistance and optimize your weight loss and radically decrease your risk of diabetes and the side effects associated with high blood sugar and cardiovascular disease.


People With Diabetes Can Lose Weight With Almased in One of Two Ways: Start with Fasting

Fasting Phase (3 days or up to 14 days): Drink three shakes a day with water and added oil and consume veggies juice daily. Be sure to consult with your physician before starting on any strict weight loss program. If you do not feel comfortable with the fast, you may skip this phase; however, if you can fast, this phase is great for resetting the metabolism and providing better overall outcomes with weight and blood sugar levels.


Onward to Reduction

Reduction Phase (Day 4 or 14 and beyond): Replace breakfast and dinner with an Almased shake and consume one low-carbohydrate lunch consisting of 150-200 g protein, 500 g vegetables and less than 40 g of carbohydrates from grains.

According to research, people with diabetes who self-monitor their blood glucose and are on diabetic medications can gain better glycemic control as well as lose weight following the Almased Diet compared to receiving standard care.

Starting the Almased Diet with a fasting phase can lead to supported healthy blood sugar levels, helping with overall health outcomes. In addition, fasting with the Almased Shake in the first week can help with behavior change and motivation levels.


Below Are Some Inspiring Comments From Our Almased Success Stories:

My name is Justin and I am 39 years old. For 10 years I have been diligently watching my diet and controlling my blood sugar levels. I have been drinking protein shakes for years, but this is the first product I have found that has a low glycemic index and is made from natural ingredients… Almased has dramatically improved my health and diet. - Justin S.

“I’ve never been successful with meal replacements, I always got too hungry and quit. After the first Almased shake, I was amazed at how full I was, and I wasn’t hungry again for 5 hours, and even then, I wasn’t starving. I enjoy trying different flavorings. So far, my favorite is a splash of vanilla and orange extract with a bit of sweetener. Just like a creamsicle!” Marianne G. 

“I have started the 14-day Figure Plan, and love it!!! The Almased keeps me full throughout the day and the 3-day liquid diet really made me feel like a whole new person. I had a ton more energy. I have been using the pumpkin spice (my favorite), unsweetened cocoa powder, as well as 8 oz. black coffee and 4 oz. of almond milk. These recipes have been the staple of my diet. Been on it for just 4 days and lost 5 pounds! So happy I found Almased.” - Theresa B.

It’s not easy to hear that you or someone you love has diabetes. But learning about diabetes is the first positive step toward feeling better and living a longer, healthier life. If you are newly diagnosed with diabetes, consider the free “Living with Type 2 Diabetes program” from the ADA for further information.

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