Lose the Weight that Really Matters!

Written by Jamie, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Even more important than the quantity of the weight you lose on a diet is the quality of that weight. A five-pound loss is great, but if those five pounds are mainly water and/or muscle mass, your euphoria (and results) won’t last long. With the Almased Diet, you will achieve healthy weight loss, get rid of the weight that really matters – and keep it off!

Lose Fat, Not Muscle

A lot of times when we reduce our calorie intake during a diet, the body goes into starvation mode. It hangs on to the fat and instead, we lose muscle mass. Not only is this unhealthy, but it is also almost a guarantee that you will gain the lost weight back once you eat normally again.

One of the unique attributes of Almased is that it helps to keep your metabolism active during the diet and beyond. As a result, the body takes the energy it needs from fat deposits rather than muscle mass. Additionally, the high-quality protein in Almased helps to further preserve your lean muscle. The weight you lose on the Almased Diet is the weight you actually want to lose: FAT! An added bonus: this also helps to avoid the dreaded yo-yo effect after the end of your diet.

Fat vs. Muscle Weight

The success of Almased has been documented in over fifteen years of scientific research at renowned universities.

Unfortunately, too many of us are still slaves to the scale when going on a diet. However, the scale can only tell you how much weight you lost, but not what kind of weight. It’s important to remember that a pound of fat has more volume than a pound of muscle, which is denser. Therefore, you will see a more noticeable change in your physique when you lose fat vs. muscle.

Since weight loss with Almased is fat loss, checking your inches is just as, or even more important to measure the success of the Almased Diet than weighing yourself. This is especially the case if you add exercise to your diet and further strengthen your muscles.

As a matter of fact, if you exercise in addition to the Almased Diet, weight loss on the scale might seem slower, or at times even come to a standstill, but by also measuring your inches, you will see the transformation that Almased is helping you achieve, and stay motivated.

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