You did it … hard work, healthier food choices and more physical activity, and now you’re reached your weight loss goal!

So take those selfies, post about it on Facebook or Instagram; you deserve to be super-proud of your latest accomplishment.

No matter what your latest goal was — to get to your pre-baby weight, to be the weight you were in college, or something else — when you reach it you might wonder, “How can I keep the weight off?” . 

Do you keep eating healthy and exercising but not try to lose weight? Do you keep losing weight? Or are you just not sure?

Weight loss has much more to do with what you eat than how far you run or how tough your workout.

Exercise can indeed help build fat-burning muscle and give you a lithe body - and it's excellent for general fitness. But exercise won’t melt the belly fat as powerfully as the right diet. 

Exercise can even undermine the best intentions by making you hungrier. 

In turn, this can mislead you to think you’ve created a calorie deficit and result in eating more calories than you burned.

Lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits are the real culprits behind belly bulge. Consider taking on some healthier habits into your daily life, which will help you make real strides toward long-lasting body changes.

You may not lose weight fast, but consistency will affect the root cause of overweight issues and actually make significant improvements overall.

If your new dream body is already taking shape in your mind, now is the time for the “big commit.” 

Maybe you’re inspired by an upcoming event that makes it extra important to look your absolute best. Or maybe you’re just fed up with carrying that extra belly fat and you’re hard-core ready to move on!

Whatever the motivation, be glad for it because changing your diet can give you a total reset of your relationship with food and even save your life.  

“Slim down for summertime” is your motivational mantra for this month. Imagine the picnics, barbecues, fireworks – and you in your dream body.

Women intuitively know that one-size-doesn’t-fit-all, and that includes diets, fitness goals, and yes even those old jeans. 

Some may want to trim a few pounds to flatten a bit of belly bulge. Others may be looking to drop 20 to 50 pounds or more for a totally new body.

In fact, there’s a slim-down strategy for every potential beach body, and, in a few short weeks, you can be well on your way to a slimmer summer and your favorite short-shorts, too.


  • A hectic schedule can steal your time and sap your energy. But that isn’t a reason for not doing something you want, especially when upgrading to a healthier diet and enjoying the benefits of weight loss.
  • Here are some apps to help calculate calories, carbs, and nutrition. There are also less ‘techie’ ways to lose weight. These five tips can help you slim down without the gadgets.
  • Almased shakes and smoothies are the best time-savers for super quick weight loss, faster metabolism, and natural relief from hunger. 
  • This “Ideal Diet Guide” has all the details you need to reach your goals – pronto!

Many of us lead busy lives, packed with errands, appointments, going to the gym, going to work, and sometimes just going bonkers!

We might think that adding a new diet strategy is too “weighty” an issue for our to-do list. It does take commitment to switch from our usual eats to a healthier diet, especially at first. 

But once you’ve read this article, you’ll have a better idea of how to drop pounds easier no matter how busy your schedule.