Fitness Tips and Tricks: Summer Weight Loss Program

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer

Is there really a seasonal difference to any weight loss program? First, let’s think about nature’s seasonal bounty.

We’re accustomed to year-round displays of exotic fruits and veggies in the produce section but, not so long-ago such fresh food outside its local growing season was a rare treasure.

Warm weather brings fresh spring greens and an appetite for just-picked fruits, salads, cool foods, iced drinks, and lighter fare.

It’s much the same with activities, too. We look forward to summertime biking, hiking, swimming, and fresh-air barbecues. Now is the ideal time to renew interests in out-of-door pursuits.

If you’re thinking about a weight loss program this season, consider adding Almased’s Green Detox Shake to your diet. It’s a favorite that is both delightful and refreshing. Plus, your body will thank you!

Almased shakes and smoothies are perfect for weight loss because they’re low-glycemic, high protein and made to satisfy your appetite and keep you filled for hours – yet, they don’t weigh you down on those hot summer days. Instead, you can feel comfortable and pleasantly content with any Almased blend, such as the Peach Melba Smoothie or the Alma-Colada.

Best Weight Loss Program for Women

Although a woman’s menstrual cycle doesn’t bring on weight gain in itself, related issues may affect it. A week or two before a cycle, PMS can cause cravings, especially sweets or salty foods. And, though you don’t gain fat, you can put on water weight.

Still, losing weight can be a trial at any age. For women, the years leading to menopause may be the hardest. Hormones control many bodily functions, and due to the aging process, the body becomes less responsive, in turn affecting your metabolism.

Over time, this metabolic decline can lead to unwanted weight gain, but this is not a cringe-worthy event.

The good news is a slow metabolism can be improved. Try training your appetite toward a healthy protein-rich diet, especially one that includes the nutritional supplement Almased.

According to Dr. Charles Shively, Ph.D., RPH, there are two powerful hormones: fat-burning hormone adiponectin and appetite-regulating hormone leptin. And, the key to healthy weight loss is to ensure these hormones are in balance.

One product which offers the necessary levels of twelve essential amino acids to energize the production of adiponectin and leptin in the body is the dietary supplement powder called Almased.

The Almased Weight Loss Phenomenon® helps treat and improve the body’s metabolism naturally. While other supplements suppress appetite, Almased’s unique formula increases the body’s metabolism, maintains muscle mass, and helps the body burn fat more successfully.

When carrying extra belly fat, the tendency may be to ignore thinking about it – at least until you hit the three-way mirrors in the bathing suit dressing room. But losing weight is just part of living a healthier lifestyle.

Try out these weight loss success tips:

Stay hydrated. Drink more water, especially in hot weather and while exercising.

Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals may slow down your metabolism; you’ll burn fewer calories, and gain a desire to eat more. Instead of doing without, replace a meal with Almased.

Favor high fiber foods. Fill up on your fruits and veggies before eating the rest of your meal. Whole Grains like quinoa, bulgur, or buckwheat are filling but also great when chilled and will make any salad extra.

Try new summertime foods and recipes. Beans and lentils are super good protein sources with the added benefit of fiber. Let your creative side dish up unique recipes for a bean salad or cold gazpacho soup. Then, barbecue your tofu and dip into some hummus with crisp veggie sticks.

Know the Almased healthy food choices. Focus on the array of foods that you can add to your diet, rather than those foods you take away. The low-glycemic diet is summertime easy. Think of a green salad with a few walnuts and mixed fresh berries, a slab of whole-wheat bread, with iced-tea or coffee.

Work with an Almased Professional. If you’re looking for real hands-on guidance with your diet, meet the experts from Almased. Their nutrition support team and registered dietitian are happy to help support your goals. Contact us at

Almased – The Ideal Weight Loss Program

First, determine what changes you are realistically willing to make and how much you are willing to do to lose weight.

Most people need a weight loss plan that will fit into their lives. Women still have work plus housework, raising children, shopping for groceries, and cooking. It’s a millennious life out there!

Be honest, if you don’t have time for elaborate diets or excessive workouts, try to find a way to work around it.

The secret is to turn an easy diet pattern into a lifestyle habit, and that is where the gift of Almased along with a low-glycemic diet,  makes it all work to your advantage.

Almased is the perfect low-glycemic high protein diet, and summer is a great time to jumpstart rapid weight loss with the Almased’s Bikini-Emergency-Plan. It is a low-calorie diet, but you don’t have to do any of the counting. It couldn’t be easier!

Also, you can ease more slowly into phase 2 or 3 of the Almased Figure Plan by merely replacing one or two meals daily with an icy cold shake. And don’t be afraid of gaining back the belly fat. Adding just one Almased shake a day in addition to your regular three meals can turn your weight maintenance efforts into a rock-solid reality.

Almased helps you transition at your own pace while keeping your appetite satisfied. It is not difficult or time-consuming, and life is so much happier when you lose excess flab without going hungry!

You’ll get in great shape, lose fat, not muscle, and make lifestyle changes that will last through all the seasons of your life.

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