Fasting Diet: How to lose weight fast with Almased

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer


There are many good reasons to fast and many fasting plans from which to choose. Which is right for you?

The daunting thought of unrelenting hunger is one reason some people are reluctant to try fasting.

The Almased Weight Loss Phenomenon offers a limited fast for rapid yet safe weight loss and weight management that keeps you full for hours, supports metabolism, and maintains healthy blood sugar and energy levels.

There are so many good reasons to fast. Abstaining from all or some kinds of food or drink has long been used as a cultural devotion or religious observance, possibly originating as a way of coping with food insecurity during times of food scarcity.

The fasting diet has now become a favorite tool for rapid weight loss, weight management, and improved health. The reasons we may want quick weight loss are varied. Some are,

  • Inflammatory and cleansing benefits of detoxification
  • Resting the digestive system
  • Resetting hunger signals
  • Acute health conditions, including pre-surgical weight requirements
  • Fine-tuning of appearance – for prominent occasions

When considering how to fast, you’ll soon find that not all regimens are created equal. Some fasts exclude all food while others allow certain foods in limited quantities or certain low-calorie foods, in unlimited amounts.

Liquid fasts prohibit all solid food but permit certain beverages such as high-protein drinks, fruit or vegetable juices, or perhaps broths and teas.

All fasts should encourage drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated while flushing out toxins and are set for a pre-designated time limit.

Which fasting plan is best for you?

Best diet program to lose weight fast

The best diet to lose weight fast is likely to include some amount of fasting. The science behind fasting shows that quick weight loss at the start of a diet is best for good results.

Above all, choose a diet program you can believe in wholeheartedly because once you decide to go forward, you want to go with confidence. If doubts crop up, it’s too easy to abandon good intentions.

The Almased Diet is the preferred choice because of proven scientific research that demonstrates successful results. It's also motivating to know many Almased users have succeeded in their weight loss goals and went on to keep the weight off.

Losing the weight and keeping it off is the win-win reward you’re looking for.

Other fasting programs can backfire after the weight is lost. If you are consuming less than needed to lose weight, the body slows down your metabolism to conserve energy. Once the fast is over, your appetite can soar, and you may feel hungrier than ever and be likely to overeat - again.

Not so with the Almased Plan! Almased stays with you for a lifetime of successful weight management, improved health and well-being.

Almased is your most potent weapon against weight regain and the yo-yo diet effect.

Although using Almased will continue to curb your appetite and pump your metabolism when the fast is over, you don’t want to return to old eating habits that created unwanted conditions in the first place.

So, step 1 of any fast should begin with preparing to bring healthier foods that you love into your new life.

Empty the junk foods from your cupboards and write out a new shopping list. Keep healthy foods readily available, shun sugary beverages, and processed foods in favor of whole food sources.

Stock up on your favorite spices, extracts, and flavorings to blend with your Almased shakes. Everything from cinnamon to peppermint goes – for ideas, look to our smoothie recipes. The visual inspiration will show you why fasting is more fun with Almased.

The Almased Diet Plan

Part of the Almased Diet Plan includes a modified, liquid fast that is unlike others. On the Almased diet, you are fasting and eating for health, and you won't go hungry!

For a time, you go without food but never without nourishment. Almased shakes help control appetite by balancing the hunger hormones, leptin and ghrelin, giving you feelings of satiety for hours – with no stimulants!

No worries about the discomfort of cravings with Almased!

The Almased meal replacement is supported by over 30 years of global research and experience. In addition to aiding in weight loss by promoting metabolism and the breakdown of fat, Almased supports the retention of muscle mass and works with the gut microbiome to support immune system health.

The Almased Shake - The True Superstar

Almased powder is blended with 10-12 ounces of water and 1-2 teaspoons of either olive, flaxseed, or walnut oil.

Because the Almased shakes are neutral-tasting, you can enjoy them plain, or flavor them to your taste with cinnamon, instant coffee powder (or cold coffee instead of water), a dash of unsweetened cocoa or a few drops of your favorite baking extracts, like vanilla, coconut or lemon.

The Almased Fast consists of three shakes per day and plenty of water, herbal tea, vegetable broth or juice. Coffee and tea are allowed but limit yourself to no more than 2 cups of coffee or tea per day.

There are no complicated recipes, no counting calories, no distractions. The Almased fast is as easy as it is effective!

We call this the Bikini-Emergency-Plan because it’s designed for the most rapid weight loss – no bikini needed!

You can continue the Almased fast having three meal replacement shakes every day, for three days or up to two weeks. After the fast, you can keep using the shakes as part of the Almased Figure Plan. It is essential to introduce food back into the body slowly after a period of fasting with no solid food. The Almased reduction phase in the Figure Plan helps the body ease back into a regular diet and at the same time, continue to lose weight.

Start with Fasting – The Bikini-Emergency-Plan

Fasting Phase: Drink three shakes a day made with water and added oil. Consume veggie juice or broth daily. Coffee and tea are allowed and be sure to drink plenty of water.

Onward to Reduction Phase of the Figure Plan

Reduction Phase: Drink two shakes a day, replacing breakfast and dinner with an Almased shake and eating one solid, healthy meal for lunch. You can add a small amount of low-glycemic fruits, such as berries mixed into your shakes or served with your meal.

Continue to Stability and Life Phase

Eat a solid, healthy meal for breakfast and lunch and drink an Almased for dinner. You will continue to lose weight but at a slower pace.

After that, return to eating three healthy meals a day and add 1 Almased shake as a nutritional supplement for weight management. You can begin using almond milk or skim milk and occasionally some other fruit recipes.

In one Almased study, we’ve seen that fasting with Almased yields healthier blood sugar and more significant weight loss compared to those who skipped the Almased fast. So, if possible, Almased strongly recommends starting the Almased diet with the fasting phase.

Lastly, a note from success story Deborah B., who achieved her rapid weight loss goal using the Almased Bikini-Emergency-Plan.

I am 52 years old, and my weight had gotten out of hand. I fasted for two weeks (Almased mixed with water), felt satisfied and full, and lost twelve pounds!

In the last two years, I lost over 50 pounds and went from a size 18 down to a size 10. I feel great! To this day, I drink Almased once a day.

With the support of Almased, you will not only lose more weight than with any other diet but also feel healthy and revitalized.

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