You've Met Your Weight Loss Goal: What Now?

Written by Jamie, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

You did it … hard work, healthier food choices and more physical activity, and now you’re reached your weight loss goal!

So take those selfies, post about it on Facebook or Instagram; you deserve to be super-proud of your latest accomplishment.

No matter what your latest goal was — to get to your pre-baby weight, to be the weight you were in college, or something else — when you reach it you might wonder, “How can I keep the weight off?” . 

Do you keep eating healthy and exercising but not try to lose weight? Do you keep losing weight? Or are you just not sure?

Yes, you want keep eating healthy, but whether you keep trying to lose weight depends on what you’re ultimately trying to achieve, and is it realistic? 

You’ve already gone through those “how to lose weight and keep it off” struggles. But it’s important that, after losing weight, keeping weight off should be sustainable, not starvation-based or something that feels like deprivation or a punishment.

At the end of the day, your life should not be about losing but should, instead, be about gaining: gaining better health, gaining a new sense of pride, building a better relationship with food, gaining an appreciation for what you are achieving, and why.

Here’s how Almased can help you maintain your health goals as it is a unique lower-carb high-protein weight-loss shake that floods your body with protein, amino acids and key nutrients. 

More on Almased as part of your best diet for weight loss, and more, below …

So Can I Go Back to Eating Unhealthy Stuff?

Does that mean I can start eating French fries again or have that second glass of wine?

We all cheat occasionally or indulge occasionally, but if the “reward” food and beverage choices are the dietary reasons we gained weight to begin with, it’s probably best we keep those treats to sometimes or every now and then, rather than regular things.

So don’t think of your new eating and health plan as a “diet,” think of it as a new way of living.

Almased — A Core Part of Your New Way of Living

If you’re familiar with Almased, skip to the next section. Otherwise, keep reading because there’s some facts you’ll want to know! 

Crafted with only three primary ingredients — non-GMO soy, honey and yogurt — Almased nourishes the body at a cellular level to help boost metabolism and support fat-burn.

In fact, it features 27 grams of protein in a natural low-glycemic formula that comes in a powder for super-easy mixing into shakes and smoothies.

It's easy to drink Almased shakes in place of 1, 2 or 3 meals daily. Or just use Almased as an occasional healthy snack to hold on to your hard-earned weight loss success.

Eating well doesn't have to be difficult. Good nutrition and easy weight management are real, and you can get them with the Almased diet program.

Plus our Figure Plan Plus is Almased’s foolproof 4-phase diet plan that can help you achieve your health goals, whether your target is to drop inches, retain muscle or improve wellness.

You’ve Met Weight, Now What to Do Next?

Congratulations! You can now begin the maintenance phases of the Almased Figure Plan, Phases 3 and 4! 

Phase 3 - Stability Phase

You can start on Phase 3, also called the Stability Phase, after you reach your goal weight. This phase calls for one shake and two healthy solid meals per day. This phase provides your metabolism with continual support at a level where fat is reliably and actively burned.  

For several weeks, have one Almased in place of any meal. However, for best results we recommend having your shake in the evening since we want to avoid a lot of carbs late in the day.

Phase 4 - Life Phase

You can begin Phase 4, also called the Life Phase, after your weight is stable. 

This is the most flexible of all the phases, since it calls for eating three solid meals a day, only adding one Almased shake as a snack or part of a meal in order to keep your metabolism active.

If our weight stays on track, you can follow your newfound lifestyle independent of Almased! However, if you find yourself returning to old diet habits or your weight is ever thrown off course, you can always go back to this phase and continue on it indefinitely, or for life! 

For many people, Almased’s shakes are at the heart of both rapid (and safe) weight loss and long-term weight management. 

And Almased is there for you, every step of the way, as you keep pushing yourself, keep striving and keep achieving.

Keep Pushing Yourself!

It’s much better for everyone when they’re in the process of achieving something, not just resting on their well-earned laurels for something they already achieved.

It’s very important to keep working towards an objective. We are never really “done,” or at least we actually may not want to be. 

In fact, it’s possible that we look better to ourselves at a higher weight than we were originally shooting for because our new muscle tone or better curves are something we feel good about now.

Either way though, as humans we are our best selves when we’re moving forward, when we’re improving ourselves; it’s just the way we’re wired.

There’s always that next hill, that next goal, that next achievement to keep us always striving, always trying, always doing.

And we don’t have to make improved muscle tone or fat loss or better health about simply losing weight. We can make what we do achievement-based. 

Instead of saying, “I’m eating this to cut my belly fat” we can say, “I’m eating this so I’ll be able to get into that outfit I really like.” Or “I’m eating this so I can play soccer with my friends.”

Plus, our definition of success can be about more than low carb or moderate-carb weight loss. 

It can also be about improved energy, better metabolism, more confidence, a new simpler diet, keeping your new weight stable, or just feeling better overall.

Almased is in your corner always, since it’s part of a simple, easy-to-follow way of eating that can help you reach all your goals!

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