Before-and-After Weight Loss: I Just Had A Baby, Can I Lose Weight?

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer

You just had your baby, and emotions are running high. The arrival of your newborn brings overwhelming joy. Yet your feelings may also be mixed when dealing with body changes. 

But, oh yes, you can lose that baby weight.

Most women lose half of their baby weight six weeks postpartum. You can figure on returning to your pre-pregnancy weight between 6 to 8 months after delivery. 

But, did you know that by baby’s first birthday, 25 percent of new mothers are still holding on to excess postpartum weight gain?

If you're a new mom and eager to get out of those stretched-out elastic waistbands and feel slim again, read on. 

There is a smart way to safely lose weight, keep your energy levels up, and promote lifelong good health. 

(For continued motivation, take some before-and-after weight loss pictures.)


Weight Loss: Before and After 

According to The U.S. National Library of Medicine, weight loss of about 10 to 15 pounds takes care of itself by one week after delivery. 

At this point, your body needs TLC as much as your new baby, so rest well and be kind to yourself, too. Before making any dietary changes, wait for your 6-week check-up to get an all-clear from your doctor. 

Breastfeeding women will lose weight naturally as breastfeeding can burn 500 calories per day. So, losing weight or undertaking extreme diets is not necessary as it can also affect milk supply and be a detriment to baby’s health. 

DO NOT go on a fast crash diet (not eating enough). You may lose pounds,  but mostly fluids at first, and the weight will come back. Other pounds lost may be muscle instead of fat.

Meanwhile, adopting the following eating tips while pregnant goes a long way toward establishing healthy lifestyle habits for both baby and mom.


  • Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day with healthy snacks in between. Get healthy calories from vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean protein.
  • As a new mom, it’s tempting to multitask, but if you focus on your meal you’ll be less likely to overeat and more likely to notice when you’re full. 
  • Make sure to eat nutrient-dense foods, including fruit, vegetables, beans, and nuts. Especially avoid "empty" calories or extra desserts. 
  • When snacking, try to include foods with fiber and protein to help keep you full—such as raw bell pepper or carrot with bean dip, apple slices with peanut butter, or a slice of whole-wheat toast with a hard-boiled egg.

  • Drink plenty of fluids. Keep a water bottle near the spot where you usually feed your baby as a reminder to drink when they do.
  • Limit beverages like sodas, juices, and other fluids with added sugar and calories. Also, avoid products with artificial sweeteners.
  • Choose whole fruit over fruit juice. The whole fruit gives you nutrients and contains more fiber, which helps you feel full on fewer calories.
  • Choose broiled, steamed or baked rather than fried foods. 
  • Avoid trans fats and processed foods. 


Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Fat stored during pregnancy won't disappear on its own. But, if you’ve practiced healthy eating habits before, losing weight after pregnancy won’t take very long. 

When you’re ready to diet, aim for a weight loss of about a pound a week.


New moms are certainly more active. Here’s one fantastic eating strategy that’s easy to incorporate into your already full schedule.

Simply drink a nutritional protein shake as a snack or a meal replacement. It’s easy to make, no cooking needed. But, not just any protein shake will do. Your healthy shake should offer a top-quality source of protein and supply vitamins and minerals, too.

Almased’s unique multi-protein formula is created from different sources to fit the amino acid profile that people need for optimal health.

The bioavailability of amino acids and bioactive peptides (such as lunasin) is increased by Almased’s unique fermentation process using active enzymes from natural sources. 


Almased uses the science of being full on fewer calories to blast away at belly fat. Almased’s healthy levels of the satiety hormones leptin and ghrelin allow the body to bypass hunger and craving cues.

Almased is a low-glycemic high-protein (LGHP) food supplement that supports healthy blood sugar levels and the breakdown of fat in the body while discouraging the storage of new fat all while helping us hold on to muscle mass. 

It is important to eat balanced meals. And if meals are not quite balanced, Almased is a nutritional supplement that can be a complement to a healthy diet for new moms.


During pregnancy and while breastfeeding weight loss is not recommended. However, it is a great time to use Almased shakes daily as a supplemental snack for supportive nutrition. It’s easy to drink Almased shake recipes every day. They’re delicious and there's so many to choose from.

For new mothers who are not breastfeeding, dieting gradually may be preferred over extreme dieting as it will allow the body’s skin elasticity more time to bounce back. To diet gradually, replace just one of your high-calorie meals with low-calorie protein-rich Almased.  

When you’re ready, the Almased Figure Plan is your own guide to safe weight-loss and wellness and is jam-packed with tools and tips to help you on your weight journey, whatever your goal. 


Janine M. is one of many Almased Success Stories. When she followed Almased’s Figure Plan after her pregnancy, she wrote to say: “What a great way to lose weight!”

“I was always a size eight and a woman who loved to dress up. After the birth of my third child, this was no longer reality. 

I wanted to be the size I used to be, but nothing helped. No matter which diet I tried, no matter how often I went to the gym. Considering my age, it was twice as hard.



In a heartbeat, I lost 18 pounds by adding Almased to my daily eating plan. What a great way to lose weight! 

I recommend Almased to everybody who wants to lose weight in a healthy manner and most of all, keep it off.”  Janine M. Almased Success Story

If you feel your extra baby fat may be holding you back, you’re ready for a change. 

Think of how you’ll feel when you reach your pre-baby weight as a stronger, more confident mom.

Life is about choices.


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