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Finding 'Me Time' to Lose Weight When Life Gets Busy

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer


  • A hectic schedule can steal your time and sap your energy. But that isn’t a reason for not doing something you want, especially when upgrading to a healthier diet and enjoying the benefits of weight loss.
  • Here are some apps to help calculate calories, carbs, and nutrition. There are also less ‘techie’ ways to lose weight. These five tips can help you slim down without the gadgets.
  • Almased shakes and smoothies are the best time-savers for super quick weight loss, faster metabolism, and natural relief from hunger. 
  • This “Ideal Diet Guide” has all the details you need to reach your goals – pronto!

Many of us lead busy lives, packed with errands, appointments, going to the gym, going to work, and sometimes just going bonkers!

We might think that adding a new diet strategy is too “weighty” an issue for our to-do list. It does take commitment to switch from our usual eats to a healthier diet, especially at first. 

But once you’ve read this article, you’ll have a better idea of how to drop pounds easier no matter how busy your schedule. 

Best Way to Lose Weight

Do you know how many calories you should eat in a day to lose weight?

Generally speaking, an average man or woman needs about 1,500–2,000 calories per day to lose one pound of weight each week, and 2,000–2,500 daily calories to maintain it. 

This weight calculator computes your ideal body weight based on height, sex, and age. If you’re new to dieting, there are some great apps that help count calories, carbs, and fat – and can even scan barcodes to add nutritional facts. Here’s a handy one from Google called “My Fitness Pal”.

If you’ve dieted before, you can probably identify foods that are higher or lower in calories and carbs. 

But if you’ve already dieted for weight loss, why do you need to diet again? Now that’s a question worth asking.

Could you be on a never-ending treadmill of yo-yo dieting? Yo-yo dieting, also called "weight cycling," is a pattern of losing weight, regaining it, and then dieting again.

It's a dietary treadmill that makes weight go up and down like a yo-yo. In point of fact, this sort of dieting is pretty common — 10 percent of men and 30 percent of women have been there.

That’s the after-diet loop caused by returning to your old eating habits, which was the source of overweight to begin with. 

The real solution for losing weight and staying there, ought to include a real change in eating habits. Anything else is a band-aid fix and that’s not much of a solution at all.

The good news – there is a way to fit new healthy hacks into your life with as little disruption as possible. You can change a little or a lot and go, but it all depends on your goals.

What matters most is the end goal of establishing new healthier habits that last for the long-term. And grabbing some “me” time for an extra spa day! 

Start with these 5 time-saving tips.

1. Remove added sugars and sugary beverages from your menu. This takes no time at all and helps you lose weight without feeling so hungry.

However, beware of artificial sugars, as they’ve been shown to increase both appetite and weight. Check out “Not All Sugar is Bad for You” to get the full scoop on sweetness.

2. Transition to healthy whole-food carb sources like whole grains and vegetables. Choose from foods like quinoa, oatmeal, brown rice, high-fiber cereal, whole-grain or sprouted-grain bread, and veggies galore. 

All the above are available in “instant,” or ready-to-go form, so you don’t need to spend extra time cooking if you don’t enjoy it. The more you stick to healthier food, the sooner you’ll prefer it.

Reach for your sweets in the form of whole fruit. Choose a whole orange rather than orange juice. Berries are a metabolic-health superfood because they’re loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, plus they’re low-glycemic.

Foods with a low GI cause blood sugar levels to rise gradually, not quickly, after eating them. GI values of less than 55 are considered low.

Almased is the low-glycemic (27) high-protein (LGHP) nutritional shake that can replace an entire meal or be taken as a handy snack. This is a big time-saver and comes with the extra perk of jazzing up metabolism and keeping you full for hours.

3. Put your exercise on a budget. It’s true that exercise is great for fitness, but it won’t burn off the belly fat. Fix the diet first, then go for more gym time if you like. 

There are some stealthy ways to slip some activity into your day.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park farther from your destination. Squeeze in a 10-minute walk at lunchtime. It’s all about sneaking in exercise in a way that doesn’t feel like it.

4. Eat smaller portions. Really? Well, yes and no. If you keep eating the same foods, then yes. Choosing healthier low-glycemic foods, then no need to have just a morsel. 

The choice is yours. Can you eat just half of a hot fudge sundae, leave the other half behind, and teach your body to stop craving it, too?

Nutritional density vs calorie density.

The idea of nutritional density underpins the Almased Figure Plan Plus, and it’s the reason why you can actually eat more while consuming fewer calories.

Natural portioning occurs automatically when you make friends with a higher-fiber, LGHP eating strategy

Don’t think you can’t enjoy your backyard barbecue this holiday. There are always special occasions that are worthy of a splurge, and you can do it guilt-free once you’re at your ideal weight. 

Almased keeps your size in line because you can always go back to drinking a shake or two a day, as needed. 

5. Don’t skip meals or go hungry. Life may get kooky, but don’t let an erratic eating pattern work against you. Make the time for three meals a day plus a snack or two.

Did you know that going too long without recharging can slow down metabolism and affect hormone and insulin levels? You’re also more apt to settle for less healthy food choices when you finally do sit down to eat. 

Remember to rely on Almased, too. These shakes are nutritious enough to substitute for an entire meal, and they wipe out cravings. When schedules get messy, there’s nothing easier than a delicious Almased shake.

The Fastest Way to Lose Weight with a Busy Schedule

Without a doubt, the Almased Figure Plan Plus is your best diet to lose weight fast and keep it off for good! Don’t waste all your effort (and time) returning to the pound-watching and fast-slimming diet scene again and again.

What could be an easier way to lose belly fat and maintain your dream body than by drinking an Almased shake or smoothie every day? Who wouldn’t want to?

If you’re in a hurry, fast-track your success by going straight to Almased’s Bikini-Emergency-Plan – where fasting just got more fun. This liquid fast replaces all 3 meals with Almased shakes. 

You can jumpstart weight loss with this plan for 3 to 14 days (if needed), and you’ll be able to do it because your appetite goes down, energy levels soar and vibrant feelings of general wellness can motivate you to keep going.

Metabolism matters!

Feel good knowing that scientific research backs this up. Studies from the University of Edmonton, Canada, show that Almased even increases the basal metabolic rate for average-weight people if it’s taken regularly from the first day on.

Results show significantly lower levels of the appetite-regulating hormone ghrelin after 2 hours of using Almased, and the satiety-related protein PYY trends higher. This combination supports weight loss efforts by helping to reduce those cravings.

Research is backed up by the positive outcomes of so many happy Almased users. You can read their success stories here

“I still have so much energy and my metabolism seems to be keeping up to speed! More than two years later, and I’ve kept the weight off. Thanks, Almased for a great product, which made it easy for me to maintain weight and continue to keep feeling younger and healthier!” – Harriet C.

“I was struggling with my weight for years. I gave Almased a try and it worked! Almased has become a part of my life and I still enjoy a shake as a meal or supplement almost daily.” – Penny C.

The big picture, and all the details for everything you need to know about weight loss with Almased, can be found in this ideal diet guide.

Don’t let a too-full schedule make you question your weight-loss motivation. 

Take time to remember the inspiration that began your new journey, and how much better you feel when you eat healthily. 

Almased is your call to action - changing the way you live, the way you look and how you feel! 

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