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Your Weight Loss Game Plan: Plus 5 Tips for Healthy Holiday Season

Written by Jamie, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Fall is well underway and the holidays are fast approaching! 

And while we all know that holidays can be a wonderful time for big family meals and re-connecting, we also know that it can be a very stressful time. 

Stress makes us overeat, exercise less and can fuel feelings of depression.

Stresses can be in many different areas — from tension-filled interactions with our least favorite cousin or uncle all the way to pressures around food. Not wanting to offend our hosts by not overeating is just one of those pressures.

And that’s before we even dig into our Thanksgiving dinner, which averages 3,000 calories! But nobody wants to cut out all of our favorite holiday foods and concoctions — just some of it, and small portions of everything else.

After all the effort we put into losing weight, the last thing we want to do is to sabotage our goals. 

So, what can we do to prevent weight gain? Here are five proven ways to maintain a healthy diet during the holidays. 

1. Shake things up ahead of time. Before heading to a lunch or dinner party, drink an Almased shake earlier that day. Almased shakes are only 180 calories, so drinking the shakes can help keep your total net calories down and still allow you to enjoy food with company. 

You can also feel good knowing that you’re keeping your metabolism up to speed. Scientists at the University of Edmonton discovered that Almased optimizes metabolism and increases fat burning, meaning it can help sustain your health.

2. Double fisting drinks. With an Almased shake in one hand and a mocktail in another, drinking half a shake of Almased at a dinner party not only can help keep your portions down but can also keep you from circling the dessert table. 

Almased shakes are filling and keep cravings at bay, so you’re not reaching for seconds. Research shows that Almased keeps ghrelin levels low, which helps to reduce appetite, for 4-6 hours after a shake. Almased also helps boost adiponectin levels, which helps to elevate our metabolism and stimulate weight loss. 

3. Revert back to the Almased diet asap. Despite how much you may have planned to eat sensibly, sometimes holiday temptations are so strong that you cave into eating more than what you intended! 

Instead of feeling guilt-ridden with eater’s remorse, take action with a fallback plan. For instance, immediately at your next meal, drink a shake of Almased. Or after a few days of unhealthy eating in a row, restart the Almased Figure Plan so you can get back to healthy eating. 

4. Stick to your diet. If you’ve decided that no matter where you’ll be for the holidays, you’ll stick to the Almased Diet, then you might want to consider this: 1. Bring an Almased single-serve packet along with a blender bottle. So, you can have an Almased shake wherever you are. 2. Just for the day, alternate meals and shakes. In case you may want to eat a meal instead of breaking your diet, switch your dinner shake for lunch and enjoy the holiday meal. Then, after the holidays, return to your day-to-day routine to lose weight.

5. Do the Almased 14-Day Fast. Okay, you had good intentions, but you couldn’t resist temptation and binged during the holidays, totally blowing your diet while gaining weight and adding inches. 

Not to worry, the Almased 14-Day Fast can help get rid of those pounds and inches in short order. The 14-day fast with Almased is a structured diet plan that can help you lose up to 10-15 lbs. Try fasting with Almased 14 days in advance of a holiday celebration or event.

Our holiday game plan tip: Play offense for weight loss and defense for weight gain using Almased. Try any one or combination of our tactics to help you stay on track with your weight loss goal, prevent further weight gain, and restore energy with a post-holiday detox.

Want to know more about the science and unique benefits of Almased?

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