Adiponectin: How This Fat Cell Hormone Can Affect Weight Loss

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer

Weight loss can be really tricky, especially if your hunger hankerings outpace your nutritional needs.

How do hormone levels affect your appetite, and how does the hormone adiponectin affect weight loss?

According to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, it’s known that the hormone leptin can help with weight loss by reducing our appetite.

But another fat hormone, adiponectin, can stimulate weight loss by raising the metabolic rate without affecting appetite. 

Adiponectin also has anti-inflammatory effects and has been shown to help reverse insulin resistance (type 2 diabetes). 

Just like leptin, tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-ɑ), plaminogen-activator inhibitor type 1 (PAI-1) and adipsin, adiponectin is also released by fat (adipose) tissue.

The body uses adiponectin to regulate the metabolism of sugar and fat, for both energy and weight loss. 

However, low levels of adiponectin are associated with obesity. Even though adiponectin is produced by fat cells, obese people generally have much lower levels of adiponectin than do lean people.

Adiponectin Function

Boost Your “I Feel Full” Hormones

Satiety hormones—hormones that tell our brain that we’re full—include insulin, adiponectin and leptin. 

How to increase adiponectin levels and enhance metabolism? Through improved nutrition.

The Rights Stuff? Switch to Whole Foods and Whole Grains.

The more you eat healthy foods, the more you come to enjoy them. 

Whenever possible, choose lean meats, fish, or plant sources for protein, lots of veggies, fiber and healthy fats, low-glycemic carbohydrates, and some complex carbs, too. 

Fiber alone reduces the glycemic impact of meals by stabilizing glucose levels and improving insulin sensitivity. Adding fiber to meals increases adiponectin levels by as much as 115 percent! 

Protein boosts hormones that work to burn fat and help control appetite by making us feel full. 

In addition, the building blocks of protein, essential amino acids, must be present in order for the body to absorb nutrients from food.

More on this on.

Avoid the wrong stuff. Read nutrition labels to make wise choices.

Limit your salt and sugar, skip deep-fried foods altogether, and kick the junk food habit. Cut out (or at least cut down) on processed foods. 

Timesavers like frozen veggies and dried or canned lentils and beans are fine. 

But watch out for those “convenience” foods and boxed meals that come loaded with trans fats, artificial ingredients, and hidden sources of sugar.

Adiponectin Supplement

Recent research studies have shown one dietary supplement for weight loss and meal replacement—one with vital amino acids—can help the body ensure that we have high adiponectin levels when we need it.

This is critical because if we are getting enough high-quality protein and amino acids through diet and supplementation, we decrease our hunger hormones and increase hormones that make us feel full, just one of the ways to tackle obesity.

Fortunately, we get the optimal protein support that we need with low-glycemic, high protein (LGHP) formula, known as the Almased Weight Loss Phenomenon™

Almased comes to us from Germany, where it was developed more than 30 years ago, and it supports burning more fat than other popular diets. 

It is also scientifically proven that Almased supports healthy blood-sugar levels and appetite-regulating hormones.

One key to healthy weight loss is to ensure the hormones adiponectin and leptin are in balance. 

According to Dr. Charles Shively, Almased has a synergistic effect with the hormone leptin, which teaches the brain to "hunger relax."

Living the good life means savoring good food, and that all begins with Almased. Almased’s formula is perfectly balanced, with 27 grams of essential amino acids to energize the body’s natural production of adiponectin and leptin in the body. 

Seriously – Almased has it all. 

Check out the 4 phases of their Figure Plan to see how you can try out and savor in every Almased shake recipes while, at the same time, helping the body to hand excess fat its walking papers!

Slim down with Almased, but don’t give up taste!

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