3 Simple Steps to Guilt-free Holidays with Almased

from Jamie Luu, RDN, LDN , Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist

Nobody wants to diet during the holidays, and we don’t blame you. It’s the time to enjoy the delicious food served at family gatherings, company parties, and other events. But while you might postpone your weight loss plans until the 1st of the year, Almased can still help you manage your weight during the upcoming holiday feasts.

1. Start your day off right

Replace your breakfast with an Almased shake. This will kickstart your metabolism and give you energy to get through the often hectic holiday season. It will also help to keep your overall calorie intake balanced when you indulge in higher calorie meals and snacks during the rest of the day. Almased is quickly and easily prepared so you can get your day off to a stress-free and satisfying start.

2. Keep it nutritious

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Holiday meals, cookies, etc. are delicious, but often not very nutritious. However, especially during stressful times (in many regions accompanied by colder weather), it is important to give the body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and function at an optimal level. Almased’s nutrient-dense formula provides vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential amino acids in one simple shake. Plus, its high-quality protein not only helps to retain your muscle but also keeps you full and satisfied for hours.


3. Swap-a-snack

We’re not asking you to give up all the delicious treats the holidays have to offer, but every once in a while, consider one of our delicious holiday smoothies as a healthy alternative. They give you all the benefits of Almased and taste like dessert in a glass. And since Almased helps to keep the blood sugar balanced, these delicious shakes will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also help to curb future cravings. Keep in mind that these shakes are slightly higher in calories than our classic Almased shake, which is always the preferred choice for weight loss. But we’re not talking about that until 2018! View our holiday smoothies here.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from your Team Almased!



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