The Origin of Almased: A Founder’s Story

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer

Almased’s story began more than 30 years ago in the quaint town of Bienenbüttel, Germany.

Holistic therapist Hubertus Trouillé was a man with a passion for holistic science. He was inspired by a dream to help his patients optimize their slow metabolism, combat diabetes and fight heart-related diseases (metabolic syndrome). 

Before his training to become a naturopath, Trouillé worked to formulate a product that would improve the body’s metabolic functions in a natural, healthy way.

The search was on for the best natural raw materials, such as non-GMO plant protein which packs a clean punch and is low in allergens.

Some raw milk protein was needed, but it also had to be low in milk sugar (hence the fully cultured yogurt). By adding raw unprocessed honey full of living enzymes – the dream began to show its true potential.

Together with his son André, Trouillé developed this mixture of nutrients based on soy, yogurt, and honey until he had perfected the unique fermentation process. After self-testing, he administered the mixture to his patients.

Surprising results


Much to his surprise, Mr. Trouillé had not only developed a formula to support the metabolic function but an amazing product that supports easy weight loss.

Activating the metabolism in overweight patients automatically produced the reduction of unhealthy body fat. And from this, a star was born - The Almased Weight Loss Phenomenon™.

The greater challenge became the production procedures to keep the live enzymes in the raw honey and yogurt culture to stay active and full of vibrant health, while still within the container.

Almased's processing is very different from the standard methods used in the industry. This proprietary method is admittedly expensive, but as Andre Trouillé says, “that is what it takes to do the job while adhering to natural, holistic values.”

Did you know that even after the Almased canister is sealed, fermentation continues? This is how Almased remains an active, living food that supports the body in so many different ways.

German law only allows claims which have been scientifically proven. So, Almased’s first of many international university studies soon began.

Those results led to another study by Daniel König, M.D., University of Freiburg, Germany, who found that liver health can be improved within three weeks by using Almased.

Andre Trouille knew the value of their new product. Yet, he speaks of how he was at first surprised by the interest shown by doctors and universities all over the world. Still, positive results continued to bring attention. 

There were multi-international studies that followed, completed in India, Brazil, USA, Germany, and England. The results supported the fact that Almased supports healthy blood sugar levels and weight loss. 

Some years later, Dr. Stephan Martin from Dusseldorf, Germany, twice presented Almased’s outstanding results supporting Almased’s positive effects on blood sugar management at the annual American Diabetes Association (ADA) conferences.

Dr. Martin also worked with Dr. Joachim Messing from Rutgers, on the specific DNA and amino acid profile of Almased and the raw materials. After the unique manufacturing process, the finished Almased product contained many metabolism-supporting bioactive peptides which were not present in the raw materials alone.

One more example is lunasin. Before processing, there is much less lunasin in the special “lunasin-rich" non-GMO soy powder. After Almased's particular fermentation method, there is a much higher lunasin content.

For 30 years Almased remains an innovative nutritional complex, supporting whole-body metabolism and brain function. It even leads to improvements in “hormonal steering” of the body’s biological systems.

Today, Almased has become Germany's most popular easy diet for weight loss. Many consumers speak of experiencing better quality of sleep, greater mental clarity, and improvement in their hair, skin, and nails.

All of these beneficial effects are called The Almased Weight Loss Phenomenon™ and have been tested and confirmed in many scientific studies at renowned universities. 


From Our Kitchen Table to the World

Hubertus Trouillé and his Almased product have come a long way since he first toiled at his kitchen table. He must have had a lot of foresight and determination. 

Trouillé created such a unique product and turned it into a family business that grew to become the bestselling weight-loss product in Germany. Almased is now considered the insider’s tip among experts for nutritional medicine and metabolism world wide. 

In their early days, Trouillé’s son, Andre, drove around their hometown in a van filled with cans of Almased, delivering to local shops and customers.

Today, Almased is still a family business, owned and operated by Trouille’s son, André, and his daughter, Ann-Kathrin. They have since expanded the Almased line into the United States, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, and parts of the United Kingdom.

Almased is still manufactured under the same process and value standards as when it was initially developed by Mr. Trouillé - with a vision to create a high-quality, natural product that helps people regain and preserve their highest level of health

Whether from a garage or a kitchen table, success is not really so much about one’s humble beginnings. It’s how you end up.

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