Bathroom Talk: Healthy Diet for Gut

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer


Scientists refer to the gut as the body's second brain and it significantly determines one's overall health and longevity.

The imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the intestines can be a big player in many diseases, including obesity.

A healthy diet and the quality fermented ingredients in the Almased meal replacement can help with weight loss and improved gut health.

Listen to Your Gut for a Healthier Life

It seems that bathroom talk is all the rage – at least when it comes to the health of the gut microbiome. Subjects such as bowel movements, leaky gut, fermentation, prebiotic, probiotic, and the balance of good and bad bacteria - all connecting to serious health issues, ranging from arthritis to obesity.

Scientists now refer to the gut, or the enteric nervous system, as the body’s second brain, perhaps because it is the largest mass of neurons apart from the brain and the fact that it functions independently.

“Age, genetics, diet, environment, and lifestyle all influence the kinds of bacteria that make up the gut microbiome," according to the Mayo Clinic.

Yet, it is your daily diet and healthy lifestyle choices that give you long term advantage over the other factors you cannot control. So, listen to your gut instincts and follow a healthy gut diet plan.

Diet Plan for Healthy Gut

Favor plant-based foods such as whole grains, beans, whole fruits and veggies as they offer energy and help good bacteria to thrive. Science Daily says the higher your daily intake of natural fiber, the reduce your risk for disease.

The fiber content of these complex carbohydrates contributes to appetite satisfaction and fullness, while the fiber promotes a flourishing gut biome aka environment and the peristalsis needed for regular bowel movements.

Avoid unhealthy fats, artificial sweeteners, and too much sugar as they promote unwanted gut bacteria and may also harm the protective mucosal lining that coats the intestines.

Healthy gut diet recipes would include live cultured foods as they work wonders to alleviate digestive disorders and restore healthy bacteria balance. Favor fermented foods such as yogurt, kimchi, pickles, miso, sauerkraut, kefir, and kombucha.

These living foods help to metabolize nutrients, prevent the invasion of pathogens and maintain healthy function of the gastrointestinal tract. All necessary to maintain a healthy weight and smooth, complete bowel movements.

Why is the Gut Microbiome Important for Weight Loss?

The health of the intestinal environment affects how well food is digested and nutrients assimilated, and how fat is stored in the body; it also determines your appetite and sense of appetite satisfaction.

Appetite control is just one reason why the Almased meal replacement product and the Almased Figure Plan work so effectively to melt away any unwanted fat.

The amino acids in the Almased nutritional supplement assists in regenerating the intestinal mucosa, strengthening the immune system.

It’s also nice to know you shouldn’t go hungry to lose weight and with the Almased plan, you won’t have to.

“When the gut-brain linkage senses caloric restriction or skipped meals it immediately ‘labels’ them as upcoming famine. But diet can adjust this misguided appetite desire”, writes Dr. Charles Shively, PhD, Rph, Chief Executive Healthcare Officer at

Balancing your gut's environment can yield higher energy levels, fewer digestive concerns, and easier weight loss.

Best Diet for a Healthy Gut

Did you know your body shares a loving relationship with its gut flora? As you provide the nooks and crannies for beneficial bacteria to reside, your gut prevents against invading pathogens, improves the assimilation of food and may produce certain vitamins.

Diverse gut bacteria are associated with a healthy weight.

So, love your body back by giving the nourishment it craves and when needed, use Almased to address any weight loss issues. Your gut will reward you!

The Almased Product is a healthy nutritional fermented food supplement made from 3 natural main ingredients plus vitamins and minerals:

  • The soy is entirely non-GMO and delivers the bioactive peptides needed to keep you full and protect against muscle loss while losing weight!
  • Yogurt! Yes, cultured skim-milk yogurt contributes to the proprietary fermentation method in Almased that your gut loves!
  • Naturally raw, enzyme-rich honey is one of the healthiest foods ever! The high-quality raw honey in Almased feeds the fermentation process and encourages the robust growth of good gut bacteria.

Don’t protein shakes cause gas and constipation?

Constipation can happen if you don’t drink enough water with any high-protein diet and if your diet is too low in fiber. Add 1-2 tablespoons of flax seeds or chia seeds to your Almased shake, and you're good to go (literally!).

Almased shake recipes mixed with water or almond milk eliminates added lactose from low-fat dairy milk.

Also, any type of fermented foods that your gut is not used to can cause gas or constipation. It’s important to go slowly and allow 2-3 weeks for your gut to accept a new diet. It takes time to shed the old lining and form a new one.

If you are one to experience gas or bloat, keep this tip in mind: don’t drink the airy foam after blending the shake. Give up guzzling or using straws and sip slowly, taking half an hour to finish.

Also, be sure to include 1 to 2 cups of veggies along with your one solid healthy meal during phase 2 of the Almased diet plan.

The science behind Almased is what makes us different.

The Almased product has undergone years of rigorous testing worldwide. Almased originated in Germany three generations ago and to this day remains a highly reputable family-owned business with many international studies to back them up.

You can feel safe using Almased.

The healthy condition of the gut is essential for a healthy weight and your optimal well-being. 

If you’ve tried to lose weight but with poor results, you may well benefit by nourishing the useful gut bacteria and drinking Almased shakes to help you easily achieve and maintain your healthiest weight.

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