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Alcohol Weight Gain: How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer


  • The holidays are upon us and we’ve learned to expect some extra waistline bulge. But is there a way to enjoy the yuletide ‘extras’ without the extra belly fat?
  • When watching your weight you don’t want to slow down your metabolism. But that is precisely what alcohol does. Some alcoholic drinks are more diet friendly than others.
  • Here are the 5 tips to help you enjoy the festivities without the excess fat gain. Enjoy!

The Holidays are around the corner and most of us anticipate the festivities joyfully. Now is the traditional time to bring families together for eggnog and those precious Norman Rockwell moments. It’s also when we gift ourselves some extra time to socialize with our co-workers and friends.

We pace ourselves for jolly parties and don’t want to think about the rising numbers that pop upward on the scale. We know the day of reckoning will come, but we don’t want to deal with it right now. And, after the holidays are over, well… by then the regrets of holiday weight gain are unavoidable.

Almased does have a holiday strategy, and that’s the good news. But must you forego the holiday cocktails to keep your waistline in check? We know the extra feasting puts on extra pounds but, does drinking alcohol make you gain weight?

Read on as we explore the truth and the myths about both alcohol and holiday weight gain.

Average Weight Gain During Holidays

Surveys and media stories tell us the common belief is the average American gains weight during holidays of about seven to ten pounds. And, it starts as early as October.

Amanda MacMillan of Real Simple writes, “The new research from Cornell University showed that the extra pounds you put on between Halloween and Christmas can take more than five months to lose!”

Yet according to Deborah Balfanz, Ph.D., of Stanford University, “Despite our worst fears, the average American really only puts on one pound during the holiday season - which doesn’t sound like much, unless you gain that extra pound year after year.”

And the sad fact is, that annual extra pound doesn’t vanish once the parties are over. Cynthia Sass, Registered Dietitian, says, “other studies show that most of us never lose that holiday padding. Possibly because after abandoning New Year’s resolutions, many people gain back all (or more) of the weight they lose. This “weight creep” is what leads to most Americans packing on about 10-20 pounds per decade.”

Whatever our average weight gain over the holiday may be, how much is due to alcohol consumption and, can we avoid holiday weight gain while still having fun?

Facts About Holiday Weight Gain

“You don’t want to slow down your metabolism, yet that is precisely what alcohol will do. The metabolic system prioritizes getting rid of alcohol first, so whatever you have eaten gets stored as fat.”

"The more slowly you drink any alcoholic beverage, the more time you give your body to metabolize it.”

Dr. Keith Ayoob, a pediatric nutritionist, and registered dietitian at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, N.Y., says, “it takes at least an hour for the liver to process a standard drink: 12-ounce beer; 5-ounce wine 1.5-ounce hard liquor.” Alcohol has a dramatic effect on the body’s ability to burn fat.” According to Ayoob,

Beware the eggnogs, cream drinks, and any mixed drink made with extra carbs as this will pack on more inches and pounds.

In the long-term, alcohol consumption promotes weight gain and fatty liver disease. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, exercise helps reduce the adverse health effects of alcohol. Exercise may also help curb tendencies toward alcohol abuse.

It may comfort you to know those long-time drinkers who regularly exercise have less damage to the white matter in their brains compared to those who rarely or never exercise.

Exercise helps to alleviate the effects of alcohol.

Learning how to avoid holiday weight gain is your best first step. For the “Maintain-don’t-gain-holiday-weight” solution or a guilt-free holiday, look for Almased to be your champion.

Almost 30 years ago, German scientist Hubertus Trouillé’s passion for holistic science led to the development of Almased - the product he created to help his patients with their slow metabolism. Activating the metabolism in overweight patients automatically resulted in the reduction of unhealthy body fat. An effective weight loss supplement was created: The Almased Weight Loss PhenomenonTM! This initial “side effect” has since become the main reason why many people use Almased.

Almased is an all natural, healthy way to lose weight. Almased may be used as a meal replacement or a tool for weight maintenance. It teaches the body to “think thin” with no cravings, no fatigue, and no yo-yo effect.

Almased is a unique dietary supplement consisting of three nourishing ingredients - high-quality non-GMO soy, probiotic yogurt, and enzyme-rich honey which are combined in a special fermentation process.

Almased helps to treat and improve the body’s metabolism

There are 4-phases of the Almased Figure Plan that allow you to fast without starving yourself!

Almased recommends avoiding alcoholic beverages during the diet for optimal results for boosting up the metabolism and losing weight effectively.

If you are looking to lose that belly fat fast, the starting phase, also known as the Fasting Phase, will jumpstart your metabolism - pronto. During Phase 2, the Reduction Phase, the Almased Figure Plan maximizes your body’s fat burning abilities. This leads to a healthy, steady weight reduction.

Almased gives you all the benefits of fasting without the discomfort of hunger.

Phase 3, The Stability Phase, sustains your body’s natural fat burning ability, and during The Life Phase, Phase 4, you may continue losing weight, however weight loss may be slower.

Whether you want to lose weight, maintain your weight loss, or prevent the holiday weight gain, The Almased Weight Loss PhenomenonTM has a plan for a post-holiday detox - and so should you!

Check out this comment from Almased weight loss winner Andrea K., Professional Aerialist who states, “Almased has really added value to my life.”

“Since my success story in 2014, I have continued to lose weight and gain more muscle. With the lean muscle gains, I have rapidly progressed in aerial. In one year I was able to go from Level 2 Lyra (aerial hoop) to Level 4. Even more exciting, I have performed in four aerial shows, and one of them was a huge personal goal of mine. I performed in an aerial show as part of Boston’s First Night (New Year’s Eve) Celebration!”

“Almased has really provided me with a way to eat healthy while also training hard to get ready for shows. It has helped my muscles recover after hard training sessions by ensuring I get all the protein I need so I have less breakdown and injuries.”

“I have also found Almased a healthy and quick way to get me back on track after “life happens” with weight gained from holidays and vacations. I can get back on track to easily achieve an appropriate weight with the help of Almased.”

“I’ve heard experts state that many people gain weight when “life happens” but then never get back on track, and that has a cumulative detrimental effect over time. So it’s important to have a healthy strategy to prevent this. Over the past year, I have been able to stabilize and maintain my weight, which is something that used to be a huge struggle for me.”

“All the other protein supplements I’ve tried taste too medicinal and like chemicals that always have an aftertaste which ruins the taste of the healthy foods I mix with them. All the other supplements also irritate my stomach, which drains my energy level and prevents me from being able to work out. Actually, I end up gaining weight when using other supplements.”

“Almased is truly the only protein supplement for which I tend to lose weight while also gaining lean muscle and it keeps my stomach happy thanks to the probiotics and high-quality ingredients.”

“I love the green energy and almond butter banana smoothies!” … “I love the mild natural vanilla taste that enhances anything I mix it with. Almased smoothies are a great, healthy “fast food” option. It has really added value to my life!”- Andrea K., Expert Aerialist

The prime holiday indulging season should include your favorite Almased smoothie.  Almased doesn’t ask you to give up all the delicious treats the holidays have to offer. Take distinct holiday comfort in our rich and velvety Cinnamon Roll Recipe.

Consider all of our delicious holiday smoothie recipes as a healthy alternative. They give you all the benefits of Almased and taste like dessert in a glass.

And, since Almased helps to keep the blood sugar balanced, these delicious shakes will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also help to curb future cravings.

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