6 Reasons our Customers Use Almased

Written by Jamie, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Wonder why Almased is the weight loss phenomenon of the last decade? Check out 6 main reasons to use Almased

1. To Kick Start Your Metabolism

Almased doesn’t only suppress appetite but also supports healthy blood sugar and thyroid function, as well as appetite-regulating hormones leptin and ghrelin levels, resulting in a long-lasting feeling of satiety and improved metabolism.

According to new research happening at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, researchers are observing that Almased has an immediate impact on the metabolism after consuming the first serving. Future research will examine this phenomenon further.

2. To Burn Fat and Maintain Muscle

With the Almased diet program, you are burning fat and retaining muscle mass in a healthy, effective manner. We hear about these effects daily when talking to customers.


3. To Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Almased also doesn’t interfere with medication, which is a big plus since so many of us are on prescribed medication. Almased is diabetic friendly and is also an ideal protein supplement for athletes, vegetarians, and the elderly. More than half of our customers use Almased to help them lose weight and maintain healthy blood sugar and insulin levels.

4. To Promote Weight Loss

Anyone can benefit from using Almased. Most of our customers see results within the first few days of using it and continue losing weight after that. Weight loss can vary from person to person and depends on different factors, such as health condition, medication, how well you stick to the diet, etc., so it is hard to predict generally expected weight loss. It is also essential to not only focus on the scale but also measure inches around the stomach and hips. This is a great way to follow your weight loss progress since the general scale does not account for water fluctuations in the body and might mask existing weight loss.


5. To Enhance Energy and Mood

You can feel the positive effects of Almased after the first few shakes and experience more energy and being in a better mood while dieting!

6. To Improve Overall Wellness

The beauty of Almased is that it’s natural and doesn’t come in a specific flavor so you can create an individualized Almased shake by adding flavors such as ground flaxseeds, cinnamon, unsweetened cocoa powder or vanilla extract, to mention a few. Almased can be incorporated daily, as a meal replacement (for weight loss) or as a healthy snack (to support protein intake). Our customers also enjoy reading the Almased Figure Plan brochures for more information on how to follow our diet as well as for delicious and healthy recipe ideas.

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