Self-Love: How to get it right this Valentine’s Day

Consumer culture makes Valentine’s Day a time to receive love from outside sources. Whether it’s a partner, friend (Galentine’s Day), relative, or classmate, we’re taught to expect a material show of affection from someone else. Yet each of us is fully capable of adorning ourselves with attention, love notes, and careit doesn’t have to cost a thing! This February 14th, we encourage you to participate in Valentine’s Day festivities but with a focus on you lovin’ you. We’re excited to help you get it right!

Set Your Intention For The Day

Because Valentine’s Day is often marketed as a day for lovers, if you are single or in a presently unfulfilled partnership, February 14th may leave you feeling left out. To lessen the likelihood of such emotions surfacing, set your intentions for Valentine’s Day ahead of time.

Think of something you would like someone who loves you to do for you. Why not do it for yourself? Here are some ways you can plan:

  • Arrange or buy your own flower bouquet to celebrate the day.
  • Write yourself a card and mail it out a few days before the holiday. No return address ;)
  • Treat yourself to dark chocolate.
  • Curate a self-love playlist, and schedule a time to listen to it while preparing a romantic dinner (for one) or on a walk.
  • If your partner hasn’t gotten Valentine’s Day “right” year-after-year, why don’t you show them how you’d like to be romancedplan your ideal date and invite them along.
  • Leave love notes for yourself in random places around your home.
  • Book a sound bath or meditation
  • Schedule time to show your pet some extra love: a longer walk, a petting session coupled with affirmations, or a fun treat!

Love Is A Verb

It’s easy to put weight into one day of the year, but our self-worth is not attached to the market’s ideas about when we should feel or be worthy. You are deserving right now and every day. Read that again. Once we find ourselves worthy, it becomes easier to achieve self-love, but the act of loving ourselves takes daily action and practice.

To love yourself right this Valentine’s Day and every day, we encourage you to be honest with yourself about your needs. You may not feel loved because you’re not truthful about who you are and what you deserve.

  • What aspects of yourself are you hiding?
  • Do you have a healthy relationship with who you are?
  • Why are you in this partnership if it’s unfulfilling?

As you begin to address these three questions, think of ways to be better true to who you are. Decide how you are going to act on one of those things on Valentine’s Day. Take notice of how you feel once you act on something you desire. Do you feel more worthy? Continue to live an honest and intentional life.

Cancel The Noise

If Valentine’s Day is particularly triggering for you, we encourage you to do all of the above while staying off social media. Does seeing people’s Instagram posts rouse jealousy? Then delete the app for the day and focus your attention on journaling about why you’re jealous, reading, meal planning using our recipes page, or volunteering.

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