4 Things Every Pasta Lover On a Diet Will Understand

The other day, somebody asked me on our Almased Facebook page: "You eat pizza?" Oh, yes, I eat pizza, but even more so, I am a bona fide pasta lover!

If it weren’t for my Almased shakes, I probably would look like a cannelloni, myself, by now. So trust me, while I can give you all the diet advice in the world when it comes to giving up that plate of spaghetti, I know the panic that sets in at the pure thought of it all too well.

Some will never understand just how real the struggle is. Here are 4 things every pasta lover on a diet can relate to:

1. Fakin' it

No! Spaghetti squash and turning other vegetables into spaghetti-like consistency is NOT THE SAME! It looks the same, it actually does taste delicious, and it can get you through a lonely night, but it still doesn't come close to the real thing. So while my Veggetti™ and I have become BFFs lately, sometimes you just want to bury your face in a real pasta casserole and call it a day!

2. It's just a food

JUST A FOOD?!? Okay, and Beethoven was "just" a piano player. I mean, let's pay pasta its due respect. It's the superstar amongst the carb group.

Have you ever seen anyone eat just a plate of rice or potatoes covered in sauce and consider that a full meal? No! Why? Because they are simply side-kicks to meat, fish, and tofu. But pasta? Pasta stands on its own.

It doesn't need any other food group to make it a legitimate meal. Throw some butter on it and you're good to go.

3. All about timing

You don't have to cut carbs out completely, they say. Just don't have them for dinner, they say. Okay then, don't mind me over here at my desk, enjoying my lasagna for breakfast.

4. Everything in moderation

No, I don't want a second serving of my favorite carb covered in creamy, cheesy goodness. Said no one ever!!! How did this even become a legitimate argument?

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