• 21 Days to a Healthier Metabolism? 
  • The Fasting Phase — Phase 1 — Days 1 to 14 
  • The Reduction Phase — Phase 2 (Days 15 to 21) or Until Your Goal Is Reached 
  • The Stability Phase — Phase 3 — Several Weeks or Indefinitely As Needed 

Remember when you glanced in your mirror and it felt good? Maybe it was a month ago or 20 years ago.  

Regardless of when it was, you were feeling right about yourself and looking the way you wanted to look. 

Don’t you want to feel that way again? How about being happy again with the person who’s looking back at you in the mirror?  

It all starts with a healthy diet that’s made to super-charge your metabolism. To do this, you need a low-glycemic formula that’s brimming with superior ingredients, especially a formula that features high-quality protein, amino acids and more.

Our Almased USA Support Group on Facebook is a thriving community for Almased users looking to lose weight with our products for the first time and those who have shed the pounds successfully and want to inspire others. 

We care about the experience you have on Almased because it teaches us what works, so we monitor the Facebook Support Group and answer your questions. If you are already a member, you have likely seen someone from our team respond to queries about oil, whether you can drink diet soda in Phase 1 (sorry, no), and what is the difference between UK and USA Almased. While most questions asked only require a couple of sentences and a link, we have decided to use this blog to address something that comes up quite a lot: Almased’s label has changed, does that mean the formula is different? 

Who could have predicted that a low-glycemic high-protein formula developed by Hubertus Trouillé in the 1980s to help his patients with sluggish metabolisms would become the nutritional powerhouse called Almased that we know today? 

Unlike other meal-replacement products and weight-loss powders, the science behind Almased is nothing short of astounding. 

In fact, in over 50 published studies and scientific presentations since 2000, Almased has been shown by researchers to offer powerful nutrition in glucose health, metabolism, weight loss and appetite control, exercise and recovery, body composition, and much more. 

If you type “immune-support nutrients” into Google, you’ll get plenty of articles on the usual cast of characters: vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and so on.

And these are very good nutrients, no doubt about it. But when do we read about how incredibly important protein and amino acids are for immunity?

Probably not very often, if ever. 

And especially because so many of us, these days, are looking for natural ways to boost our immune function, it’s unfortunate that so very little is out there about these immune-healthy nutrients.

Fortunately, however, there is solid information available, even though it’s not touted on cable TV . . . at least not yet.

Other fortunate news is that protein-rich Almased stands ready to be added to your immune-support arsenal, but more on that in a minute…