It was the father of medicine, Hippocrates, who taught, "Let food be thy medicine."

Even 2,500 years ago, he knew that food was central to not only survival but, more importantly, to our ability to thrive.

And so it stands to reason that what you eat makes you feel better or worse, now and over the long haul. Certain foods promote wellness, sustain an ideal weight, and improve how you feel. 

If we choose healthy, nutritionally packed meals and supplements, we can keep metabolism running smoothly to meet the energy demands of the body, in addition to supporting healthy blood sugar. 


  • Almased holiday protein dessert shakes are low glycemic, high protein (LGHP) by design. 
  • Almased meal shakes may well be the best quality nutritional supplement that looks and tastes like an elegant dessert in a glass. 
  • Replacing 1-2 meals with an Almased shake daily allows you to savor holiday indulgences as it aids with both weight loss and the prevention of weight gain.

December is here! There are only 31 days left this year. If you made a weight loss goal at the beginning of this year, it is still possible to finish strong!

To help you lose the last stubborn pounds of fat for good, we’ve designed a meal plan for this last month of the year to help you focus on accomplishing your goal. Whether you had a goal this year or not, you can still join into this challenge to build a new habit of eating light and healthy.

This calendar is laid out for 31 days. The first 25 days are the weight loss phases and the last 6 days are maintenance. However, by the 25th day, you'll be able to enjoy your time with friends and family while reaping the rewards of feeling accomplished and giving yourself the best holiday gift ever - better health and energy levels.

This calendar is made for you! Stay focused, stick to the plan, and believe. You can achieve your best health by making small changes today! 

Are you ready to get started? Download our December calendar for ‘25 Days of Almased’ and keep reading for more details.

How We Can Help Our Body’s Fat Hormones Do What They’re Supposed To Do


  • What was the frenzy of 2012 that adiponectin was swept up in?
  • What was the leptin craze of the 1990s?
  • The skinny on fat
  • Leptin: Wonder kid?
  • Resistin: A big fat pain
  • Adiponectin: The power and the promise
  • Can we boost adiponectin with diet?

Almased’s story began more than 30 years ago in the quaint town of Bienenbüttel, Germany.

Holistic therapist Hubertus Trouillé was a man with a passion for holistic science. He was inspired by a dream to help his patients optimize their slow metabolism, combat diabetes and fight heart-related diseases (metabolic syndrome). 

Before his training to become a naturopath, Trouillé worked to formulate a product that would improve the body’s metabolic functions in a natural, healthy way.