Anyone who’s embarking on a new health journey, or a newly minted weight-loss diet, has questions, and that’s very good. We should have lots of questions and should make sure that we get plenty of good answers, too. 

Sometimes we ask our friends on Facebook. Sometimes we just search online. Or maybe we just ask a family member, a co-worker, or even a neighbor. While we can get some good information in those ways, the accuracy of the information we receive will be uneven, at best, or questionable, at worst.

At Almased, we’re always happy to answer questions about Almased and to help you make informed nutritional choices, no matter what your specific health needs might be.

If you type “immune-support nutrients” into Google, you’ll get plenty of articles on the usual cast of characters: vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and so on.

And these are very good nutrients, no doubt about it. But when do we read about how incredibly important protein and amino acids are for immunity?

Probably not very often, if ever. 

And especially because so many of us, these days, are looking for natural ways to boost our immune function, it’s unfortunate that so very little is out there about these immune-healthy nutrients.

Fortunately, however, there is solid information available, even though it’s not touted on cable TV . . . at least not yet.

Other fortunate news is that protein-rich Almased stands ready to be added to your immune-support arsenal, but more on that in a minute…

When it comes to weight loss, protein rules - it boosts metabolism, reduces appetite, and allows the body to burn fat first. But you won't lose weight by adding protein without eating fewer calories overall. 

Almased protein shake recipes offer a quick and delicious way of adding more protein to your diet. All calories have been counted, and with a low glycemic index of 27, there are no carb concerns either. 

These 10 recipes are so tasty they’ll shatter anyone’s idea about so-called “diet shakes.” 

Life gets busy. With a ‘latte’ going on, it’s easy to skip breakfast in the mornings. Easily fix up a nutritious energizing breakfast by drinking Almased lattes in the morning. For all you coffee lovers out there, here are 4 quick and easy latte shake recipes.

It was the father of medicine, Hippocrates, who taught, "Let food be thy medicine."

Even 2,500 years ago, he knew that food was central to not only survival but, more importantly, to our ability to thrive.

And so it stands to reason that what you eat makes you feel better or worse, now and over the long haul. Certain foods promote wellness, sustain an ideal weight, and improve how you feel. 

If we choose healthy, nutritionally packed meals and supplements, we can keep metabolism running smoothly to meet the energy demands of the body, in addition to supporting healthy blood sugar.