What Can I Do To Make Sure I’ll Have Regular Bowel Movements?

I have a hard time staying regular and am worried that it will get worse when I’m using Almased. What can I do to make sure I’ll have regular bowel movements?

These 3 essential steps will you to stay regular

1. Drink Water

Drink plenty of liquids(such as water or tea) throughout the day, at least 64 oz per day.


2. Eat Fiber

Add fiber to your Almased smoothies or eat fiber-rich foods. The daily recommendation of fiber is 25 g per day. You can add 1-2 Tbsp of ground flaxseeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds or psyllium husk to your Almased shake.

Eat lots of veggies with your regular meal or as a snack and try not to peel fruits or vegetables to get the full nutritional benefits. Make half your grains whole to increase the fiber in your diet.


3. Stay Active

Be as active as possible. Keeping your body physically active will help keep things moving.


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