Soy: How Media and Science Have Changed Their Tune

Written by Susan Fox, Health Writer

Media and science were once united in the celebration of the humble soybean as one of nature’s most heroic superfoods. 

After all, ancient cultures had survived and thrived in good health on that little green bean. 

Then, something went very off-kilter. 

The mainstream media began to question the truth about soy. Why?

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), controversy surrounds the fact that most of the Asian population studies involved whole soy foods, not soy concentrates or isolated isoflavones.

Soy contains a variety of bioactive components, including isoflavones – genistein being the most dominant. According to research biologist Retha Newbold, there was some confusion in the studies because the test subjects were injected with one compound from soy, genistein, instead of being given soy.

Also, studying monkeys and rats is a lot different than looking at soy in the human diet.

Have these differences clouded what the real health effects of soy actually are?

“The phytochemicals [isoflavones] in soy are currently being studied for their role in preventing postmenopausal bone loss and certain cancers.” 

What about the effects of soy on men?

Because soy contains phytoestrogens, men may worry about including it in their diet. However, studies do not indicate that soy negatively impacts the production of testosterone in men.

Men can rest easy knowing the phytoestrogens in soy are not estrogens – only animal products contain estrogens, while soy contains none.

Soy Protein

Unlike most plant proteins, soy contains all the nine essential amino acids, providing a complete source of dietary protein. Soy is also a rich source of various vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant compounds.

Making vegetarians happy!

Unlike animal sources, nature’s own formula for soy is cholesterol- and gluten-free; it contains up to 56% protein, is a superb source of omega-3s, and offers a bevy of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

When comparing soy protein vs. animal protein, soy wins hands down. The Cleveland Clinic states that more plant protein in your diet has clear heart benefits, such as lowering blood pressure. 

Most people are aware of soy and value its mega-protein. But, have you heard about lunasin? Lunasin is a naturally occurring bioactive peptide found primarily in soybeans, and that’s a big deal. 

Because lunasin stimulates fat-burning metabolism, soy can also help with weight reduction and keeping weight off. 

Gluten-Free and Non-GMO Soy

Soy is definitely the magic bean for weight loss, and that’s why Almased has it in their low-glycemic high-protein (LGHP) meal replacement shakes. 

Almased uses only non-GMO soy (grown in the USA), along with real cultured yogurt and rich, raw honey. This is nature at its finest.

Assuring the highest quality ingredients, Almased contains nothing artificial, is gluten-free, free of added sugar and is diabetic friendly.

All components are prepared using a special fermentation method, one which increases the bioactive peptides (such as lunasin). So, the whole formula is much greater than the sum of its parts.

This synergy is what makes the Almased Weight Loss Phenomenon™ possible!

You can kick-start your weight loss and learn how to keep it off with the Almased’s Figure Plan. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather a customizable eating plan designed to fit your specific weight-loss needs.

From rapid fat loss to preserving your successful goal weight, it’s easy to drink Almased shakes in place of 1, 2, or 3 meals daily. Or, drink Almased as an occasional healthy snack as needed.

For supplement facts, the Almased LGHP food list, and more info on The Figure Plan Plus, go to the instructions page

Then, check out all the enticing shake and smoothie recipes, and you’ll get an idea as to why you even might forget you’re dieting! 

These shakes are filling and designed to kick hunger far out of your mind’s reach for a good 4–6 hours.

The point is, the soy plus Almased helps boost metabolism, burn fat, and shrink your belly. Energy levels soar - but without any stimulants. Healthy metabolism helps us fight fatigue and support fat break-down

For over 15 years now, Almased has backed this up with studies. 

One study out of the University Hospital in Freiburg, Germany, looked at healthy middle-aged men who exercised, had a low-glycemic high-protein (LGHP) diet, including the LGHP Almased shake, or both.

Their research shows that the soy-protein in Almased supplementation supports the metabolic effects of resistance training. 

Moreover, what do Almased consumers have to say about their health and weight loss journeys? 

John F. struggled with his weight for most of his life. At 60+ years of age, he dropped 24 pounds in 24 days, and 69 pounds in a year! 

“Almased has been life-changing for me. Almased is not just another diet to me; it’s part of my lifestyle now. I rely on Almased to keep my weight under control, and it’s a part of my regimen for staying healthy. I am so thankful for this product and what it has done for me.” - John F.

Justin S. worked diligently on his diet for 10 years, trying to control blood sugar levels. Then, at age 39, he began his Almased program.“Almased has dramatically improved my health and diet. Almased helps to support that. One shake in the morning keeps me full until lunchtime, and I do not have to worry about feeling hungry.” - Justin S.

Omer A. – “Almased made the impossible possible!”

“Thank you guys for a great product. I have lost 74 pounds now! I have used expensive pills, capsules, and drinks without results before, but Almased works! Almased has helped me love my body again and be healthier! - Omer A.

The essence of today’s nutrition message is “mother nature knows best,” and she most certainly knew what she was doing when she created the epic soybean. 

Eat real food that is close as possible to the way nature made it, including soybeans –by ordering Almased today!

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