Biohack Your Diet with Almased

Written by Jamie, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


Biohacking is a way to reduce oxidative stress in the body.

Optimizing nutrition is a form of biohacking that can help you fight back oxidative stress. Supplement your diet with Almased as a way to optimize your nutrition.

Sleep plays a significant role in anti-aging; Almased can help with getting quality sleep by supporting hunger hormones and healthy blood sugar levels.

Using Almased as a modified-liquid fast can help you biohack your health.


Biohacking Your Body - Is It Possible with Almased?

According to scientists, biohacking your body is like giving yourself an edge on life. It allows you to turn back the clocks and reverse aging. You see, many environmental factors that cause oxidative stress on the body can lead to disease, malfunction and in turn aging. So, how can we decrease the progression of oxidative stress happening in our bodies?


First, understand that food plays a big role in causing oxidative stress; in other words, wear and tear on our bodies. When we eat, our cells will burn the food and release free radicals also known as toxic chemicals into the body. Our body then fights back with self-engineered enzymes to protect us from these free radicals that cause damage to our cells. The problem is, as we age, our body loses its ability to fight back, and our cells become overwhelmed. That’s when we start noticing our health declining, such as our metabolism not functioning like it used to.

How can we reduce oxidative stress on our bodies? The answer lies in providing our bodies with the right nutrients to help the antioxidant enzymes do the fighting for us. That’s where the quality and nutritious supplement Almased comes in.


Using Almased to Biohack Your Body

Biohacking is all about finding ways to upgrade your body and your health so that you function and feel better.  Almased can help you do that!


Optimizing Your Nutrition

Optimizing your nutrition is one of the critical ways to biohack your body.

Often, our diet is missing essential macro- and micro-nutrients that are important for healthy aging and overall wellness. Supplementing your diet can help boost your metabolism and fat-burning capabilities that aid in weight loss and improve energy levels.

You can use Almased, a stimulant-free low-glycemic high-protein diet supplement to biohack your metabolism and facilitate weight loss by helping your body burn fat more efficiently while providing your body a variety of vitamins and minerals.


Almased also provides a complete amino acid profile containing an estimated 80 bioactive peptides. One of the astounding bioactive peptides is lunasin. According to health expert and researcher Charles Shively, Ph.D., Rph, “Lunasin, a bioactive peptide, has been shown in many worldwide scientific studies to have health-adjusting actions. It is an antihypertensive, anti-oxidative, anti-obesity, immunological strengthening, cholesterol lowering, and anti-cancer agent.”

Remember: Optimizing nutrition by supplementing with Almased can help increase your body’s ability to fight back oxidative stress.


Getting Quality Sleep

Aid your body’s ability to slow aging by getting more quality sleep. Sleep deprivation puts you at risk for chronic disease, weak immune system, weight gain, lack of focus and concentration, and irregular hormones.

One helpful sleep hack is not surprisingly Almased. Many customers report sleeping better after using Almased. Three main reasons Almased assists with sleep:


  1. The Figure Plan diet has 27 grams of protein in each serving and contains the type of protein that is long-acting, taking longer to digest than short-acting proteins. The slow digestion of protein aids in balancing the levels of leptin and ghrelin, two hormones that play a role in appetite suppression. How does this help with sleep? Well,  the longer you can feel comfortably full, the better sleep you’ll have even on a low-calorie diet. It is suggested to drink Almased in the evening, 3 hours before bedtime to help with sleep. Plus, the high-quality protein with all the essential amino acids helps the body regenerate cells that are damaged during the day.
  2. Almased contains 400 mg of L-Tryptophan in each serving. L-Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that our body cannot generate itself, so, therefore, it is necessary to get from our diet. Essentially, it is an organic compound that is a precursor to serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps calm us and keep us happy.  This can reduce potential feelings of anxiety and insomnia that keep us up at night.
  3. Drops in blood sugar levels during the night can cause nighttime awakenings or hunger. Almased helps support blood sugar levels which can reduce sleep disturbances that happen biologically. According to a study on how Almased affects blood sugar levels at the University of Freiburg, scientist Koenig examined 42 overweight men and women who used Almased for 6 weeks. The results showed positive blood sugar experiences with correlated body weight, and BMI decreases.


Remember: Almased can help you sleep better by supporting your healthy blood sugar levels and hunger hormones, and helping your body repair damaged cells throughout the night.


Another Way to Use Almased to Biohack Your Body

You read that you can use Almased as a supplement to optimize your nutrition. Did you know that you can use Almased as a modified-liquid fast diet? Using it this way can help give your digestive system a rest while still feeding your body needed nutrients. Keep reading to learn more.


Fasting for Better Health

Interestingly, scientists have discovered that one of the powerful ways to biohack your diet is to limit your diet from inflammatory foods and allow your digestive system and body to heal. This can be done by a method known as intermittent fasting, abstaining from food for a window of time.

Intermittent fasting is great for those who want to get the health benefits of fasting without too much suffering, compared to traditional fasting of no food for up to 48 hours. Intermittent fasting means no food for 12-16 hours and eating within a window of 8-12 hours.


Did you know that you can use the intermittent fasting method with Almased?

Within the window of 8-12 hours, follow The Figure Plan diet instructions. So, whether you’re in phase 1 or 2, you would be drinking your shakes or eating your meals/snacks within 8-12 hours. Then for 12-16 hours, you do not consume anything. This can be easy by finishing your last meal or shake in the evening and avoiding any foods for the rest of the night.  

Emerging research shows that it’s not just what we eat but when we eat can make a huge difference in your body. Almased researchers are discovering that Almased provides substantial benefits to the body and metabolism than a traditional fast. With Almased, a modified-liquid fast, you still consume all nutrients necessary to fuel your body’s needs; at the same time, your body burns unwanted body fat. Thus, it is an advantage to use Almased with intermittent fasting! 


Final words on biohacking

What is Biohacking? It’s all about optimizing the way your body and mind function to prevent health-related problems that impact aging.

Biohacking is very individualized -  You find out what works best for you and toss what doesn’t. Your gauge is how you and your body/mind feel.

Biohacks include methods like fasting, sleeping, nutrition, supplementation, and more. Try them all and remember “baby steps.”


Remember: You can biohack your health with Almased. Use Almased as a supplement once a day to optimize your nutrition or as a modified-liquid fasting meal replacement program for overall health. Either way, Almased will provide quality nutrition and can help improve sleep quality and recovery - helping you biohack your health for life!  



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